Tournament Monotype Winter Premier Discussion Thread [See Post #132 for draft date and time]

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Monotype Winter Premier Power Rankings
All Ratings by lax, Zarif, Eien, Freeroamer, Endal, Wanka, Azelea
USUM Ratings also by TheThorn

1. Canalave City Chorizos
USUM: Sabella (4), Christo (16), Lotus wincon (22)
Ubers: Star (2)
STABmons: King Billu (6)
AAA: 1 True Lycan (1)
LC: soulgazer (2)
Monothreat: EricSaysHi (6)

Positives The Chorizos picked up a great user right from the start with a well-recognized face in Sabella, a top USUM player who has been at the front of the metagame for years. With his recent participation in official tournaments and his continued solid presence in Monotype's most competitive arenas, he was ranked fourth best USUM Monotype player. 1 True Lycan has proven himself to be one of the best AAA players from previous MPL seasons and comes in as the number one player in that OM. The Chorizos also came in with the pair of Star and soulgazer, who are more than capable when it comes to standard LC and Ubers. With the expertise of Wanka and the other team members, they should be able to translate that success into the Mono OMs here in MWP, putting them both solidly in the second place of those two Mono OMs. Wanka, Sabella, 1 True Lycan, and soulgazer were also on the MPL winning team, showing great teamwork in that tournament, so it's expected they can continue to be dominant in MWP as well.

Negatives However, in the other Mono OMs, it's much less clear how successful the Chorizos will be. In Monothreat, their player is EricSaysHi, who is actually one of the few Monothreat specialists. However, he's relatively unproven and his play is not particularly impressive, leaving him ranked at only 6th in his signature metagame. While Sabella is a powerhouse of an USUM player, one of the Chorizo's other USUM players, Lotus Wincon, was difficult to rate highly, pulling the Chorizo's USUM ranking down to only 6th. This will be his first major Monotype team tournament, and he'll be starting off in USUM against other top experienced players. While he's shown a lot of effort and diligence in his preparations in other tournaments, he hasn't been faced with opponents preparing to the same level.

Wild Cards King Billu makes his tournament debut in Monotype STABmons, a metagame filled with top standard STABmons players. He's one of the only Monotype mains taking the stage in this metagame, so it'll be interesting to see how he shows his skill in spite of his low 6th place ranking. Christo had an amazing 4-1 season in MPL 3, but that was in BW. This time, he'll be starring in the highly competitive USUM metagame, making a 16th place rating, so the question remains: will we see him come back with another winning record, or will the competition best him?

2. Dethroning Decidueyes
USUM: Eien (1), Bushtush (8), pork chop man (14)
Ubers: Catalystic (6)
STABmons: betathunder (4)
AAA: Laxpras (5)
LC: Kingler12345 (1)
Monothreat: mael (7)

Positives The Decidueyes ended up being the first draft in the tour and used that to its full potential. Eien was the first player to be drafted, as expected by the majority of the community. As the Monotype overlord himself, Eien quickly rose to be one of the best players in the metagame, earning respect from nearly every player in the community and gaining the placement of 1st in USUM. Their 2nd USUM player is one of the most controversial players to ever set foot in Monotype - Bushtush. Known for his aggressive behavior and seemingly random callouts, Bush is not the most well-liked player; however, no one ever doubts his skill, and he's shown to put solid results in every tour, Monotype or not, granting him the 8th place overall. Their 3rd SM slot is pork chop man, a solid player who has the ability to show great results (depending on how much he cares) who is placed at 14th due to some inconsistencies. The best of their other tiers, tour veteran Kingler12345, is introduced to Monotype LC. Kingler has been regarded as a top LC player and people expect this to translate directly to Monotype LC, landing him the first spot on the power rankings.

Negatives While the team is dominant in a few aspects, the other OM tiers is where the skill starts to branch off. Their Ubers player is Catalystic, an unproven player who is known as an Anything Goes main. While the tiers are similar, who knows how that translates into Monotype Ubers, landing him the 6th place spot. Up next for STABmons they have betathunder, a well-versed but seemingly average player whose strength revolves around 3 years of experience in STABmons. He earned himself the 4th place rank. Moving on to AAA, the Decidueyes have another OM veteran in Laxpras. Known in his community as one of the best AAA players, the transition to Monotype OMs for these OM players has always been rough, and they typically do not produce the best results, putting him at 5th. Their final starter for Monothreat happens to be mael, a tournament player. mael is known to put up solid results from time to time in other tier tournaments, but Monothreat is quite different from other tiers. He'll need a lot of support in order to keep up.

