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credit to Kaiju Bunny! (source)
Come one, come all for the inevitable shitposting and "banter" that comes with any team tournament. I'll be hosting alongside Minority in the next chapter of "who's alt is it anyway".

Here are the captains and their teams:

Cynara - Behemoth Blades
Exiline - The Syndicate
iry - Altruistic Assassins
Mr.378 - Cutthroat Corviknights
Mysterious M - Hoenn Hitmen
Skysolo - Slaying Sirfetch'ds

I'll add more stuff here as I think of it. Let's have a good tournament!
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The most wanted team in this tournament, the Cutthroat Corviknights, will not have a public tryouts discord this year however feel free to pm me, Mr.378#2774, on discord with solid replays, prior experience in the tiers featured here and any other feats of mons skill that makes you a bad enough dude to join us as an assassin.

yeesh. the only accurate placement is assassins rock bottom. here's names in correct order:

1. Hoenn Hitmen
actually good name, checks all the boxes and rolls off the tongue nicely.

2. Sexiline Syndicate
is this one real? it better be. i like this one, gots personality. it would probably be more fitting to name it French Syndicate but this works

3. Cutthroat Corviknights
checks all the boxes but tries too hard, corvi is a sick mon though

4. Slaying Sirfetch'ds
Simple, gets the job done though a little boring

5. Behemoth Blades
not much to do with assassins here, it's more of an UPL name

6. Altruistic Assassins
assassin theme is present but the name makes very little sense..

you guys had one job these names suck
===Rank S===
Cutthorat Corviknights: Some may will say that I'm biased, but this team really is the best. This team is compromised of experienced and non-crusty Ubers players who will sweep everyone in all tiers for our IMMEDIATE VICTORY. Who will stop Thugly Duckling from accumulating crazy amount of bounty in ORAS? That's right. Nobody.

===Rank A===
Behemoth Blades: Excellently drafted by Sarah. A powerful core of Gunner, Zesty, and dream will clean up USUM pools with ease. The remaining players will go neutral and keeping a low variance in bounty gain and loss. This team is powerful and must be not underestimated.

Slaying Sirfetch'd: Skysolo sniped all of the players that everyone else wanted. They have an excellent team with powerful BW core. Other players will likewise go neutral and preserve the bounty. A similar strategy as Behemoth Blades'.

===Rank B===
The Syndicate: Sexiline is a dangerous team to face with his powerful French core. However, baguettes are delicious and easy to eat. Therefore, they will fall to the prey of hax and get eaten. Their ORAS/USUM core are competent but will fail due to the French white flag waving.

Hoenn Hitmen: An alright team with powerful USUM core. Garay and MM's skills are not be underestimated. However, other tiers are average with an exception for SS. This team will not fall for hax, but they will fall victim to cunning outplays by other teams. USUM core might be arguably the thing that carry them, but their other tiers will go negative bounty. This will make them essentially a less viable form of Behemoth Blades.

===Rank C===
Altruistic Assassins: Garbage team name with super long draft picks. Did Iry even plan his draft out? Hack and Reje are no brainers and they will be dangerous foes to face. This is the problem because they're the only two players who will go positive bounty. While, everyone else will leak out bounty to feed the S rank and A rank.
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General post draft thoughts since i'm more familiar with the format than most. unbiased since im only a host

USM performance will likely make or break teams, BUT i think after 1-2 weeks the sharks in the pool will be clear and people will start moving to their secondary tiers to avoid dying. If teams without current gen "star power" put too much effort into recent and more stacked gens early it will seriously bite them in the ass - what happens if you put all your eggs into the recent gens basket and tiers like DPP or ADV die? Teams stacking across 3-4 tiers have the benefit of teamwork and synergy, but carry heavy risks of having no backup plans and bleeding bounty. This is a strategist's tournament and those just throwing themselves into their "best area" could well pay for it in the long run. I believe those that put the most effort into their strategy (which correlates with strong activity) will come out ahead.

Here's my team thoughts and expectations. I'll be listing their associated tiers by generation order since predicting where they will go isn't that easy as the format may force some to switch anyway. As is standard for anyone posting this kinda thing, assume the exact opposite will happen.

Altruistic Assassins

iry (USM / ORAS / ADV)
Hack (SS / BW / DPP)
Reje (SS / ORAS / BW)
Dominatio (SS / USM / BW)
Sitonai (USM / ORAS / BW)
DracoMaster Dab (SS / USM / ORAS)
Hugo Barrington (SS / USM / ORAS)
SparksBlade (USM / ORAS / ADV)
GotCookies (SS / USM / ORAS)

potential strats: ORAS battle royale. I'd expect them to max this tier's slots and then fill up USM and SS. i don't even know where iry will go - ADV? Hack farming in DPP is possible, Dominatio starting BW is too. High influence on recent gens but then again so are most teams.

