New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

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I'd like to change from Lieparite to Auresi, reason being is I'm no longer using the name Lieparite on PS and would like to remain easily identifiable and able to be found easier as well.
And my birthday changed to March 20th, I accidentally put February ; v;

Many thanks! <3
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Can I request the name change to yond ... just shortening the current nick since that's what people refer to me as anyways. If it doesn't count as a change that's great, but I dont mind if it does. I don't need a CT change or anything :] Thanks!
May my name be changed to Yveltal for PU ? It has been my Showdown username for I think 1 and a half or 2 years now, also my username on Discord (kinda, but in Discord it contains a bunch of funky cool characters) and even though I've been rainyman123 on here and a bunch of other places for awhile, I'm getting reaaaally tired of it and I really just don't like it anymore.

Thanks! :D
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Could I please have my name changed to Arctis? I was PMed by a member who wishes to have their name changed to "Avocado" as they have been using the name regularly on smogon social media and PS for a while. They are a moderator and badged member, obviously much more active than I, and would be much better off having a name on Smogon that matches the name he or she is known by on PS. The name "Avocado" will be put to much better use than belonging to this nubcake nobody who is just getting back into multiplayer pokemon after nearly a decade :)


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Hello, I would Like to change my name to Toy Time King. The reason why I want this name change because I left Showdown for like 3 months and I want to start afresh and my name is Toy Time King because I am referring to Super Mario Galaxy and how the level was called "Toy Time" and it was one of the hardest in the game.

Thanks in advance.
Major changes to the name change guidelines coming and because of that we have decided to make a new thread (which should be posted soon tm). I will use the old requirements to sort the requests in the last few pages of this thread, but any request made after this post will have to meet the new requirements.
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