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In this week, I interview Starblim and gain valuable insights on what goes into a MPL team, how it is managed, the current situation of competitive Monotype, Mega Medicham in ORAS, Best battles, Best team, worst team and a lot more! watch it to know!


No rain, no flowers.
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Audio is not the way i want on this one, wasnt planning to upload it to be honest coz i am not happy with its quality but people have been asking me about this vid a lot so here it is. I tried to do justice to increase wanka's audio in whatever way i could with editing. :psynervous:
This is the reason why my mom doesn't like me anymore, shoutouts Ssalbap already

Well, as all of you guys know, Miniors are finally out of the competition. Usually I'm not the type of person which does shoutouts, if not after reaching at least Semifinals of a tour. This time, though, I feel like it is right to do them, as this Monotype Premier League season really left something in my Showdown experience. First of all, I want to thank once again the hosts Kev and Perish Song for the amazing job done, you guys hosted this tour in an impeccable way, and I'm very grateful for that. It also was a pleasure to read Kev's predicts throughout the season, your efforts were very much appreciated! Speaking of predictions, special thanks to Ferno for always making me laugh with her posts (loved all the support/gassing you gave me during this season!). I would be lying if I say that I'm not disappointed by how our my team and I managed to challenge our last 3 weeks, considering we only had to make 1 point out of those, but failed at the end of it. Despite that, I still think that my team was perfectly drafted, and I wouldn't have changed any single member for anyone else! Since I'm already making the introduction longer than it should be, I'll just start mentioning the very important shoutouts.

Paleo & Ssalbap - First of all, thanks for trusting me again after my last experience in Monotype Premier League III, I sincerely didn't expect to be drafted again by you guys, but it ended like that and I'm very grateful for it! The atmosphere created in our Discord was magical, and I think that, in 5 years of competitive gaming, I've never seen such an amazing chemistry between the components of the squad. It was a pleasure to sing in Korean when I lost my bet to Ssalbap in this game: By the way, for all of you guys who still have to hear it, here's the original audio: just hit me up on Discord and I will send it! Speaking about serious matters, though, they say ''Third time's the charm'', looks like in your case it will be the fourth time, as it would be an absolute shame if a competent duo like yours suddenly stopped managing from this competition. I think that Miniors = Paleo+Ssalbap managing, otherwise there would be no Miniors. So, once again, thanks Paleo for stepping up when you had to, and even if your record is literally awful (like really dude that was bottom 5 lmfaooo), you're an amazing player, and know ORAS Monotype better than anyone else do; and thanks Ssalbap for always being very nice and caring!
Here I'm gonna start with personal shoutouts, forgive me if I spend more words for someone rather than others, it's just that I simply had the opportunity to talk and interact with him more!

Attribute - Easily the person who can be defined as ''third manager'' in our environment. Your help was vital and it was truly a blessing to have you to help around in every single tier, showing your dedication to our cause and to Monotype itself. Don't blame on yourself the fact that our preparation wasn't on point from week 4 onwards (actually you know what dude? You should, man said ''DaRk Vs Us iS DuMb ShIt'' and this is what happened:, yeah very fucking well played bro lmfaoo), cause it happens to make mistakes. And don't blame your record either, cause your worst performance was probably when you tried to sing Swae Lee's interlude in me and maroon's Sicko Mode amazing exhibition, that was truly an horror show my man lmfaoo. One of the best things about you was probably the passion you showed towards this tour and all the attentions you gave to the team, the latter happened so well that even one of our teammates fell in love with you, but I'll talk more in depth about that later! Anyways, thanks for everything you've done broski, I'm looking forward to team up with you again, and maybe managing a team together!

skysolo14 & Alkione - The other 2/3 of the ''Clown trio''. What can I say to you two dumbasses? You guys helped me a lot to keep the morale up, even when things were going downhill, and I have to be very grateful for it! All 3 of us met a long time ago, and we have played several team tours together before this one, but every single time always looks like the first, as you're always coming up with amazing jokes and a lot more of experience! It was so nice the fact that we get along so well and always be kind to each others! If Solo didn't want these so much I probably wouldn't be writing this mile stone of the Monotype community so y'all should be thankful to him I guess? But anyways, it's amazing to see how you 2 grew up from being 2 absolute clowns into 2 actually competent players, very well done guys, looking forward to your next appearances! Thanks to you two for making our USM lineup look decent in the first 2 weeks too!