Wild Cards If the OM mains in Catalystic, betathunder, and Laxpras end up breaking the norm of underperforming OM mains, this team could end up being very scary.

3. Alcoholic Alakazams
USUM: rnbs (6), Pearl (10), obii (19)
Ubers: thimo (1)
STABmons: kratosmana (3)
AAA: rozes (3)
LC: Void (7)
Monothreat: Nightwingg (5)

Positives Interestingly enough, the Alakazams did not achieve their high rank due to their 3 USUM Monotype players, but rather due to their more than capable other tier slots. Their Ubers player is thimo, a renowned Ubers player who has achieved great feats in Ubers seasonal and Smogon Snake Draft. Known for his creative ability to develop tier-breaking sets, he comes in at the top rank in the MWP Ubers pool. Next up in STABmons, we have kratosmana, regarded as an amazing Smogon tour player who has consistently provided amazing results. His ability to succeed in this not too competitive pool revolves around how consistent his teams will be. Their AAA slot is taken by highly controversial, resident tour-banned user rozes. rozes has always shown interest and competitiveness in AAA, so it's no surprise that he's here to redeem his past results, landing him at 3rd. Looking back to the the USUM players, their lineup consists of one of Monotype's veterans, a consistent and lucky player in rnbs, the 6th place. The other 2 players are Pearl and obii, tournament players that aren't too involved in Monotype, but they're skilled and solid enough to land themselves at 10th and 19th, respectively.

Negatives Only a few negative traits really come from this team. Their LC slot falls to Void, a solid, well-rounded player who provides results in every tour he's partaken. However, he's been known to rely heavily on someone else building teams for him due to how busy he is, and that causes him to fall to the 7th slot. To top off the other tiers, the Monothreat player for the Alakazams is Nightwingg95, an interesting user that has shown questionable activity and results in the past. He has known to bring wins to the team, though, landing him at 5th. The biggest issue is that it's TheThorn's duty to provide teams in the majority of the tiers for his team, so if he gets burnt out or starts lacking in that department, the entire team crashes and burns. The other issue is how much his team will care for this tour and the effort put in, especially with SPL rising around the corner.

Wild Cards If Nightwing puts in the time and effort into this tour, he could quickly rise and gain the top record in Monothreat. If Thorn is available to sufficiently provide for his team, they are an insane force to be reckoned with.

4. Paniola Phiones

USUM: Paleo (2), -Tsunami (9), dodmen (13)
Ubers: Garay oak (4)
STABmons: ggggd (2)
AAA: trash (8)
LC: HT (5)
Monothreat: Nat. (4)

Positives The Phiones came out of the draft with a USUM lineup that tied for first place. First is Paleo, one of the Monotype Tier Leaders, who has consistently proven himself to be arguably the best current generation Monotype player for years with a dominating 6-1 performance in MPL 3. -Tsunami- is their second USUM player, who was the only non-Monotype main to perform well in the SM Bo3 tier in MPL 3. He returns once again on Lax's team, making it into the top 10 of USUM players with a ranking in 9th place. With both Lax and Paleo building for him, there's no doubt he'll continue that domination. Their final USUM player is dodmen, who is well-known in the UU community. While this is his first dabble into Monotype, he is on one of the best teams for supplying him teams, so with his playing skill and the Phiones' teambuilding, he should be able to perform well. The Phiones also picked up gggggd, who is a STABmons player that has beaten many of the tier's best on the ladder with impressive head-to-head records, putting himself into the 2nd place for STABmons. With the help of Lax, who was himself a feared Monotype STABmons player in the past, gggggd will have the support he needs to possibly have a great showing here.

Negatives The main weak point in the Phiones is their AAA slot. While Lax was also a great builder for AAA, he's going to have to pass some great teams to trash, who has only played a few games in top Monotype tournaments, ranking himself in 8th.

Wild Cards The Phiones also picked up other main tier players in Natalie, Garay Oak, and HT, who were ranked 4th, 4th, and 5th respectively. Natalie had an average showing in the past, but only played Monothreat; HT's only Monotype performance was unfortunately against one of the best BW players. All three are new to the Monotype OMs they'll be starting in, so it'll be up to the team to help get them up to speed as soon as possible.

