New Experimental Concepts for Mafia Games

If you plan on doing something like a card system, I've been planning a Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series mafia. Perhaps we can work together since a card system as well as a HP (LP in the case of this mafia) system can work in it. What do you think?


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It wouldn't be a bad theme, but the cards themselves wouldn't play anything like Yu-Gi-Oh. Maybe a "Blue Eyes White Dragon" would be a card you can play as a hook, or cards could be themed after jokes from the abridged series.
Well, that's what I was thinking of. Cards would also be like some sort of key of winning for neutrals while also being useful tools for various factions. For example, Jinzo prevents any effects of meme-based cards from affecting its holder. Maybe we can talk in more detail about this in IRC when we have the time.
^ I like the sound of a YGOTAS themed mafia.

Anyway, it's not exactly experimental in design, but rolewise I think it would be interesting to create a mafia centred around the roles on I realise there are some interesting and viable roles on there that haven't exactly been tried out yet (correct me if I am wrong and these have already been explored). Obviously some of them would be unuseable, like the fool or granny. Just my suggestion.
Yeah, I don't think that anybody wants to deal with a role whose win condition is "You win if you are lynched." Its an incredibly harmful neutral in that his victory causes to town to lose a lynch.


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a mafia with anonymous votes in which one village has most actions during night and lynches during day, and the other village has this in reverse.
like, most actions during day and lynches during night.
two mafias could be added with the same thing

The only problem i find in that, would be that all canceling roles would be of no use. What's the point of a bodyguard who cant use his action when the enemy can night-kill? same with the safeguard, and the hooker, and the redirecotor or martyr.
Isn't that kinda the same problem with your no nightkill mafia? I guess some stuff can just be used to prevent/control inspections but really? The game will go forever, and by d5 or 6 at the absolute latest, everyone will know everyone's faction just from lynch votes.
Necro post go! o_O

So a concept that came up accidentally in a conversation was that of "Lose Conditions."

Basically, every player's role has something they're trying to avoid/prevent/whatever. If it happens, then they lose. This can be instead of or in addition to the regular Win Condition.

Obviously, the "basic" LC is death. But some existing roles already essentially have LCs built in. Lynchers, for example. If the Lyncher's target is nightkilled, then the Lyncher's WC cannot be met, which means he automatically loses. LCs are essentially an expansion of that sort of situation.

My other ridiculous ideas are generally kept to myself, but this one's general enough that I think people could take it to places I'm not going to go.

That said, it'd be cool if this thread got revived a bit :O


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Daenym, the problem I see with that though is that the person who lost will more likely then not become inactive, and possibly hold up the game as a result.

One Idea I was pondering by myself was a multi-faction Big game system where some users are part of multiple factions, and can choose what side to join up with. This could be combined with other things like wolves that need the multi-faction people dead to win that show up as members of factions to create a large amount of mindgames, which could make for an interesting game.


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So the idea is to not complete your LC in order to win? I guess that makes sense, but isn't it just easier to call the alternative a WC instead? Like for example:

The win condition for a person is to have a certain someone killed. But they need a certain role alive. Isn't it safe to say that their WC would be "Kill so-and-so, and(or "while winning") win the game with so-and so still standing."?

I just don't see how this is so much as experimental as it is just an extra win condition for someone to fulfill.


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I just had an idea for a game where roles are entirely item-based (everyone is vanilla without an item). Thoughts?


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Oh wow... I didn't read back through the thread or anything, it just came into my head... I should really make sure that my "new" ideas are actually new.
Well I was thinking of makeing a mafia game (I know I'm new on here but I have played a few mafia games else where and am in line to host an AC one) but I was thinking of haveing clues in it with no role revele like how I leart to play, I know some members (Red_Kryal), but it would be something new to this forum (or so I am told), also it will use chatango for talk and a few roles that might be new to here, people that claim roles or quote role pms get godkilled, I will not do subs since in my expeince there can ruin games. Well I hope this is ok guys

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Smogon had clue-based games like 2-3 years ago, but it was so long ago that it is essentially new to most people playing now.

Just posting to say that.


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An idea I've always had but I don't recall ever seeing would be a combination of the anonymous mafia that is done on a random forum, and a mafia game on the smogon forums.

Each player would have a role in each, the two may be different, but they have the same alliance. I feel that this would allow users to have some interesting combinations. You could be inspector on one side, but a vanilla role in the other.

Bonus win conditions would be if you keep both identities alive, and some powers could be based on linking the two identities together or targeting both.

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