New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

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I would like to request a name change to Grimm I am a public room owner on PS and the account exists but the user hasn't been active for almost 10 years and only has 4 posts. I'm generally called "grimm" on site and use that name in other platforms

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I would like, (asking once again) to change my name to Mushi

i would like, (asking once again) that you read the rules before requesting
I don't know who from the staff answered to me like that. However, I wanna clarify that my name never got change in the past. It's been about 6 months I'm asking for this change. Mushi isnt an username already used. Some people got their name change even without 100 messages or not being 3 years old. I'm known as Mushi on everywhere else. Discord, Pokémon Perfect, Pokémon Showdown, Rising Meteor. After reading the rules, I don't get which one I don't respect. If the staff member that edited my message could tell me why my request isn't accepted, I would gladly appreciate.

not the staff member who answered you before, but:
A) exceptions to 100 posts/3 years are only given in special circumstances; I don't have any particular examples since it's a case of knowing it when we see it, but this isn't one of those. you were told this last time you requested it too.
B) mushi is taken -
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I was wondering if I could get my name changed to something like "Dr. Mint." I've stopped calling myself "Kolink Battler" on every other website and such that I go to, and that was mostly a username I had when I still had aspirations of being a PokeTuber, like, at least 7 years ago. I wouldn't mind a YouTube career still but I wouldn't mind having a more generic name so I'm not pigeonholed into talking about Pokemon.

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I would like to change my name to Puzzledtitan3 because I recently started to stream, and this one contains my last name. I also own the name puzzledtitan3 on sd

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Requesting name change to Plunder. I use it on discord and I have the alt already on PS! so I just wanted to go with a name that matches my main alt since its more convenient for tours.

Thank you in advance.

i can do this but i am gonna need an acknowledgement of no reversal here since it's your second change and you've only had this one for a little while


**Edit:** Can confirm that I won't be changing / reversing name after this. Thank you in advance

did -lily
Hi, requesting a profile unlock. Thanks in advance

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Spoke briefly about this with Lumari to make sure I qualify.

Requesting a name reversal to my previous name Kouhai

Thank you in advance!

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Hi, I'd like to use the name "pokemonvortex" since that's what I go by on PS! and a few other places now. The account's profile is privated or something, so I have no idea if it fulfils the 3+ year criteria. I'm using this current name because there were no better alternatives, but if I'm able to change to something more recognizable/consistent that would be very appreciated.

sorry regular users can't claim taken names at all

i have been informed that you are a public room RO, done--mari
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requesting a name change to waterbend please! trying to step away from sexywooper (was even temporarily flagged in showdown because the name contained the word sex), no other major reason really. just ready for a change!

did -lily
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I'd like to change my name to Gatsby. My profile says my actual name from when I made my account like 10 years ago and I'd rather not have my actual name on here. If Gatsby is taken then I'd like Gatsbywastaken, as that's also my showdown name. Thanks in advance.

gatsby is very taken sadly, did, skipped ct for user safety reasons -lily
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Hi & thanks for reading,

If possible, I would love to get my name changed back to Politoed. Due to personal issues on the forums years back I'd rather not talk about as it's literally seven to eight years ago, I wanted the name I'm now using back. However, I've returned on PS and I'm still using the name Politoed, so if possible, I would love to obtain the name on Smogon again, so perhaps I could interact with certain aspects of the forums again.

For the ones that may remember me; no, I won't be writing the reviews with terrible grammar anymore, that's past times 'n young me ;)

someone took it on you sorry:
Would 'Politoad' be possible? I don't see it as taken. It's better than this.

sure -lily
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Hi I'd like to request my name be changed to Haok as everybody refers to me as Haok. lifemap was what I used to go by in like 2017 but I have gone by Haok for the past few years

requesting unlock :)

did -lily
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Hi can this username be changed to Amber?, (Or Amberr if the first is taken) partially to have my smogon profile match my discord and showdown ones, also I just go by amber these days, thanks and have a nice day

amber is sadly taken, amberr it is -lily
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G'day! Requesting a name change from Henka -> Monkey.

This is a name reset I've requested and been granted on sim too, the account is currently taken but dead enough for a reset following requirements in OP. Reasoning behind this change was a name suiting my personality (monkeying around, trying to keep it funny but also serious if needed).

Requesting unlock, thanks

ask a month after the change sry
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Was requesting to change my username to Jadorimu as that is the name I use for all my online profiles such as Youtube, Twitch, Showdown, etc.

Also could my Date of Birth be updated on my profile as I messed it up. It should be March 8th, 1997 not March 8th, 1996.

03/08/1997 would be the format for me in the US.

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greetings, Im a public room RO for some reason (Trivia and Cafe) and am requesting namechange to 'chunko'
am mostly referred to by that name on PS, and idk I just like the idea of shortening my name (edit: have received the same namechange on the sim) and pretty sure both the Smogon and PS accounts are inactive

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