Xiri - Good God, why isn't this guy in top 5 of Monotype rankings? Easily one of the best planners of the community. Words on the streets told me this dude is the second most lethal Korean dude after Kim Jong-un holy shit. He made this tier look so easy to play the first 3 weeks that even Kev was getting convinced that Miniors had a nice USM lineup. You will always be our star player, and Ssalbap's favourite player, I swear that man could spend 30k on you without feeling bad even if it was a Mario Kart tournament. It was a pleasure to be in the team with you, even though your K-POP tastes are lowkey disgusting lmfaoo, how could someone say that Jimin or RM aren't the best members of BTS? That's absolute madness. Hopefully you'll sweep the PU competition in Snake, I know you're capable of that, despite playing in awful timelines due to your boosted GMT, just move to another country broski. Shame I realized who you were only after Week 3, that's an awful nick by the way.

Twilight Solace - As soon as I mentioned bad music tastes, you instantly came in my mind. God bless man, you and maroon were excited to do the singing bet challenge, without realizing that the only good song from Panic! At the Disco is High Hopes, rest are unknown anyways lmfao.. Me and this dude started talking on Snapchat when we didn't even know each other, he's a true g to my eyes. Also pay respect to the user with the most embarassing name change, as he's the only player in our roster with a perfect score (despite not being our star player, cause that's Xiri whev)! I swear, you gave Brisked one of the hardest roasts on his life, that the man literally stopped texting for 2 days good god, that made my day so much. Wish you would get more recognition in the Monotype community as you clearly showed to have a great knowledge of the tier, and I would never bold anyone against you very confidently.

Freeroamer - And talking about amazing roasts, I could never forget this one. Probably the best BW Monotype player in this tier, despite the fact that this man lost to Fire while using Dragon. Like really dude? LMFAO, just change sport my man I don't know, try cricket for example, actually don't, turns out you lose there too good god.. On a real though, thanks for being this motivated to get this win, it was a blessing to see you at work with scouting and building, you made me enjoy even a disgusting tier like BW Monotype, which is a true achievement. Don't beat yourself up for the score, we all know most of your losses weren't on you, next year you're definitely winning this dude, just keep it easy! I'm sure someday you'll lead UK to WCoP, a bit like Leicester won the Premier League my man.

Entei - Remember when I said that Attribute was so much of a leader that my teammates literally loved him? Well, someday it has happened that Attribute posted this selfie of himself, using that Snapchat filter that changes your filter, and this was the result. Not gonna lie, this has to be one of the funniest things I've ever read on this simulator, so thank you so much for the laughs. Even if you didn't get the record you wanted, your in-depth game analyses was superb, and it was a true pleasure to see you going through people's games. Don't be hard on yourself after the first ORAS loss, we finally found out that Mega Sharpedo is just a cursed Mega Evolution for Miniors, so we aren't the one to blame for that loss. Ah, one last thing, pretty sure you're the only player I know from Israel here, and hopefully the last one, cause if you do a WCoP team, it might even turn out worse than Bangladesh good god.

MJ - This dude really named himself MJ despite being white, 200IQ move not gonna lie. Probably the only Austrian dude who didn't give me epilepsy while playing, good stuff bro. It was a pleasure to see you loading a team and literally ending the career of a top 3 in the list of Monotype USM players, as I predicted since the first day of the week. All of this was even better due to the fact that this man had the One Punch Man avatar throughout all the season. Not many of the people outside the team know how hot this dude even his, man looking like a model coming through while loading Fairy sample teams and clicking the STABs, easily the second most lethal Austrian person after Adolf Hitler.