This team relies on a few factors. General activity is the main concern here - iry has the lowest activity of all the captains and I view that as a big weakness in MW. Following on from that, activity among the team server is a question mark as only a few of these players really talked with each other before the tournament. If they band together well and keep morale going they will be better off than most people expect, but I think this is the only team that needs to actually worry about this which is a mark against them to start with... there are some large timezone differences at play here.

In terms of their players, Hack has recently returned and i'm fairly sure he will perform. The team may find themselves overly relying on his input, which begs the question of how much time and effort does he want to support his team with? R2 Reje is actually a good idea but i wonder how many captains were familiar with how he topped the SS ladder, so some may have undervalued this as just a friend pick. Similarly to Hack though, he has to want to put the effort in. These two are known to get heated when things go wrong, so if the first couple weeks go downhill then god help them. Dominatio, Sitonai, and Dab haven't been as community involved as of late but their skill ceiling is there - i've heard good things about Dab's USM. Hugo, Sparks and Cookies starting at the lower end of the bounty pool is actually good for them, they could climb up. I think this team has the highest snowball potential if they start strong, but... something tells me it won't pan out that way.

Behemoth Blades

Cynara (SS / USM / DPP)
Enzo Gorlami (USM / ORAS / BW)
Zesty43 (USM / ORAS / ADV)
Staxi (USM / DPP / ADV)
dream (SS / ORAS / DPP)
Sharow (USM / DPP / ADV)
Megazard (SS / USM / ORAS)
LuckyPiper (USM / ORAS / BW)
benbe (ORAS / BW / DPP)

potential strats: Team seems reasonably tier balanced. SS representation is at the bottom of the priority list here, which I would attribute to "its not known and settled" but theres a very high DPP presence here which just had Arceus introduced to throw that idea out. My bet is that there isnt enough established SS players for Cynara to take risk on when its not neccessary. I don't see much tier stacking here unless its strategically minded - its probably gonna be spread out.

The team has a bunch of cheerful individuals that will be torn apart by their mutual love and hatred for anime. There's very strong building potential here with Sharow and Zesty, so my general feeling here is that they will be one of the strongest teams... outside of the games.

In games, they will have to work for it. The first three have been out of Ubers tours for a while which could be an issue as they will be initially matched against captains and early drafted players that have more of a presence than them. Staxi, dream, and Sharow are in pretty good spots for their tier pools to bring in the money, I can see them taking early games and challenging the big fish. Megazard is the unknown to me, he does really well in our circuits but struggled last UPL. I havent even heard of LuckyPiper so i'm thinking they impressed in tryouts. MW is pretty friendly to letting newcomers have a good shot... but only for 3 weeks! benbe is a fine last pick... assuming hes active. Overall a solid team, but prone to bounty swings from the breadwinners.

Cutthroat Corviknights

Mr.378 (USM / ORAS / DPP)
March Fires (USM / ORAS / BW)
Terracotta (SS / USM / DPP)
squinn (SS / ORAS / DPP)
Vileman (USM / ORAS / ADV)
orch (SS / ORAS / BW)
Royal1604 (SS / USM / ORAS)
WreckDra (USM / DPP / ADV)
Thugly Duckling (ORAS / BW / DPP)

potential strats: die of old age
actual strats: pretty large variance here. unlike any other team this lineup can flex to their other tiers without massive fall offs, so its very hard to predict. expect more old gen stacking than the others though.

team wise, draft all the buddies and have fun regardless of placement is how i perceive this draft. i think this team has the overall weakest individuals but they cover each other pretty well and have the power of friendship which is actually what makes teams win so who knows. March Fires and Terracotta could be big breadwinners assuming the fires dont get to tape. squinn / vileman / orch can vary their tiers strategically and will need to make the step up if this team wants to win. the last three are where my confidence drops as they havent put up performances in a long time. Overall im p unsure about this team... I'm sure they will have fun though.

i'll review the other 3 later.


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by popular demand...

i've seen some of how week 1 is shaping out to be (dpp is now no longer available after W1) and it seems that teams are favoring stacks in modern gens to weaken those that specialised in old gen players. if you stack your players in modern gens the older gen specialists will be choked out by their tier dying and be forced to play gens where they aren't strong - this is a strategical choice. i can see folks looking at tier deaths without context and saying its because the meta is bad, but its more down to available playerbases. if there are only a few known modern era DPP players, why slot anyone else there when they will get farmed? and if those good DPP players are good elsewhere, why play them in DPP when they are unlikely to bring in much money? they may even risk losing way more. a shame we won't see much of the newly changed meta in this tour but it is a high stakes tour. side note: the 2020 circuit will have ample opportunities to get actual play in dpp running up to the vote, dw about mw.

