Tournament Monotype Premier League V - Discussion Thread


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ya'll can't just let me win mock drafts like this dude
Some pro tips for anyone new to mpl:
#1 Go look at the discussion threads of past mpl's. It gives you a great idea of what works as a meme, but most importantly, it helps you learn from the past mistakes some people made already.

#2 If you want to post a meme, use a good meme rater. I'm always available to be a meme rater, just pm me on discord or something. The best thing is to use someone that is seasoned in the community. They also help you censor shit. (Attribute was my meme rater and told me that my meme where i had a group of people with downs syndrome with the text: me and the girls mocking was going to far. He was 100% right lmao..)

#3 Being cringy does not get you drafted. Just because they know your name doens't mean they will pick you up.



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