NeverUsed Premier League V - Week 5

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M Dragon vs Bughouse
Even if Bughouse's attempt to schedule didn't start at the day the thread went up, it was still with plenty of time left to attempt to schedule a time, unlike M Dragon who only replied a few hours before the deadline. There was never a scheduled time, considering Bughouse only mentioned when he got home from work, not that he'd be free to play then. IT's not the strongest case, but Bughouse gets the activity here.

Tony vs Raseri
Why can't you just use better timezones... Even though Tony did took a while to properly reply and schedule with raseri, they did end up scheduling, and then rescheduling, a time that they both agreed on. A time that raseri ended up missing due to thinking he was in a different timezone than he actually was in. This would put it ever so slightly in Tony's favor, so he gets the win.
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