New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

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It’s interesting to see the unsung heroes but not the point of true suicide; I am sorry somebody had to see that but that was what life was like back in my teens.
I have a new knee-ing name new. She like Primeapes too, I love God and the Holy Spirit; yet no holy ghost. To which what point is proved one day I lost. One day I one. One day I never won little cup even though I got 16-17 place on the ladder, she’s a nice gal once you get to know her. Please shut up about what’s inside her pants.

sincerely, Johnnetta, or something similar. I’m not too picky about nice names by now because I got a gender switch but not too much about Engineering to say people don’t think I could work for NASA or something(?)

I’d love for somebody to give me a new name but please work with what I have.
Justin Mathew Empson is my given name But my father was a baby boomer very enthusiastic about my name to the point I called myself Jon once, he really is a nice guy that is why I love him.
Thanks y’all I work for the Company Stores the name not the concept ;)

i'm sorry what
I’m saying Rattata doesn’t want to commit suicide even if people once told me that
I have the 100 post requirement. I would like to ask a name change to "Inmundo", It's been my discord tag for a few weeks now and I also have that username in PS. I don't want to call myself a corpse anymore.

did -lily
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I am just getting back into pokemon after over 5 years and a lot changed since then including the name I go by online. So can I have my name be LuluLucky as that is the name I would be using on showdown and on here.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.

did -lily
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Requesting name change to “Mom Lover”
reasonings are:
1. i go by yeezy now and people confuse me very regularly with the other x amount of yeezys floating around the community
2. personal ties to a team i managed with a good friend.
3. most importantly, mothers need love. (plus i use this as my main ps account now)

Thanks if this gets approved!

...sure -lily
can i get unlocked pls

looks like this was missed sry, did -lily
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requesting a namechange to Tace㋛ as I feel that it captures the passion of my character much better

also asking can my birthday be changed to 10/17/2004

no emojis allowed sorry you'll have to channel your passion some other way

changed your bday
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Hi, requesting a smogon name change to Byleth. Earlier this year, I made a name change to 23Gz during a phase I had (associated with a rapper), but since then I have changed my PS Username from that completely "Two Z", for reference. After quite a bit more thought, I feel like Two Z doesn't really fit me either (can't be arsed to obtain anything simpler than that), so I'm planning on sticking with the name of one of my favorite fire emblem characters, something that won't change. I understand 100% that this is forever and I am 100% okay with that.
here's the old post

did -lily
requesting unlock ~

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requesting a name change to plat ♥ , "plat" has been my name on ps and discord since before I joined smogon so ive been wanting to have that as a username for a while but it's taken on here, would just make things easier for the people i interact with on smog since lazy_bread is a pretty bad username and tends to cause confusion

no emojis allowed sorry
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Hello, I'd like to namechange to "Kiwi" my name on PS is Kiwiko, discord name is Kiui, and I basically get called Kiwi most of the time, and if I haven't met all the requirements I'm also a public sim RO

:gallade-mega: - we reset the "Kiwi" username on PS! for them fwiw

done, no other changes bc this was a taken name but ya--mari
Requesting unlock c:

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Hi there, if possible I'd like to change my name to heritage . It's taken by a spambot so hope that's okay. Wanna come back casually but have some weird memories with this, hope it isn't an issue since I know I've had a name change in the past. Talked to Lumari and she seemed okay with it, so just let me know. Appreciate it greatly <3

that she was--mari
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Hi I'd like to request my name be changed to Haok as everybody refers to me as Haok. lifemap was what I used to go by in like 2017 but I have gone by Haok for the past few years

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I’d like to change to


Most accounts I use on PS have “uiop” at the beginning of the name. My main is basically uiopman888 and has been for months, though I don’t ladder on it.

edit: fuck i didn’t see that lol

you don't qualify, see OP
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I'd like to request my name to be changed to:


This is the name I use on other sites and also on PS!, so I'd like to keep it consistent. I created an alt of scoobydoobydrew, but didn't realize that it wasn't allowed, so I'm requesting a name change instead, thanks!

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Hi I'd like to request my name change to Avaritia ; when I made this account the original Avaritia account was taken even though it has been inactive since (and now I cannot find it wtf?) nvm i found it. Now that I have a badge I would definitely like to have it as according to my PS! alias (and Discord tag).

Kris Byleth bd

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Hello! I'd like to request a name change to Sciabbala

I have already checked that the name doesn't exist already. The reason for the change is that I created my Smogon account in 2016 and practically never used it (I thought it was needed for Pokemon Showdown), and I don't use my current nickname anymore.

Thank you!

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