Tournament Monotype Winter Premier Discussion Thread [See Post #132 for draft date and time]

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Thought I would interrupt this nice discussion to tell you all that the draft will be taking place on Sunday, December 3rd, 12 PM EST! The draft will take place in the Monotype Events room. Make sure your schedule is clear, Monotype is life.

Lol if I can’t be there until 2 hours in, is that ok?
Greetings, lads. It's your host, Omega-Xis, here with "Must Draft Players" Day 4. Technically it's Day 4 but I was tired yesterday and just put out the draft time. I hope you're hype. Our hidden gems are covered. Now, we will be getting into players who will be taken towards the beginning and middle of the draft. The people I list are going to be my dark horses, call me Juicy J... Note that when I put a number after them I'm not saying this person is top horsin and I'm not ranking them in any way. It's just a list of people that I am sure will slay, cuh.

Dark Horse #1 - Attribute

Attribute is soft-spoken and overall a very nice guy. He is not a man of very many words and slays his opponents from the shadows. Young Attribute silently works harder than everybody, building teams and overwhelming opponents in tournaments. He has spent much time honing his craft, and in this grand tournament I guarantee he outworks, outhustles, and outplays all his opponents.

Attribute is more enthusiastic about hazard stack than anybody I know.

You will also have no worries about getting an activity loss with Attribute on your team.

Nice guy Attribute at it again, ensuring a game gets played even when his opponent is feeling less than 100%.

Dark Horse #2 - ceraa

ceraa is an ebin lad and skilled memer. He also destroyed the competition in MPL3 and won every week I played him I'm pretty sure. He's Mauville Memers™ certified. I don't think anybody is as woke or ebin as ceraa, and this undoubtedly gives him an edge over his opponents.

While I'm aware this is a copypasta, ceraa had the insight to provide the best copypasta for the situation. The queen here is Salamence, and even though Mamoswine is so good, Mence has read her holy book and as a result, God has chosen to save the queen. Bless up.

ceraa will always be on point for your team, be able to read the situation perfectly and be at the ready to put his teammates in the best position to succeed.

I hope I have convinced you managers of the incredible horse potential of these two players. If you're a player, make sure you get your manager to draft them; these two could definitely be at the top in terms of individual records at the end of the tournament.

This message brought to you by the Mauville Memers™.

Monotype Meme Tutoring
approved by Eien

Welcome to the Monotype Meme Program!

The goal of this project is to support users that wish to either learn Monotype Memes or gain a deeper understanding of it. To this end, tutees will be paired with tutors to guide and help them along this path

As with all projects, there are rules that must be followed. Please read them carefully to ensure the entire process is as smooth as possible. Users that break the rules may be barred from participating.


1. It is expected that tutees are at least somewhat familiar with Memes and the concept of Memes, although material experience in Memes is not a requirement.

2. Tutees will be paired with tutors on a first-come, first-serve basis so long as we are confident there will not be timezone issues. Because certain areas of the world may have many or few tutors, others may be paired before you. We will do our best to make sure everyone gets a tutor in a timely manner, though.

3. Tutors are volunteering to do this and use their time to do so. Please understand if they have other commitments by accommodating them to a reasonable degree. This means trying to schedule times you are both without distractions and are able to gain the most from this project. However, if your schedules do not work out, let us know so that a new tutor can be assigned to you.

4. Your ability to have a useful learning experience is the key, so if you come across any issues whatsoever, you are strongly encouraged to reach out to Dirpz or anyone else on the Monotype meme team in a private and confidential channel as soon as possible so that we can help to sort things out. If you have positive feedback, you are always welcome to provide that as well.

5. You agree to commit to the project. We have limited tutors. Do not waste everyone's time if you cannot stay engaged or participate for the entire length of your tutoring sessions.

Lesson #1: What are memes and how to spot Bad Memes
Lesson #2: Tools to Succeed
Lesson #3: How to use meme formats
Lesson #4: Creating OC
Lesson #5: Graduation

For Prospective Tutees:
Please fill out the below form and PM it to Eien or Zarif.
Smogon Username:
Pokemon Showdown Username:
Discord Contact (optional):
Timezone (GMT differential):
What, if anything, do you want to focus on?:
If and only if you have already contacted and gotten approval from a specific tutor, you may name them here:

List of Tutors:
Just got done with the draft!


Decidueyes: eien, bushtush, pcm, laxpras, betathunder, catalystic, kingler12345, mael, dak prescott, cam

Victinis: vid, sirskit, level 56, it's hatch, nineage, doubleswitches, croven, arkenciel, twix, shadestep

Phiones: paleo, -tsunami-, dodmen, trash, ggggd, natalie, hairy toenail, bluxio, garay oak, passion

Raikous: misaka mikoto, ssalbap, sae, waszap, illama, pak, jase duken, haaku, seo, irkd

Alakazams: rnbs, thimo, pearl, obii, kratosmana, rozes, void, nightwingg95, chras001, mr. miner

Torkoals: torkool, leru, arifeen, attribute, quantum tesseract, megazard, endal, drreuniclus, miyoka, qwily

Chorizos: sabella, 1 true lycan, christo, star, soulgazer, king billu, lotus wincon, empo, ericsayshi, bouff

Lycanrocs: clearly, zukushiku, anttya, jyph, xazelea, racool, tyke, seager, terrors, kevinelf
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