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The Armageddon Movie was directed by him. That movie involved a killer asteroid headed to Earth and the team they sent to blow it up.
Huh, consider me corrected. I thought it was just a reference to their annoying habit of exploding when you're trying to find a shiny, etc
Groost! So clever yet to simple!
Thanks, I thought of it before the game even came out. Thought I was being so clever.

I couldn't reuse the name for my shiny Rowlet so I used Bwgan instead, the Welsh word for ghost.

See I know where that name is coming from and I do think it's both simple and clever and it does work but all I can think of is

I still have yet to play SS. At this point I don't think I ever will, I don't find Zelda games as fun as I used to...
I just remembered I have a lot of nicknamed Pokemon. Let's see...

Non-shiny Scizor- Yoko
Lugia- XD001
Dragalge- Cillit Bang
Flygon- Luftwaffe
Tyranitars: Fuji/Everest/Snowdon
Shiny Altaria: Nugget
Aggron: Panzer/Barkley
Charizard: Khamsin/Habanero
Garchomps: Lazengann/Yoshikage
Metagross: Excelsus
Sceptile: Dysfunction
Feraligatr: Brucie
Hawlucha: Shaq Fu
Ludicolo: Mint
Aerodactyl: Easyjet
Greninja: Senketsu/Hokusai
Goodra: Smough
Salamence: Kalameet
Lycanroc: Dag
Salazzle: Devia
Jangmo-O: Creed
Noivern: Kenny G
Slaking: Don
Armaldo: Wasabi
Mawile: Gnasher
Venusaur: Midori
Beedril: King Kittan
Serperior: Snake n Bake
Breloom: Hollu
Carracosta: Turtle Time
Reuniclus: D4C
Gliscor: Brando
Skarmory: Phalanx
Blaziken: Yakitori
Blastoise: Sherman

And from my most recent Yellow playthrough:
Vaporeon- Pondy
Pidgeot- Sweet Dee
Nidoking- Frank
Zapdos- Jew Lawyer

I will explain on any if needed
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Forgot a few, so I figured I'd add some more.

Duracell the Magnetron. Can't help but name it a battery.

Robinhoot the Decidueye, for...Well, obvious reasons.

Wicca the Mismasgius, since it is a witchy pokemon.

Victor E Bel. Guess what Pokemon he was.
We don't usually discuss player or rival nicknames, but I've been having fun in HG/SS with my player character Tina and rival JimmyJr.

And now I will never ever be able to take Silver seriously anymore because I will always hear this:

Never going to unsee this.

Also love some of the text pun names, like the Game Grumps Sun playthrough with "Dang dude, I" (Dang dude I sent out Rowlet), "I say" making everyone deliciously British ("I say, your pokemon journey is just beginning!"), and "Da boss" making the whole game into a Godfather parody (Da boss caught Mewtwo).

I also have a habit of nicknaming my rival as fart noises because I AM A MATURE 20-SOMETHING! "Pfffffft" is probably my favorite, as it also implies they are blowing a raspberry as they greet you.

Although if Gamefreak didn't want me to name my rival "Farts" then why does Blue/Green/Gary Oak always say "smell 'ya later"? They brought this upon themselves!

(resisting the urge to make another Bob's Burger's reference with "Farts are Liberty")
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Reviving the Nickname thread because that's a shame. And all must bear witness to the glory of

T-bone, Guttermouth, Anchorman, Breakneck, Sledgehammaa!

and Pookie.

We gonna go all da way and rule Alola, just yoo wait! Pokemon league champs!
And by inspired by I mean completely stole the idea.

Although it does make me want to start giving the cutest pokemon really gangster nicknames. Then start sending them out via wondertrade en masse.


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Some of the more tailormade nicknames from my PoGo roster:

Bloomsday, Venusaur

Overtoad, Poliwrath

Loconuts, Exeggutor

Dinomite, Rhydon

Syndrown, Slowbro

Rootless, Vileplume

Woodstock, Sudowoodo (both appear to be related to trees, but they're both rock)

L'Aerial, Pidgeot

Aerosmith, Skarmory


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I've been playing Colosseum recently and finally got to Agate Village to purify some Shadow Pokémon, which lets you nickname them. I decided to channel my inner Game Grump and go for less conventional monikers. So now have:
  • Ohai the Quilava
  • Shaking (pronounced as weirdly as possible) the Ampharos
  • Flabiscut the Quagsire
  • Flabbot the Jumpluff
  • Wordherd the Noctowl
Also, my PC is named Frumpls and my companion is named Baggie.
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What do you call a beast that looks like a Heracross on steroids (and on fire)? Beetlejuice! The other Buzzwole is called Jacked Up.
I have given many nicknames to various Pokemon over the years, some good, some not so good, some terrible. Decided to make a post here featuring some of my personal favorites. Not going to give any explanations for them because I am lazy and that is a terrible reason but I can if anyone wants me to. Some of them might be obvious either way.

- Adorabelle
- Zenith Order
- Industrial
- Sirenheart
- Snakebowl
- Pulsartery
- Frost Nova
- Electrial
- Dynastray
- Rhythm Break
- Croaker Core
- Antarctic
- Digital Duck
- Neverfree
- Chaos Theory
These are basically the names I intend to submit to the Name Rater when he has finished his backlog:

Named after one of the earliest Zoids of the same name. Both are modeled on a duck, and have a similar configuration.

Energy Liger:
When I saw Solgaleo, I had no doubt that I wanted it to share a name with one of the various Liger-type Zoids. But rather than going with Liger Zero, I went instead with a name that would have a balance of matching their form, characteristics, and abilities. In the end, I decided to go with Energy Liger for two reasons: A) Energy Liger is the closest to have a similar mane. B) They both can hold and emit a vast amount of energy, with Energy Liger's internal power source coming from the Energy Charger: a device mounted on it's shoulder which gathers power from the air, specifically tachyon particles, and circulates it throughout the unit. With Energy Claws, Energy Wings, and the Gungnir Horn, like Solgaleo, Energy Liger is devastatingly effective in close combat.

Cell: Named after the Dragon Ball Z character of the same name (no picture needed this time, right?). My idea: they consist of cells and parts, with the capability to transform the more components they absorb, right?

Future Entries: (if/when I find the time)

Aegislash: My Pet Sword
Aggron: Freight Train
Blastoise: Cannon Tortoise
Buzzwole: Jacked Up/Beetlejuiced
Dusclops: Shy Girl/Guy
Gastrodon: Gastro the Hutt
Gengar: Gengster
Gliscor: Stingfly (if I ever raise one)
Kartana: Paper Cut
Latias: Sparrowmon
Machamp: Four Arms/The Hulk (shiny for the latter)
Marowak-A: Ghost Rider
Muk: Tough Muck
Necrozma: Obelisk (planned)
Ninetales: Fire Fox
Rotom: High Voltage (full name: Danger: High Voltage)
Scizor: Iron Man-tis
Snorlax: Big Jeff
(Mega) Tyranitar: Gojulas Giga
Tyrantrum: Caesar
Xurkitree: Livewire
Zoroark: Shadow Fox
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Nothing will ever compare to the star wars referencyness of Fly-gon Jinn.

Dr. Yvel is also pretty good pun/reference-wise.

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