New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

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My username on PS is SnapEasy. However, most people I know call me Snap, I don't have the username on PS since it's disabled but I would have taken Snap instead of SnapEasy on smogon also if I would have known that it wasn't used. If possible, I'd like my username to be changed to Snap on Smogon, Thank you.
I would like to request my name be changed to WPBeartic. It's my typical PS account and RNGesus555 was a rushed choice when I first created my account. Thanks for any help!

done - hikari
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I'd like to request for my name to be changed to Nuked. The reason is because my name has no affiliation with the Duke Nukem series, as my name was made 4 years ago and I thought it was cool. Questions about it can get annoying. It's also what I'm known as on every Smogon Discord server.
can I have my name changed to velvet~ please? Most people I know call me by only velvet and it would be nice if blood was taken out since I regret putting blood in it. If you can be able to do that for me that'd be great, thank you.
Hi, I got an odd situation and I'm trying to follow the rules.

So, I've been using this account for at least a year (not crazy active, but now a regular), and it used to match with my PS name BattleDragon. For a while now however, I've been using the PS names Iv1 and 1vI (I'm a regular 1v1 OM player) and people now recognize me by that name.

I just decided to make a new account by the name of Iv1 to keep things clear. However, it totally didn't come to mind that you're not supposed to have two accounts (I haven't read the rules in at least a year, my mistake), and a fellow PS+Smogon user just pointed that out to me. Some people told me just use the new account, that its not a big problem, and some told me I should to clear this up, so here I am.

So, could this account please get a name change to 1vI or Iv1? Also, what should I do with the other account? Thank you, and sorry for my mistake.


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Hello, I would like to change my nickname to "Thanys" as this is the nickname I am using in Pokémon Showdown.
Hello, I would like to request a name change from RazorLeaf420 to RazorLeafVGC. The 420 ending is tacky as shit and seeing as how I am primarily a VGC player the VGC ending suits more. RazorLeafVGC is also my name on Showdown. Thanks in advance for your consideration.


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Hey, I would like to request a change to "Za Meowdo" as it is my PS name and I've only been using this so people can recognize me but since
  • you will receive a custom title with your former username so that others may identify you;
seems to be a thing I would rather use my ps name. Also I would like to change my birthday to the 5th of July 1998 (I hope this is the right place to ask for this...)
Requesting name to El Jabar, this is my main ons PS,since almost 2 years on PS also on discord. Im only using dragonit for smogon tournaments and I want to get rid of this name.



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I'd like to get my CT removed and my profile unlocked pls it's been more than a month
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Hey, so I requested a name change to Klang in the last thread but it was already taken, under the new rules would I be able to do so now?

The account is banned I think so to my knowledge I can't check if it's under 10 posts or not, though I'm pretty sure it's been more than 3 years.
Hello, i'd like to request a name change to Go0d . i would like to change it because it matches the name on my showdown account. It would e greatly Appreciated n_n
Requesting a name change to "Play on Birds", minus the quotation marks. The Fifth Whisper is an old name and I've used it for a long time around VGC and such, but I'm stepping back from that community due to less time to attend events and such. I've played on an alt named "play on birds" for a while now in DOU, and I'd like to keep playing that metagame and participating in tournaments under that account name.
Hi I would like to change my name to The_Powerz
The reason is that it is the name of someone I know and because it is distinct I don't want other to search it up and possibly harass this person for what ever reason. Plus it is my PS account name so it'll make me more recognizable if I were to get big in tournament.
I would like to change my name to Tech Froakies, because it is my name on showdown, and I didnt really know that the name i have currently would be my screen name when signing up coz im dumb :P I also dont want my full name out there too much
Hello! I'd like my name to changed to Spring Blossoms. My current name, bug catcher, was made a few years ago, and I've grown out of it. A Smogon Tournament moderator suggested that I change my name Smogon account name to what my Showdown account name is (aka: Spring Blossoms).
antemortem I'd like to change my smogon name back to it's original name "Mob Barley", appreciate it

antedit: done, no future changes since you bothered me so much lol
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