Hello I'm looking at

OT: Most (11444)
(genderless) - modest - Magnet Pull
IVs: (HP Fire)
EVs: UT (Lv. 57)
no tutor moves

My offer

OT: LunarDD (31963)
(male) - Timid - Lightning Rod
IVs: 31/30/30/31/31/31 (HP ice)
EVs: UT(Lv1)
No tutor moves
Hatched and Bred by me.

P.s. This is a blue pentagon Eletrike it gave me hell to breed.
OT: Most (23986)
(genderless) - timid - limber
EVs: UT (Lv. 65)
[No redis]

I would like this please.
Deposited a Lv. 3 Wurmple named Waumpel (German) asking for Ditto Lv 61-70.
Message: Most
IGN: Jake
Thank you!
I want this :

OT: Most (23986)
(genderless) - timid - limber
EVs: UT (Lv. 65)
[No redis]

IGN : Mélissa
Deposited a Buenary.
Message : Most

Edit : My Buneary have been changed with a other Pokemon. I seed a other Pokemon, a other Buneary, named Sapereau, the French name of this Pokemon.
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If you are here for the ditto giveaway please follow the rules and refer to the FAQ if you have any questions.
(I won't reply to people posting here for giveaway related stuff.)

Since this is bumped anyways I might aswell update this (I did most of these updates in january bot never bothered announcing it):
  • Ditto giveaway list is up-to-date
  • Updated Redis rights of all pokemon (should now be 100% clear)
  • Removed non-relevant RNGs


formerly Tyrant Tyranitar
I want your Cresselia, I'm willing to trade my shiny 31/x/31/31/31/31 iv Calm Fukuoka event Kyogre for it (yes, the weather trio for this event aren't shiny locked).

I can trade a flawless HA Hasty Froakie, flawless Jolly Charmander (even HA because wynaut) with DD, Outrage and Flare Blitz, flawless Hasty HA Bagon, or flawless Adamant Fletchling.

If you don't want the Kyogre I can list some other things
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Are all the dittos giveaway or just the one? I'm confused. Sorry. I really want MostFire and MostIce. CMT if they aren't giveaway (if you don't find anything you like, I'd really appreciate if you took credits as I'll use your dittos to make cool stuff). If they are giveaway, I'll make the appropriate post. Thanks!
I would like:

Ditto (Nickname: Most TR)
OT: Most (23986)
(genderless) - brave - limber
EVs: UT (Lv. 63)

I have put my mudbray on the GTS. The details of the Mudbray are:
Name: Its in japanese idk
Level: 11
Gender: Male
Shiny: No

This is my first time using the GTS on Sun and Moon and the message that goes with the trade looks to be unable to be self written or otherwise changed so I have selected the message that says "I want to trade for one of your precious Pokemon you've given a nickname to".

IGN - Mitch
Thanks, it is very much appreciated :))
I am interested in your Cresselia. Any wants?

Can offer these too all bred by me
A-Muk - Smogon Assault Vest set. Brave nature with Pursuit. 31/31/31/31/31/Decent.
Salazzle Timid Corrosion. 31/x/31/31/31/31 S- Wave, Fire Blast, Nasty Plot, Toxic
Wishiwashi Dive ball. Quiet Nature Flawless IV. Hydro Pump, Rest, EQ, Ice Beam
Rotom W. Dream ball . Bold 31/x/31/31/31/31 Tbolt WOW Volt swich H-Pump ( got original dream ball parent from reddit )
(Blue)Minior. Beast Ball . Adamant 31/31/31/x/31/31 Smogon Shell smash set
(Blue) Minior. Beast Ball. Modest 31/x/31/31/31/31 Power Gem, Psychic, Dazzling Gleam, Shell Smash
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I have a question. Would you be willing to do an RNG abuse request for a lot of dittos? Specifically one of every Hidden Power. I Know its a big order, and I am completely fine f you decline. Its just I have been using hacked dittos for all my breeding, especially when going for hidden power mons, and I have been meaning to get some foreign ones for a long time. I don't have easy access to rng abusing some of my own, so I was wondering if you would be willing to help me with this. Since it is a big order, I would be more than willing to trade for anything on my shop, as well as do custom RNG abuse or breeding for you. Again, I can understand that this is a big order, and I am completely fine if you say you can't do it. I just wanted to ask just in case you happen to be willing to do it. Thanks in advance!

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