5. Lavender Lycanrocs

USUM: Clearly (3), Zukushiku (5), terrors (24)
Ubers: Anttya (3)
STABmons: racool (1)
AAA: Azelea (6)
LC: Jyph (4)
Monothreat: KevinElf (8)

Positives The Lycanrocs' star player is racool, who was the highest ranked STABmons player of the tournament. She has been practicing and building many of the other Monotype OMs as well, though, so not only is she expected to have an amazing performance but she should also be able to support her teammates in AAA and Ubers as well. Anttya comes in third in the Monotype Ubers tier, and is not an unfamiliar face to the Monotype tournament community. She has always had one of the most consistent tournament performances, having led her team to the first MPL's trophy, and will likely be seeing herself making another tournament's playoffs on the Lycanrocs. The Lycanrocs also have two of the top five USUM players in Clearly and Zukushiku, landing themselves spots 3 and 5, both of whom have proven themselves to be worthy of that title in the past with absolutely stellar performances across many Monotype tiers. They both are always on the cutting edge when it comes to the next teambuilding idea, and they should be able to clench USUM wins week after week for the team. The Lycanrocs also picked up one of the only known Monotype LC players in Jyph. However, the presence of top LC players dragged his rating down to a respectable fourth. While he does have a lot of competition, his greater experience in the Mono OM may give him the edge over the others.

Negatives In contrast to the Lycanrocs' other two USUM players, their last USUM player, terrors, will need to surprise everyone, as he's never quite been able to break into the top ranks of the current generation Monotype tier and was rated the worst USUM starter. However, he's backed by his former teammate in Clearly, who will no doubt be providing him teams, so he might be able to turn this poor ranking around. Azelea is a community favorite, a long time room staff member and AAA player. However, the AAA battlefield is full of both AAA specialists and former Monotype AAA council members, so he'll have his work cut out for him battling up against those titans.

Wild Cards The Lycanrocs also picked up KevinELF, who came in as the bottom rank Monothreat starter. He had an average performance in MPL 3 with the support of one of the best Monothreat players at the time. He will be supported by Zukushiku, though, who was once rivaling the absolute best Monothreat players. The question is whether he'll be able to take Zukushiku's teams and execute on them properly. If he can, he may just prove his ranking wrong.

6. Victorious Victinis

USUM: Croven (17), It's Hatch (21), ArkenCiel (23)
Ubers: doubleswitches (5)
STABmons: Twix (7)
AAA: Level 56 (4)
LC: Nineage (3)
Monothreat: SirSkit (1)

Positives SirSkit is the Victinis' shining hope, as without certain other Monothreat gods in the tier, he's taken the title of best Monothreat player of the tournament. He has always shown his skill in both building and playing this eccentric metagame, and it will be to no one's surprise if he continues that trend. The Victinis also picked up Nineage, who is a recognized LC player in this tournament, for their Mono LC spot. He earned a third place rating in this tier, as he'll be supported by many Monotype veterans who wil be able to help him transition to playing with the Same Type Clause restriction. In AAA, the Victinis drafted Level 56. Level 56 is no stranger to Monotype, showing off his classic ability to play just about anything at a high level. He comes into this tournament as a finalist in the AAA open in the recent OMGS, granting him the fourth place spot in Mono AAA.

Negatives The Victinis drafted the worst USUM squad with all three members ranking in the bottom third of starters. Croven has been a long-time Monotype player, but it's unclear how much he has kept up with the metagame, and his team lacks a reliable builder to support him, leaving him only with a 17th place ranking. His teammate, Its Hatch, is making his tournament debut here as well. This USUM competition is unlikely to be kind to newcomers, though, and he'll have a lot to prove to overcome his rating in 21st. ArkenCiel is the Victini's final USUM starter, a player who has been on the grand stage many times. While he's known as one of the best players in some communities, his performance in top Monotype tournaments has never been particularly impressive, coming off of a 1-5 record in MPL 3, giving him a poor 23rd place rating out of 24. For STABmons, the Victinis have Twix. Twix is an old name in the Monotype community, and he's been popping in lately as well. That being said, the STABmons competition will be very tough with many other OM mains showing up to the tournament. As a result, Twix is rated 7th in Mono STABmons.

Wild Cards The Victinis picked up double switches for Mono Ubers. double switches has been playing both Monotype and Ubers and should be able to have a good showing here as well. However, among Ubers mains and Mono Ubers players, it's unclear just how well he'll do, leaving him ranked in 5th place.

