Monotype UnderUsed Tour (Won by Mael)

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Round 1 is over. There was only 1 pair that did not try to schedule. The rest of you were given extensions, please get those games done by Saturday May 20th @ 11 pm PDT.

Activity Wins
SanJl vs. Arifeen
Lambo_murphy44 vs. Dlanyer
Fardin vs. Splashbrutha
Mr. Miner vs. Quantum Tesseract
dhaarma vs. Balto
Poison Adhesive vs. Rabzzz
Triopsman vs. GotCookies
Garry2Scary vs. MadBull

Escoffier vs. EricSaysHi

Perishing Song vs. King Billu
Jase Duken vs. Brisked
ChrystalFalchion vs. Hachimaki98
k43982 vs. Zhro

Round 2 will be up shortly! If you have any problem with the decisions made above please contact me.
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Round 2
Matches can be played on Main or Smogtours, or to avoid confusion on the banlist you can play on the ROM Server under the format Mono UU not Monotype UU.

Round 2 Pairings:
Jase Duken vs. pilz0311
KevinELF vs. Poison Adhesive
Quantum Tesseract vs. dhaarma
vs. Arlaxeon
Arifeen vs. Nailec
ChrystalFalchion vs. cb aaron judge
MadBull vs. Guwahavel
Dj Breloominati♬ vs. Stan Soojung
vs. cromagnet42
Triopsman vs. Hassin627
average fella
vs. Ieki
mael vs. Splashbrutha
EricSaysHi vs. Iggy96
King Billu vs. Lambo_murphy44
smub vs. MCVPodge
memomiguel vs. Amane Misa

round 2 deadline is may 23th @ 11 PM PDT.
Also reminder, Monotype UU does not follow UU's Banlist. Its individual banlist can be found in the op of the tour. This is a BO3 tour & replays must be posted, pming me them is not sufficient.​
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Yo, I'm gonna forfeit my spot in this tournament, I don't have the time rn to continue playing. Zhro can move forward and play the next opponent. I missed my scheduled time to play anyway.
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