Pet Mod Multiverse - Gen 9 - Slate 10 FINAL

Pokémon: Victreebel
Niche: RBY OU
Stats: 80 / 105 / 65 / 100 / 100(+30) / 70
Type: Grass / Poison
Abilities: Chlorophyll / Limber(New!) / Gluttony
New Moves: Gulp
Removed Moves: Swords Dance

Gulp: Wrap, but functions like it does in gen 1. 32 PP 15bp 85% acc

Gen 1 wrap mechanics on one of the poster boys of that era! 70 Speed requires there to be proper t-wave support in most cases. It's special defense is buffed as well to be gen 1-y. Swords Dance is removed to make it less degen. Limber is given to given more flexibility in what you can do.
Pokémon: Weezing
Niche: ADV OU - Offensive Weezing
Stats: 80 (+15) / 90 / 120 / 105 (+20) / 70 / 60 [BST: 525]

Abilities: Levitate
New Moves (Gen 8 movepool as base): Kaboom! (refer to G-Luke's sub)
Removed Moves: N/A

Descriptions: Through every generation, Weezing has almost never found a niche in any OU metagame. Except for one. In Gen 3, Weezing found its niche surprisingly enough as an offensive wallbreaker that couldn't be put on a clock like other dangerous threats in the meta due to its Toxic and Spikes Immunity. Higher HP and higher SpA are really all that is required to adjust to a more modern metagame since Weezing's movepool and typing are already fine as they are.
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Hope you guys enjoyed your 118 hour long 24 hour warning. The vetos are here
GEN/Niche: G5 RU, Mixed Attacker.
Typing: Rock/Ground
Abilities: Adaptability, Intimidate, Sheer Force
HP 75
Attack 100
Defense 50
Sp atk 100
Sp def 50
Spe 135

New Moves: Earth Power, Icebeam, Sludge Wave, Hurricane, Sandstorm
Removed Moves: Toxic, Supersonic, Attract, rain dance, Sunny day
This was submitted before the slate began, and it’s not based on an OU niche, so it’s disqualified.
Pokémon: Gyarados
Niche: ADV OU (Bulky Dragon Dancer)
Stats: 95 / 120 / 86 / 60 / 100 / 88

Abilities: Intimidate / Rough Skin / Water Absorb
New Moves: Roost, Rock Slide, Brave Bird
Removed Moves: all water moves

Descriptions: gyarados solidified itself as a great ddancer in adv ou, by virtue of its good bulk, high attack and ground immunity. since it commonly ran rest, i gave gyarados roost as a more reliable replacement, as well as brave bird for flying stab and rock slide for more accurate rock coverage than stone edge. both brave bird and rock slide mimic gyarados' tendency to run hp flying and hp rock, respectively, to handle its usual counters.
An excellent defensive type paired with a recovery move and even one less weakness along with Ddance may prove too centralizing. Please remove Water Absorb, and removing Roost as well, while not mandatory to be legal, is strongly recommended
Pokemon: Gyarados

Abilities: Intimidate / Moxie / Mold Breaker(HA)
Niche: XY OU (Mega turned base, offensive Ddance)
Stats: 100 / 130 / 99 / 50 / 90 / 81 [BST:550]
Movepool Changes:
+Wicked Torque
Description: Mega forme, but in base. (I didn't realise it had to be OU based)
Offensive capability with Ddance and a free item slot is too potent, please lower the Attack stat by at least 10, and feel free to redistribute it into anything except Speed.

Pokémon: Jolteon
Niche: rb ou
Stats: 65 / 65 / 60 / 110 / 110 / 130 | 540
Type: Electric
Abilities: Short Circuit (This Pokemon's attacks have a 25% chance to crit.)
Movepool Changes:
+ Aura Sphere, Signal Beam
Description: replicates its crit mechanics and adds its coverage moves as special attacks. id imagine having crits do 2x damage would be too strong.
Since Signal Beam’s been dexited, it will not be included in your submission. Feel free to take this time to come up with a preexisting or custom replacement.

To those with a vetoed sub except Hatchil, you have 24 hours to fix your submissions until voting begins. To everyone else, start thinking about what you want to vote for. Remember that for this round you can only vote for up to 5 Pokémon. Good luck modders!
With everything (except for Hatchil’s Aerodactyl) fixed, we can start voting a bit early. I’ll cast my votes first as an example:

:dragonite: DPP OU
:raichu: GSC OU (SV)
:gengar: RBY OU
:Nidoking: GSC OU (SV)
:Clefable: GSC OU

Please note that this is the most points you’re able to get through self voting, since can’t vote for your own Pokémon in first place, and if you SV for second place, you can’t put another one of your submissions in third place. Another quick reminder that the position you put these in matters, as first place gets 5 points, second gets 4 points, third gets 3 points, and so on.
Good luck everyone!
:Machamp: GSC OU
:Starmie: XY OU (Totally_Odette)
:Nidoqueen: DPP OU (sv)
:Moltres: ADV OU
:Tauros: RBY OU (G-Luke)

EDIT: specified which XY OU Starmie, also changed Articuno self-vote to G-Luke's RBY Tauros
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(G-Luke) Gold! The real "gen 1" feeling thing here is the loss of all Ghost stab options, making Gengar really lean into it's identity of a funky special attacker--The ghost type is physical in gen 1, but Gengar was a special attacker through and through.

