New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

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Requesting name change to urban
It is more succinct and is already what everyone calls me.

I will also be trying to get the name on PS once the name change goes through.

done - ante
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Requesting name change to Primal_Rain_Dancer. I currently have my real name and i don't think it's that safe. Thank you!

done - ante
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Requesting a name change from the current one to Kryppton, as I feel this name is a little childish and in general inappropriate and people wouldn't know that I'm that certain user from Showdown. Thanks.


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Requesting a name change from sniperaim to sniper. I honestly should I have done this a long time ago as my ps name is now sniper, which makes it more easy for people to identify and recognize me here. (if unable ill take sniperr)
Requesting a birthday change on my profile to 5/29/96 after logging in for the first time in a while and noticing that it was wrong. Thanks for taking the time
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dear name changers,

greetings and salutations!

i would like requesting name change back to lord minds!

i think that i think that infamy has negative connotations and i would like to be more in touch with my spiritual :)

thank you for your time,

Infamy (soon to be lord minds)

p.s. who is your favorite bionickel? i am doing a poll :)

denied, you've already had two changes - ante
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Hey, some time ago I changed my name from "Truswagblu" to "Rambutan". I didn't realize at first that rambutan was already taken on PS, since it seemed like a weird thing to be already registered, so I settled for rambutanbu on PS instead. It kinda causes confusion sometimes and also I've just really grown to hate this name, and even though Truswagblu is kinda dumb, I definitely liked it more. So I was wondering, could I get my name change reverted? I understand that I wouldn't be able to change it again.
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hello!! I would like to get my smogon name changed to "OminousDraco" . I have been using the name as my main PS alt for almost an year now and people find it hard to find me and recognise me. I have recently started posting a bit more on smogon so would be great if i can get a name change n.n.


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I'm gonna have to beg pretty hard for this one 'cause I was an idiot and wasted my name change on something completely stupid a little under a year and a half ago, so I'm hoping that I can come under the "small chance for exception" criteria. I've finally decided on one that I'd be happy to stick with forever though, so I know that I won't regret this one like I did with the other one and, as such, will be fine with being barred from any-and-all future name changes.

Requesting a name change to Martin. (with the period, as annoyingly Martin is taken). There are a number of reasons for this, which I'm gonna list below:
  • I really like my IRL name.
  • Over the past three or four months I've started using some variation on the tag Martin the majority of the games that I play (most notably SSB4, but most (albeit not all) games which use gamer tags at this point really) simply because I just really like having my name as a gamer tag.
  • I've had my username changed to some variant Martin on most of the websites that I still actively use, and as such it would be consistent with the majority of my online aliases.
  • I've not used my current username for anything other than Smogon since around 2 months after I signed up here, and as such I've made this connection in my head between the name gamer boy and my childhood (for reasons other than it having boy in it) that I want to be able to let go of, as while I have a lot of very fond memories under this name I feel that it is important for me to be able to let go of my past and push forward (something which I've not been very successful with as of yet) and begin to grow up a little more. I feel that it is finally time to turn over a new leaf, with this being the first step.
In particular, that last bullet point has been the cause of a lot of internal conflict for me, and internally over the past 4-ish weeks I've been going back and fourth on whether I've wanted to at least attempt for a name change (it was originally gonna be to Tiger Drive, but I decided that I'd much rather have Martin. over that) or whether I would be comfortable hanging onto my current name for the rest of my time here on the site. Ultimately I decided that I would rather break that tie to my childhood than have it looming over me forever, and as such I am making this post in the hopes that that small chance is in my favor.

Hopefully this was enough. Regardless of whether you let me get the change or not, I thank you in advance for at least taking the time to consider it. Have a nice day :P

zero exceptions, this is your last change - ante
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I'd like to change my username to Elise.
I personally really love the name Elise and was quite surprised the name wasn't taken yet. I have also grown tired of this name considering it makes me think of 2012, which was quite a cringefest honestly and I would happily forget those moments.

However, I had already previously changed my name. My name used to be "Meloetta<3" and it got changed to my current username, Meloettaaa. Now I was hoping that I could get an exception, considering the name change was minimal and I have permanently decided that the "Elise" username would be better. Also, when my username got changed, I didn't get a temporary custom title (formerly <name>), indicating that the change was minimal.

I hope this goes through, thanks in advance!

Edit: I also have the PS username in case that helps me
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When i search username lucianvega it shows: This user's profile is not available and it leads me into error page,so im quite confused about that :/
I just searched for it and could see their profile :O

The privacy settings are probably set so that "Only People They Follow" can see their wall (mods+ can see their profile wall regardless of privacy settings), so that's most likely where the error message comes from.

Can i just change my name just to ''ez''.

This is what everybody calls me and the extra stuff makes me not taken seriously! I am trying to get a career on smogon rollingg and contribute to the smogon community. Yeah i know I had a name change b4 but i really want this name and i dont mind if its permanent.

im departing from my life as a meme
its over
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Heya !
Infact my actual name is an musicien name so want to change to Cheshir wich is my principal name at PS.
(i join the seasonal monotype tour at Deon Custom, so hope i can change before the seasonal start :/)
I'd like to change my name to Moshimander please. My previous request was denied because I didn't provide a reason, sorry. The name I have now is almost 3 years old and I use a different PS name nowadays so that's why. Thanks in advance~
Hello, I would like to request a change on my name to Kachon.
I really like "Hallies" but if I can't get Hallie on the forums I want a name change.
Thank you :)
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