Nickname discussion

MDB: Whaha, that made me laugh! Although I'd probably give it to a Pokémon I like less. ^^

Latias: Amy (a sweet name for an adorable Pokemon)
Waaah, the only instance I ever named a Latias I gave her the name Amy, too. Nice coincidence. :3

My naming has been... not very creative, keeping at the species name. My Ultra Sun example:
[...] Yukino, Froslass / Yukimenoko
Creative or not, this one is just fitting and charming, I use it for Froslass as well. :)

The names for my pokemon vary. Sometimes it's part of the pokemons name such as Gia the Lugia and Charmy the Charizard, other times it's based off type such as Fira the Talonflame or Inite the Inferape or Flora the Lilligant or just random names like Taro the Toracat or Dexter the Primaria.
That's what I do most of the time! I like wordplays or scrambling letters more than metaphorical names, so often I match that with regular given names.

That said, I preferably name all my Pokémon in the games. It makes me feel more attached to them. In Pokémon Go I use nicknames to distinguish the Pokémon with better stats from the others (without a nickname). I tend to give them normal given names mostly, or when I like to use some kind of theme, I name them after anime/game characters, favourite artists, etc. I use names in different languages a lot for variety. If I don't know anything I revert to the names used in the Pokémon Contest of RSE. I still know so many of them because I've played it too often (ones like Mahita, Smish, Chokem, Batro, Gulwee, etc.). Like I said, I'm not so fond of metaphorical names, or names referring to phenomena. If I don't really like a Pokémon, or when it doesn't really belong to my team, I might give them "funny" or weird names. Poor Zigzagoons.

Over the course of at least 17 years of playing, some Pokémon got quite fixed nicknames. Élodie (Masquerain), Cynthia (Gardevoir), Kurt (Relicanth), Kenji (Blaziken) for example, I almost cannot think about naming them differently anymore, haha. Also, a honorable mention to Fluffee, the Cottonee you can trade in Black. It's not anything near original, but it's just soo cute!

I'm trying to categorize some names, but honestly it's too much to fit in broad categories. ^^'

Letter scrambling / similar sounding names
Skitty (Surskit)
Acacia (Cacnea)
Noori/Noriko (Anorith)
Lavinia (Leavanny)
Haruko (Wailmer, referring to its Japanese name Hoeruko)
Kotori (Cottonee)
Ferocity (Ferroseed)
Misha (Shroomish)
Philippe (Pelipper)
Leon(a) (Kecleon)
Rosalie/Elias (Roselia)
Arion (Lairon)
Rupiah (Skorupi)
Tyra (female Tyranitar)
Sandra/Andrew (Sandshrew/Sandslash)
Rhys (Rhyhorn)
Aquila (Quilava)
Stella (Staravia)
Shelly (Shellos)
Celestia (Cresselia)

Funny names / themed names
Kumis (Muk), Whisky (Whiscash), Tequila (Tropius)
"I name my Pokémon after things I like!" - random girl in Violet City
Lentil (Lanturn), Hopje* (Skiploom), Anise (Ariados), Soya (Bayleef), Tempeh (Donphan), Tonic (Dewgong)
*Hopje is a coffee candy, and referring to Hoppip of course.
Yoshino (Milotic), Sanae (Roselia), Ririko (Misdreavus), Maki (Masquerain), Shiori (Lilligant), Sandal-san (Hariyama)
Fun fact: all characters who aren't originally from Manoyama village (Yoshino & Sanae) were traded.
Piccolo (Ludicolo), Zentangle (Tangela), Stomach (Snorlax), Coffee/Coffin (Koffing), Pillow (Piloswine), Ballade (Gallade), Discordia (Luvdisc)

Other languages
Sulfura (Moltres in French - awesome name!)
Tamanta (actually Mantyke Japanese name, but I use it mostly for Mantine)
Yukino (Froslass, referring to Froslass' Japanese name, like PsychicAcademic)
Nosferatu (Zubat, referring to Nosferapti in French)
I thought I had more examples, but I cannot come up with more.

Names I just like
Lily (Lilligant)
Mephisto (Gengar)
Luce (Absol)
Riris (Fomantis)
Citra (Corsola)
Nebby (Dwebble)
Alcina (Milotic)
Sakura (Altaria)
Oberon (Metagross)
Artemis (Skarmory)
Aurelia (Ho-Oh)
Lucy (Seviper)
Mahita (Makuhita/Hariyama)

Weird names
Patat (Patrat) (frites in Dutch)
Teppich (Tepig) (carpet in German)
Kadaver (Kadabra) (cadaver in Dutch)
Torchwood (Torchic) (a Plants vs Zombies reference for a redudant Torchic)
Pinda (Spinda) (peanut in Dutch)
Chop Suey (Machop)
Bacon (Bagon)
Bagel (Shelgon) (referring to Bagon, but Shelgon looks more like one)
Salami (Salamence)
Golbachov (Golbat) (referring to Gorbachev)
Fracture (Fraxure)
Sandal (Sandile)
Troll/Trololol (Throh)
Mienfool (Mienfoo)
Nitwit (Litwick)
Ambidexter (Ambipom) (I've seen it before somewhere in this thread, haha)
Rondnoir (Dusknoir) (a Ferrero chocolate)
Unpleasant (Unfezant)

Names I definitely have to give soon
Maracujá (Maractus) (passion-fruit in Portuguese)
Blin (Stunfisk) (pancake in Russian)
Tuna (Natu)
Syzygy (Sigilyph)

Excuse me for the name-dropping. :P

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