Real FV13 - Talking about Sample Teams, this man literally approached every week like this. Bro this dude literally said ''rOcK'', huh? LMFAO. And you know what? No matter how many times you told this man his opponent was bringing fairy, he was right there chilling 'till the last day and saying stuff like: no wonder we got eliminated. We've known each others for years now, but I still know basically 0 stuff about you, if not that you have trash anime tastes and that you're probably one of the quietest users I've ever witnessed, so much that between the pinned messages in our team chat there's this. Don't ask me what that Attribute screen is about, I would rather not know really.

Zesty43 - And speaking about quiet users, there we go with the most hypebeast mate I've ever teammed up with. This man been rocking Lil Uzi since day 1 as avatar, of course he couldn't disappoint. No matter who his opponent of the week was, this man literally loaded up Discord and started chatting some selfjerk shit like this. He literally talked so little that I even asked ''Who's that man?'', and despite that he had more style of all the users mixed together. You were probably the most narcisist user besides me, that translates into being automatically an amazing player to my eyes. Oh, also good luck in Snake bro, I know you will do great in Ubers!

ima - My favourite singer of all time after Drake, seriously guys, check this man's Soundcloud (in particular check 17 and California, which are my favourite ones!). You're another one of the users I've known for some time, first as a fan, then as a friend! I only wished your playing abilities were as good as your singing skills, your BO3 games were atrocious to watch my man, almost as bad as nuclear bombs dropped on Japan. It was impossible to be mad at you though, as you won World Cup during this Premier League, and we're all so proud of you champ! Shoutouts again for that, truly impressing. Thank you for all the laughs too, and mostly for exposing Attribute's true nature. Good luck in your future tours for when you'll come back!

GotCookies - Last, but not least, we have our day 1 bitch I mean cheerleader ern helper. It's impossible not to add you into team shoutouts, as your help was crazy and vital... not to reach playoffs LMFAOO. It was absurd not to see you getting drafted, as you're definitely better than some dudes that were drafted like me. But hey, look at the bright side, if you would have been drafted here you would have lost the tour anyways! With the clown jerk and Ssalbap, you were the user with the most lines, and your messages were fundamental to keep up the team environment and the general amazing atmosphere around! I would love to see more from you, as I know that you're competent enough to become important for the tier. It was amazing all the support you gave me during the season, thank you a lot fam for that!
As this post is getting absurdely long, I will just shoutouts all the friends which made our ride even more enjoyable or that personally helped me during the season.

So huge shoutouts to my friends Jyph, Brisked, Chaitanya, Eien, Cell, Pak, Catalystic, Decem, maroon, Wyn, Feitan the steam, Alpha Rabbit, terrors, dahli, Izaya, Ferno, Kev, Vodoom, StarBlim, Felines, Trichotomy, Isza and Paleo - Basically all the users outside our team which helped me a ton and made my experience unforgettable!

I truly found some amazing friends in all of you, and I wish you all the possible best guys!

From Don Pedro that's all, see you next season! :puff:

Well we have reached the worst of the bunch, which takes some doing in this pool. Xiri is playing well in seasonals right now but it's seasonals. MJ was ok in mono ubers, but questionable in his other games. Alkione is an ok enough player without any mono team tour experience but he's expected to struggle like the rest of this group. Twilight solace(awful change btw) will probably be lacking as well. Miniors outlook in SM looks bleak, unless some of their better players decide to step into SM. Their building probably falls to Attribute who's enthusastic but probably average and some inexperienced players like Twilight solace as it's hard to see Paleo and ima building for a tier they aren't in with their activity issues.

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I’m going to copy paste my comment here because I actually forgot this thread existed.

I’m not gonna lie, it's a tough way to go out. I was really hoping to get a first crack at MPL finals, but great game to Two Island Tapus. I wanna say thank you to Sabella, 1 True Lycan and Isz for selecting me for this MPL tour. It was much appreciated after a solid year trying to break into the mono competitive scene. And even for trusting me after a few rough games (hax or MU LOL - R̶o̶g̶u̶e̶ Astro (RIP) Nation will get it), and calm down ladies, issa joke. Shoutout to Isz for the prep help, dude is still fire. I had great teammates and it is unfortunate because I would've loved finals with this particular group, play or no play.

Good luck to the finalists.

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