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Check out all my art here:
avatar sized images. For when you are lazy and don't feel like booting up MSPaint.
big text so maybe it will be read: if you are looking to request a Pokemon LOOK HERE and see if it's on the completed list. I won't redraw a Pokemon unless it is part of a compilation of images already (to be done later), in a hilarious or clever manner, I am out of the house and can't think of anything better to draw that I remember, or I feel like it.

Here's a collection of art I've made recently. If you are wondering how I make such stunning graphics I suggest you check out this neat program called Colors!. On occasion I post .drw files, and you can use this applet called ColorsDraw to decode and watch me draw stuff.

Quick list of important posts so far:

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I believe this is Farfetch'd. What happened is that I started drawing a brown bird and forgot what I was drawing, so I just drew some green hair on it and called it Farfetch'd. This sounds like how half of Ken Sugimori's art is produced too.

This is Regice, in particular it is a vampiric popsicle Regice (note the fangs.) His troubled expression is the key to his existence, and apparently he has teeth problems because one of his teeth aren't connected properly to his mouth. His widespread arms reflect the terror that he must be facing each day, as he, being a vampiric popsicle Regice, would melt in the sun. His legs also suggest he might be part chicken as well.

This is Dragonite which I did without any references at all! His coloring is sort of a compromise of orange and brown, because it's really hard to get the colors right.
Since it is all the rage to make your own fake Shaymin form, I present to you, my new Shaymin form! This is better than the current one because it's got wings and has soul piercing eyes, and looks like a green Pikachu.

I also drew Regirock but it sort of failed so click at your own risk: are you ready for sheriff regirock??

Taking suggestions for what to draw. Although I will probably suck the humor out of anything you post by drawing it, I might try! I can draw other things besides Pokemon, provide a picture if you want it to look vaguely like it should, or I'll Google image search for a picture and go off that for potential hilarity.
I do the pictures in request order (or close enough) so please don't be dumb and request it again. I'm not going to crank out 15 pictures a day because it will kill the thread.

current list: none
raikou is actually good, its so cool how good artists doodle and its like better than some people can actually draw, this is kind of a similar situation lol

the kid in me wants to think regice is pooping =/
you reeled me in with your crafty salesmanship, make meh a horsea, make sure it doesn't look stoned, tangerine says horsea is a stoner...
Obviously the best way to celebrate your new favorite Pokemon is to get a highly respected artist like myself to draw it.

New favorite artist!

Hmm.... my other favorite pokemon is Ditto but he is basically a blob so it isn't too much of a challenge to draw.

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