New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]


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Hi there, if possible I'd like to change my name to heritage . It's taken by a spambot so hope that's okay. Wanna come back casually but have some weird memories with this, hope it isn't an issue since I know I've had a name change in the past. Talked to Lumari and she seemed okay with it, so just let me know. Appreciate it greatly <3

that she was--mari
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Hi I'd like to request my name be changed to Haok as everybody refers to me as Haok. lifemap was what I used to go by in like 2017 but I have gone by Haok for the past few years

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I’d like to change to


Most accounts I use on PS have “uiop” at the beginning of the name. My main is basically uiopman888 and has been for months, though I don’t ladder on it.

edit: fuck i didn’t see that lol

you don't qualify, see OP
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I'd like to request my name to be changed to:


This is the name I use on other sites and also on PS!, so I'd like to keep it consistent. I created an alt of scoobydoobydrew, but didn't realize that it wasn't allowed, so I'm requesting a name change instead, thanks!

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Hi I'd like to request my name change to Avaritia ; when I made this account the original Avaritia account was taken even though it has been inactive since (and now I cannot find it wtf?) nvm i found it. Now that I have a badge I would definitely like to have it as according to my PS! alias (and Discord tag).

Kris Byleth bd

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Hello! I'd like to request a name change to Sciabbala

I have already checked that the name doesn't exist already. The reason for the change is that I created my Smogon account in 2016 and practically never used it (I thought it was needed for Pokemon Showdown), and I don't use my current nickname anymore.

Thank you!

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Alr it's the time, I would like to change my name to "a salamence" (all small letters and no quotes ofc), since people on ps know me more from that name, and also I have been using that acc for a lotta months. (Also using using my irl name sucks lol) thanks in advance :D

did -lily
requesting profile unlock, thanks :blobcomfy:

did -lily
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G'day! Requesting a name change from Henka -> Monkey.

This is a name reset I've requested and been granted on sim too, the account is currently taken but dead enough for a reset following requirements in OP. Reasoning behind this change was a name suiting my personality (monkeying around, trying to keep it funny but also serious if needed).

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Aqua Jet

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Heya, I'd like to request the name "Aqua Jet" on Smogon. I plan on making Aqua Jet my name across all platforms, and Smogon is no exception. I understand that Aqua Jet is a high-value name, but I currently have a high-value name so I don't think that should be a pressing issue. The account that currently has Aqua Jet is inactive and has less than 10 posts, and I am a badge holder so I meet the criteria to take over an existing account. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I wish you a splendid day!

done - kala
It's been a month, requesting profile unlock. Thank you so much in advance!

did -lily
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Hi id like to change my name to Everglow. i know i had my name changed already, but that was bc i really didnt like my name at the time. i chose the name i have now, and ive come to really hate this one too. i just dont identify myself with it, its ugly. and since my actual name isnt elegible, id love to be everglow. ive had that as my name on discod for a long time and i really like it. its just like those cool names i always saw in other people but didnt come up with anything as cool until now. plus it just so happens to be the name of my favorite music band so id really appreciate it if i could change my name to it thanks, im aware thisd be my last change and im 100% sure about it

this is unfortunately taken sry
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I am requesting a name change to DragonDance. There is a former account (which I am the creator of) by that name (here) which during my absence from playing the game was hacked by a spambot and I have lost access to it. I can prove I am the creator of the account as I maintain access to an account of the same name on Serebii which predates the Smogon account as well as on Alternatively if I could get access to that account again, that would be wonderful.

Thank you for your time.

hey, please pm me (Lily) and i'll try to help you out
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Whether to uturn or eq the heatran?
I would like to do a correction in my birth date which I just realized, can it be changed it to 28 March 2007 instead of 18?

did -lily
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