Hoenn Hitmen

Mysterious M (SS / USM / ORAS)
Garay oak (SS / USM / ORAS)
absdaddy (SS / BW / ADV)
Aishia (ORAS / BW / ADV)
Chill Shadow (USM / BW / ADV)
Serga (SS / USM / ORAS)
The Dovahneer (USM / BW / DPP)
crucify (SS / USM / ORAS)
RCred403 (USM / ORAS / BW)

potential strats: basically zero DPP here in exchange for crazy amounts of overlap across all the other tiers (not so much ADV). expect more stacking. i think this is gonna be a general trend.

in terms of the team this is a scary one. M and Garay together in modern gens is something horrible to face down and the team somehow managed to get other renowned players all the way down, with the two users at the end looking like scouted potential. Abs has been one of the most active SS players and has higher expectations than most. Aishia was a high price buy in UPL 7 (cough) and went 3-1 if we just look at ORAS records, but there are a lot of potential names here in ORAS compared to UPL so it wont be easy. CS plays very well and team support is clearly there, i think him starting at 9k is something to pay close attention to. Serga's been active in recent tours if memory serves me right, this will help him with the confidence i felt he had issue with during UPL but again, ORAS is stacked. He at least has the benefit of starting vs the middle bounty players. I'll be watching to see how dovah fares in this team, hes a circuit regular looking to make a name. Can't comment on the last two unfortunately, but if they ended up among this crowd i expect good things. Overall, strongest team? id say so.

Slaying Sirfetch'ds

Skysolo (SS / USM / ADV)
Kebabe (SS / ORAS / BW)
byronthewellwell (SS / USM / DPP)
Manaphy (SS / BW / DPP)
Alkione (USM / ORAS / BW)
0kay (BW / DPP / ADV)
Goat Heart (SS / USM / BW)
Catalystic (SS / USM / DPP)
ice-master-523 (SS / USM / ORAS)

potential strats: high SS representation here. this is the first time i've seen a player not in the most recent 3 gens at all. i think this team will have SS stacking with some keeping the other tiers warm.

this is a pretty scary team that opted for a specialist like Kebabe early, but from what i'm hearing hes been involved on the SS ladder like Hack, so i think specialist isn't accurate. His BW is something other teams shouldn't even risk facing and something tells me Kebabe might have to go to modern gens to find bounty eventually. byron is excellent at all three of his gens and is one of the few true flex picks, i expect good things. Manaphy is looking to be a real threat in SS, those around "back in the day" would remember him as a BW player which he could jump to if he felt it. I don't remember much from Alkione and 0kay recently, but from what i remember in the past they will have to put a lot of effort in to succeed here. I'm interested to see how Goat Heart does among unfamiliar faces, this could be a good chance for him to prove himself. not too familiar with Cata and ice-master-523 (the numbers, mason...) other than their AG presences. if my experience with other AG players in Ubers tells me anything id be ready for some unholy teams and farming fools that underestimate them. overall theres enough here to call it durians v2 and that means be real wary of them.

The Syndicate

Exiline (SS / USM / ADV)
PurpleGatorade (SS / USM / ORAS)
Evuelf (BW / DPP / ADV)
Melle2402 (BW / DPP / ADV)
SiTuM (SS / USM / ADV)
Ballfire (SS / USM / ADV)
Eternal Spirit (USM / ORAS / ADV)
Watchog (SS / USM / ADV)
Jase The World (SS / USM / ORAS)

potential strats: are there really 7 potential adv players here? does exiline just want to beat them all in tests to satisfy himself? I'm seeing minimal ORAS compared to other teams which is interesting. team is centered around SS and USM with some BW mixed in. i don't see much chance of deviating from this idea.

i get weird vibes from this team. something about Exiline's ego and occasionally belligerent attitude is making me doubt his capability to bring the team together as a leader in the face of adversity, and i dont think he drafted any standout discord presences (aka folks that would care about the team atmosphere) either to ease things. i feel theres gonna be some lone wolf stuff going on here and that worries me - the team will either take off and exiline will gas his team into 2021 or they will lose and exiline will be the first dude to get angry. who's building the teams here btw? it seems exiline drafted overly focused on those he thinks will be good players, but ignored everything else that goes into a team.

if we look at the players, the first three are legit threats to anyone in their three tiers. Melle is one of the few purely old gen focused players in the draft, which is fitting for him. I just hope that all his strong tiers dont get pulled out from under him - one is already gone. SiTuM has a strong USM but im curious to see how he does in SS - his personal vr had some unique takes that might play into his favor. I'm completely clueless about Ballfire but being drafted earlier than the others here means Exiline saw something in him. Eternal Spirit shouldn't ever be slept on in matches IF hes given team support, so we'll see how that goes. SPL will likely have him very busy so i don't see him being too active within the team. Watchog's SS kickoff runner up placement landed em a spot near the end... a dark horse? Jase, even if he doesn't get it going in games is gonna have to carry this team's motivation levels and server with his endless stream of whack pictures memes and gifs hes even posting rn in the ubers server. overall, something something kekkery ban necrozma corrupted mods.

with that done, here's my "power rankings". no flame, just prove me wrong.

#1 - Hoenn Hitmen
#2 - Slaying Sirfetch'ds
#3 - Behemoth Blades
#4 - Altruistic Assassins
#5 - The Syndicate
#6 - Cutthroat Corviknights

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