Tournament Monotype OM Team Tournament [Won by Waifu Appreciation Support Group]

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Due to this being the last round before playoffs, and a large amount of games haven't been played yet (including several that are series tiebreaks), I'm going to be extending this week until Wednesday July 26th at 11:59PM GMT -4. Please try to get your games done before then.
just coin flip everyone who didnt have their game done even after the extension, cause they clearly dont care about this tour. lets get the next round started already
I was waiting on that battle since it was the only tiebreaker that mattered, playoffs is being posted tomorrow.

Week 3 Activity Wins
Dream Eater Gengar
vs WYAH?
terrors vs HNBL
Seo. vs The-Vale
Arlaxeon vs Freeroamer
iRKD vs Wanka

Dead Games
:thinking: vs. Mono staff + woa is corrupt
01NTG vs Alex13Gliscor
Crashy vs Azelea

The final standings are as follows, note the 8 bolded teams move on to playoffs:
Group A
(3-0) Duck'

(0-2-1) :thinking:
(1-1-1) Mono staff + woa is corrupt
(1-2) fReE aGeNCy

Group B
(2-1) 7 smog alts n Co.
(3-0) Waifu Appreciation Support Group

(1-2) Eternal Azure Dragons of the East
(0-3) Cteamers International

Group C
(1-2) Gen 6 Was Better
(2-0-1) The Bleach Boys
(2-0-1) Lewd Lucarios

(0-3) Chaitsmells1.9

Group D
(3-0) Assurence crew
(2-1) Quantum Zapelf

(1-2) Super Weenie Hut Jrs
(0-3) Privileged white kids + seager
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Posting for Moosical Do not message me with any concerns.
Magearna will remain legal for this week, and the duration of the suspect test, in Monotype AAA.

Playoffs Top 8

Playoffs phase will be a standard elimination phase. Losing teams of their series will be eliminated from this point forward.

Please make sure when building your teams you follow the banlists for the Monotype version of each OM. All information on Monotype OMs can be found here. Using a team with banned Pokemon will result in a forfeit for your match. Also, as a reminder, when building your LC teams, please make sure your pokemon are Level 5.

Duck' vs. 7 smog alts n Co.
Ubers: Thimo vs Attribute
AAA: Fardin vs terrors
LC: Dream Eater Gengar vs Seo.

The Bleach Boys Vs. Quantum Zapelf
Ubers: Arlaxeon vs Quantum Tesseract
AAA: Calucha vs Waszap
LC: Crashy vs KevinELF

Waifu Appreciation Support Group vs. Mono staff + woa is corrupt
Ubers: Mr. Miner vs Clearly
AAA: Nightwingg95 vs Eien
LC: Jase Duken vs Zarif

Assurence crew vs. Lewd Lucarios
Ubers: Bushtush vs Freeroamer
AAA: Hys vs Entei
LC: iRKD vs Azelea

Deadline: Friday August 4th at 11:59 PM EST (GMT -4)
Can one of Clearly's teammates tell him to give me a time or something of that manner pls. I'm working this week and need to know some time to set aside.

E: nvm opp gave me win
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