Gabos is onto something, I like what they've cooked with Kingler here!

Deviation's submission is very cool, and helps showcase a 'mon with unique strengths that has otherwise been lost to time. This is, in spirit, along the concept of this petmod. I give it one of my top votes.
(Rasdanation) Interesting and fun, in the spirit of the older gens.

(SV) I will stand by this. This would be fun.
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Name: Gengar
Niche: RBY OU (Status Inducer, Normal type check, General Annoyance)
Stats: 85/65/60/130/130/110 (580)

Abilities: Neutralizing Gas
Move Additions: Boo!*, Kaboom*, Thunderjolt*, Sleep Powder
Move Removals: All Attacking Ghost moves sans Night Shade and Shadow Sneak, Nasty Plot
(Gen 9 Gengar's Movepool as Base)
Name: Boo!
Power: 135
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 5/8


Effect: The user faints after using this move, unless this move broke the target's substitute. The target's Defense is halved during damage calculation.
Priority: 0
Flags: Snatch, Damp

Ghost STAB Gen 1 Self Destruct. Having big Explosion isn't really enough for Gengar, so we decided to add an option to scare out Ghosts who might try to hustle and block our main way of dealing damage.

Name: Kaboom
Power: 250
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 5/8


Effect: The user faints after using this move, unless this move broke the target's substitute. The target's Defense is halved during damage calculation.
Priority: 0
Flags: Snatch, Damp

Gen 1 Explosion replicated for modern times. Kills anything that doesn't resist tbh.

Name: Thunderjolt
Power: 100
Accuracy: 95%
PP: 15/24


Effect: 10% chance to paralyze. Guaranteed crit against slower opponents.
Priority: 0
Flags: Snatch

Gen 1 Thunderbolt, equipped with it's hair tearing miss rate and the propensity to land critical hits if foe is slower just like Gen 1's crit rate.
Gengar in Gen 1 is completely unrecognizable from it's modern day equivalent, a Pokémon focused on maximizing it's positive matchup versus dominating Normal types and being scared to face any Psychic it could find. Neutralizing Gas is here because Gengar didn't play with nor against abilities in Gen 1, so it would do so here either. Kaboom and Thunderjolt replicate it's Gen 1 experience to the best of modern science allows it, while Boo! is a special treat due to the unfortunate truth that multiple means of stopping Explosion (aka more Ghosts) exist in modern times, and this set will hope to challenge that. Sleep Powder is arguably better Hypnosis outside of the Grass matchup, which is a fair enough trade tbh. Stat line is an improved version of the classic variant with a special stat instead of SpA and SpD, making Gengar alot harder to kill. Play with this thing as a major annoying menace, designed to shit on teams however it can with it's moves and typing.
Pokémon: Machamp
Niche: GSC OU
Stats: 100 / 130 / 70 / 65 / 120 / 45 [530 BST]

Abilities: Inner Focus / Brazen Brawn [HA]
Custom Ability: Brazen Brawn - Moves with less than 100% accuracy have their BP boosted by 1.3x
New Moves: (GSC Machamp Movepool) + Stone Edge, Fire Strike, Bulk Up
Custom Move: Fire Strike - Fire, Physical, 90 BP, 85% Acc, 5 (Max 8) PP, calculates damage using opponent’s Sp. Def stat instead of Def (Non-Contact)
Removed Moves: None

Descriptions: GSC OU Machamp was one of GSC OU’s big breakers, packing strong bulk and attack. It’s primarily known for being an all-out-attacker or setting up with Curse. Either way, Machamp typically ran many risks with its inaccurate attacks of Cross Chop, Rock Slide, and Fire Blast. Custom Ability aims to give more value to these risks, boosting their damage, and Fire Strike serves the same purpose as Fire Blast, but allowing Machamp to utilize its higher attacking stat in exchange for less BP