7. Tormented Torkoals
USUM: Leru (7), Arifeen (11), Attribute (12)
Ubers: MiYoka (7)
STABmons: Megazard (5)
AAA: Quantum Tesseract (7)
LC: Endal (6)
Monothreat: torkool (2)

Positives The Torkoals are led by the famous Monotype RO torkool, who is the second best Monothreat player in the tournament. He had an amazing MPL debut in Monothreat amongst the then-top players. With many of them playing in other tiers or not participating in MWP, torkool should have the path clear to a fantastic season. He's backed by a great USUM core, ranking 4th overall. Their first player Leru, ranked 7th in USUM, has been a rising star in the Monotype tour community, with undeniable tournament success, finishing with the best SM record in MPL 3. Leru's innovative builds may finally take the stage, as he builds for not only himself but his teammates in Arifeen and Attribute who took 11th and 12th in USUM. Arifeen may not be the most active Monotype player, but his skills in the tier have never dulled, placing highly in our team tours year after year. With Leru's teams, he will surely prove he still deserves to be feared in Monotype. Attribute is another long-time Monotype main who has shown to be one of the most consistent players over the past few years. While he doesn't make flashy plays or use exciting builds, he is rock solid and will surely perform well here in MWP as well.

Negatives The Torkoals' biggest problem is in their OMs. In Mono LC, their player, Endal, is likely to be unable to available consistently early on in spite of his great experience in Mono LC. The Torkoals will have to find some way to fill his large shoes until he can come into form. As a result, taking into account Endal's activity issues, he's rated only 6th. in Mono Ubers, the Torkoals picked up MiyoKa, who has been playing Monotype and Ubers for some time now. In spite of just how long MiyoKa has been playing Monotype, though, he's never been able to break into team tournaments and has never shown any particularly good play in solo tournaments either, leaving him a 7th place rating. For Mono AAA, the Torkoals have Quantum Tesseract, one of the most versatile OM players who has recently dabbled in Monotype OMs as well. Unfortunately, he's met with both superior AAA and Monotype AAA players in the highly competitive tier, netting a rating of only 7th.

Wild Cards For STABmons, the Torkoals picked up Megazard, an player that once was drafted in MPL as well. It's difficult to say how well he'll do here, with quite a few STABmons mains in the tier, giving him a 5th place spot. However, he'll be supported by Quantum Tesseract, and together, they may be able to pull out some innovative builds to surprise Megazard's opponents.

8. Railgun Raikous

USUM: Pak (15), Sae (18), waszap (20)
Ubers: iLlama (8)
STABmons: Haaku (8)
AAA: Ssalbap (2)
LC: Seo (8)
Monothreat: Misaka (3)

Positives Misaka Mikoto stars as Raikous' manager and Monothreat player, being rated third best in the competition. She's always been a recognized presence in the Monothreat community, being able to pass Monothreat teams to her players in MPL 3 as well. This time, she'll be playing, and she'll finally be able to show off her own battling skill among other Monothreat players. In Mono AAA, the Raikous have Ssalbap, who has always been one of the most vocal supporters of the tier. As a former Mono AAA council member, Ssalbap is almost certainly going to have new ideas that his opponents can't beat, and thus, he was rated second best.

Negatives The Raikous drafted one of the worst USUM squads, which will pull their weeks down. Sae was ranked 18th in the standard Monotype metagame. While he has always been a great player, his activity has not been particularly great lately and it's unclear how much he has kept up with the USUM metagame changes. Waszap got a 20th place ranking. While he has shown himself competent in the past, he'll be facing a much more difficult range of opponents here in MWP and won't have the support of great builders as he did before. In Ubers, the Raikous have iLlama. While no stranger to Monotype, he will have a lot to prove, as he was rated 8th of 8 in a field of top Ubers and Mono Ubers players mostly due to being an unknown factor in this tier. Haaku makes his own Monotype team tournament debut in STABmons here in MWP. However, he was also rated 8th of 8 due to lack of experience. Not being a STABmons player and having never felt the pressure of a team tournament, he'll need support from his team. In Mono LC, the Raikous have Seo who is faced with a tier that is almost entirely comprised of great LC players. As a result he comes in as 8th in the tier.

Wild Cards Pak was rated 15th in USUM after a prior average performance in MPL 3. Unfortunately, this tournament, he'll lack a real Monotype builder, so while he has good battling skill, it'll be difficult to see it come to fruition without good teams as well. If he can get the hang of Monotype, though, he may be able to help pull his team's USUM place up.


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