Monotype UnderUsed Tour (Won by Mael)

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Round 3
Matches can be played on Main or Smogtours, or to avoid confusion on the banlist you can play on the ROM Server under the format Mono UU not Monotype UU.

Round 3 Pairings:
Hassin627 vs. MadBull
vs. pilz0311
mael vs Jojohouse
Poison Adhesive vs. Lambo_murphy44
Iggy96 vs. Amane Misa
ChrystalFalchion vs. dhaarma
Nailec vs. average fella
Moosical vs. Stan Soojung

round 3 deadline is may 31st @ 11 PM PDT. Please get all extension matches done by Sunday May 27th @ 11 PM PDT
Also reminder, Monotype UU does not follow UU's Banlist. Its individual banlist can be found in the op of the tour. This is a BO3 tour & replays must be posted, pming me them is not sufficient.
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