: XY OU - Spinner, Special Attacker

Stats: 60 | 75 | 95 | 100 | 95 | 115 [BST= 540]
Abilities: Natural Cure, Analytic, Chromatophore (User becomes the opposing Pokemon's type upon switching in)
Movepool Changes: +Power Gem, Dark Pulse
Description: Starmie is an evergreen competitive Pokemon with good offensive and defensive capabilities and access to Rapid Spin, whose last appearance in OU was Gen 6 before succumbing to power creep. One of the reasons for its downfall is not having enough defenses for its utility role, so I bumped up those stats accordingly. An interesting aspect about XY Starmie is that it would run the move Reflect Type in order to avoid Sucker Punch and Pursuit trapping, so it now has a custom ability that lets it do so instantly, which pairs well with its solid movepool.
Pokémon: Dragonite
Niche: DPP OU (Mixed)
Stats: 91/104/95/120/100/90 (-30 Attack, +20 SpAtk, +10 Speed) (600 BST)
Type: Dragon/Normal
Abilities: Inner Focus
New Moves: Superpower
Removed Moves: Focus Blast

Descriptions: Adjusted the stats to be a less efficient Dragon Dancer or CB user, but hitting harder on the special side. Its new Dragon/Normal typing gives it STAB on Espeed, making up for the loss of attack, but also makes it Rock neutral, allowing it to run Life Orb more efficiently. 104 attack is also still enough to run crucial coverage options like Earthquake or Superpower. However, Dragonite is likely to do more work on the special side with strong STAB Draco Meteors and powerful coverage between Fire Blast, Ice Beam and Thunderbolt. Extreme Speed is still a must-have to finish off faster opponents that survived one of its special moves or setup sweepers. Inner Focus is not a very useful ability with its only real upside being an Intimidate immunity, but with that much power, Dragonite doesn't really need a good ability.
Name: Venusaur
Niche: ORAS OU (Bulky Offensive, Defensive)
Stats: 80/91/103/111/110/80 (575)

Abilities: Thick Fat
Move Additions: Fire Pledge
Move Removals: Weather Ball
Venusaur @ Black Sludge / Life Orb
Ability: Thick Fat
EVs: 236 HP / 252 SpA / 20 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Giga Drain
- Sludge Bomb
- Fire Pledge / Earth Power
- Synthesis / Earth Power

Venusaur @ Black Sludge / Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Thick Fat
EVs: 248 HP / 96 Def / 144 SpD / 20 Spe
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Giga Drain
- Sludge Bomb
- Fire Pledge / Knock Off / Leech Seed
- Synthesis
Description: EVs in sample sets were taken from the analysis, they can be whatever depending on the meta. Venusaur adds a Pokemon that can deal with bulky Grounds and Waters that are prominent in any meta and will be included in this mod sooner or later. Without those in mind, Venusaur is still a solid attacker with great defensive utility and is generally annoying to switch into.
Congratulations to all the winners. We’re gonna take a moment to discuss the submissions that will provide this meta’s foundation and work out how these will be coded in before starting up our next slate. However, our next slate will not see us moving on to the Johto region, as we will be covering Gen 1 Pokémon in any meta that is NOT OU. The specifics of this slate will come later, but plan accordingly now. Good job with this first slate and good luck with the next one!
Alright, here's my thoughts about the new mons.

Honestly, kinda funky tbh. At first, I wasn't exactly keen on this mon when Luke put "General Annoyance" as Gengar's niche in RBY OU, but after a bit more thought and taking a look through Gengar's movepool and how it was made with Gen 1 mechanics, this Gengar just seems like so much fun to play around with. No Ghost-type attacking moves (aside from Shadow Sneak which comes off of Gengar's pitiful attack stat) is really interesting and is a great call back to pre-Physical/Special split that was Gen 1 and makes perfect sense. This nerf of course is greatly contrasted by Gengar's absurd suicide capabilities, with Gen 1 Explosion back in full force. Other than that, Gengar is still quite fast and strong, and vitally, a reversion to some of his older tools gives him a really cool niche and playstyle that is perfect for a meta like this. Overall, great work.

There's not much to say here, very good breaker with high BP moves and an explosive Attack stat. I like Fire Strike as a way to emulate Fire Blast, and also gives it a nice way to hit some of the future Steel-types that may or may not invade the meta in the future (ahem Skarmory, Aegislash, Corviknight ahem). Overall, nothing too outstanding but very solid.

:sv/starmie: Beebos
Starmie has always had a very solid place in every meta in every Generation it is in, and this is no exception. Reprising its role as both an offensive and defensive mon, due to its unique traits of Recover and Rapid Spin, with good STABs and BoltBeam coverage, allow Starmie to adapt to the meta as it changes, fulfilling many roles on different teams depending on what role it wants to accomplish on a team. Bumping up its defenses is a good way of retaining its defensive utility while also giving it more longevity. I like Chromatophore as a way to emulate Reflect Type, but currently I don't exactly think it will be used as much as Analytic, or Natural Cure for that matter. Type changing in Pokemon is a double-edged sword, and requires heavy prediction to make use of it properly. Though I guess that was always an aspect of Reflect Type's caveat in XY so I guess that fits even more than I initially thought. Overall, Starmie is back and as good as ever, and I'm all for it.

:sv/dragonite:Mossy Sandwich
Ooh, alright I actually really love this take on Dragonite. Pokemon that make use of mixed sets are generally far and few between, and generally are outclassed by sets that just purely make use of one side of the attacking spectrum or the other, but Dragonite's aboslutely massive movepool alongside its solid attacking stats on both sides actually makes mixed sets not only possible but effective. Dragon/Normal is also a pretty interesting type change I'd say, giving Dragonite the all-important STAB on Extreme Speed, even with the attack nerf. Overall, seems quite fun to play and the new typing seems quite fun to play around with, especially with making use of mixed sets again.

:sv/venusaur: ViZar
A bit similar to Machamp, in the fact that this mon is fairly straightforward but a very solid addition to the meta. This Venusaur is just Mega Venusaur. That's about it, but it does its job very well. I never actually knew that Mega Venusaur would run offensive sets alongside defensive sets, and I was pleasantly surprised when I learned about this. This is quite interesting because it means that Venusaur has a very important option on hitting future Steels in the form of Fire Pledge (to replicate Hidden Power Fire here), but Thick Fat also makes it a defensive beast too. Overall, with a first slate with such strong attackers, I like the fact that we got a solid defensive option to handle all of that.
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Slate 2: Something Repetitive
For this second slate, you can once again submit up to five Pokémon from Generation 1 (aside from the 5 Pokémon that won last slate), but they must not come from an OU niche. Good luck!


Sugar, Spice and One For All
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Name: Tauros
Niche: RBY Ubers (Physical Wallbreaker, Mixed Wallbreaker)
Stats: 75/120/95/90/70/110 (560)

Abilities: By The Horns* | HA: Sheer Force
Move Additions: Big Chill*
Move Removals: N/A
(Gen 9 Tauros Movepool as Base)
This Pokémon no longer needs to recharge if said move knocks out the target. Recharge moves used by this Pokémon while holding the Muscle Band are boosted by 1.2.
Name: Big Chill
Power: 120
Accuracy: 90%
PP: 5/8


Effect: 10% chance to Freeze.
Priority: 0
Flags: Snatch

Gen 1 Blizzard, very important for our modern day Tauros's toolkit.
Big Tauros is back, with a large power bump from it's old Gen 1 days to keep up with the general powercreep that happened in all these years (Lefties, AV, the concept of EVs). 120 Atk is nothing to scoff at, and allows Tauros to punch big holes in anything that doesn't resist it's Body Slam / Double Edge. With By The Horns, Giga Impact becomes a frightening tool versus offense, particularly when equipped with Muscle Band. On the flipside, Sheer Force let's Tauros best physical walls trying to beat it with LO boosted coverage. It struggles with bulky Ghost types just like it did, but coverage options should leave a big dent in them.

Tauros resub, he does exactly the same thing in Ubers it does in OU. I have other ideas soon.
Pokémon: Mew
Niche: Gen 1 Ubers
Stats: 100 / 100 / 110 / 90 / 90 / 110 (600 BST)

Abilities: Merciless (buff: attacks do 1.3x damage if the foe is statused.)
New Moves: none
Removed Moves: Cosmic Power, Stored Power, Toxic Spikes, Defog, Calm Mind, all Steel, Dark, and Fairy moves

Description: gutted its movepool to focus more on sd sweeping. mew is normal/ground bc it used body slam explosion and eq alot

Pokémon: Hitmonchan
Niche: Gen 3 NU
Stats: 80 / 100 / 79 / 35 / 110 / 106 (510 BST)

Abilities: Keen Eye / Scrappy
New Moves: High Horsepower
Removed Moves: none

Description: walmart great tusk. it's also a rapid spinner that can potentially spin on and beat gengar

Pokémon: Arcanine
Niche: Gen 4 UU
Stats: 90 / 110 / 85 / 70 / 110 / 80 (545 BST)

Abilities: Intimidate / Flash Fire
New Moves: Heat Crash
Removed Moves: none
Description: similar to og arcanine but with stats geared more toward its strengths.

Pokémon: Scyther (not Eviolite-compatible)
Niche: Gen 2 UU
Stats: 80 / 110 / 75 / 55 / 80 / 120 (520 BST)

Abilities: Swarm / Technician
New Moves: Relay Race, Bulldoze, Pin Missile
Removed Moves: none
-- BP, -- Acc, 8 PP.
| The user switches out; the ally switching in gains +1 Atk.
Description: try making a baton pass mon without making a baton pass mon

Pokémon: Moltres
Niche: Gen 5 RU
Stats: 90 / 85 / 80 / 110 / 95 / 105

Abilities: Pressure / No Guard
New Moves: Energy Ball
Removed Moves: Mystical Fire, Brave Bird, Scorching Sands
Description: anti-rng fire wallbreaker (there are no rocks setters)
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