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MDB: Whaha, that made me laugh! Although I'd probably give it to a Pokémon I like less. ^^

Latias: Amy (a sweet name for an adorable Pokemon)
Waaah, the only instance I ever named a Latias I gave her the name Amy, too. Nice coincidence. :3

My naming has been... not very creative, keeping at the species name. My Ultra Sun example:
[...] Yukino, Froslass / Yukimenoko
Creative or not, this one is just fitting and charming, I use it for Froslass as well. :)

The names for my pokemon vary. Sometimes it's part of the pokemons name such as Gia the Lugia and Charmy the Charizard, other times it's based off type such as Fira the Talonflame or Inite the Inferape or Flora the Lilligant or just random names like Taro the Toracat or Dexter the Primaria.
That's what I do most of the time! I like wordplays or scrambling letters more than metaphorical names, so often I match that with regular given names.

That said, I preferably name all my Pokémon in the games. It makes me feel more attached to them. In Pokémon Go I use nicknames to distinguish the Pokémon with better stats from the others (without a nickname). I tend to give them normal given names mostly, or when I like to use some kind of theme, I name them after anime/game characters, favourite artists, etc. I use names in different languages a lot for variety. If I don't know anything I revert to the names used in the Pokémon Contest of RSE. I still know so many of them because I've played it too often (ones like Mahita, Smish, Chokem, Batro, Gulwee, etc.). Like I said, I'm not so fond of metaphorical names, or names referring to phenomena. If I don't really like a Pokémon, or when it doesn't really belong to my team, I might give them "funny" or weird names. Poor Zigzagoons.

Over the course of at least 17 years of playing, some Pokémon got quite fixed nicknames. Élodie (Masquerain), Cynthia (Gardevoir), Kurt (Relicanth), Kenji (Blaziken) for example, I almost cannot think about naming them differently anymore, haha. Also, a honorable mention to Fluffee, the Cottonee you can trade in Black. It's not anything near original, but it's just soo cute!

I'm trying to categorize some names, but honestly it's too much to fit in broad categories. ^^'

Letter scrambling / similar sounding names
Skitty (Surskit)
Acacia (Cacnea)
Noori/Noriko (Anorith)
Lavinia (Leavanny)
Haruko (Wailmer, referring to its Japanese name Hoeruko)
Kotori (Cottonee)
Ferocity (Ferroseed)
Misha (Shroomish)
Philippe (Pelipper)
Leon(a) (Kecleon)
Rosalie/Elias (Roselia)
Arion (Lairon)
Rupiah (Skorupi)
Tyra (female Tyranitar)
Sandra/Andrew (Sandshrew/Sandslash)
Rhys (Rhyhorn)
Aquila (Quilava)
Stella (Staravia)
Shelly (Shellos)
Celestia (Cresselia)

Funny names / themed names
Kumis (Muk), Whisky (Whiscash), Tequila (Tropius)
"I name my Pokémon after things I like!" - random girl in Violet City
Lentil (Lanturn), Hopje* (Skiploom), Anise (Ariados), Soya (Bayleef), Tempeh (Donphan), Tonic (Dewgong)
*Hopje is a coffee candy, and referring to Hoppip of course.
Yoshino (Milotic), Sanae (Roselia), Ririko (Misdreavus), Maki (Masquerain), Shiori (Lilligant), Sandal-san (Hariyama)
Fun fact: all characters who aren't originally from Manoyama village (Yoshino & Sanae) were traded.
Piccolo (Ludicolo), Zentangle (Tangela), Stomach (Snorlax), Coffee/Coffin (Koffing), Pillow (Piloswine), Ballade (Gallade), Discordia (Luvdisc)

Other languages
Sulfura (Moltres in French - awesome name!)
Tamanta (actually Mantyke Japanese name, but I use it mostly for Mantine)
Yukino (Froslass, referring to Froslass' Japanese name, like PsychicAcademic)
Nosferatu (Zubat, referring to Nosferapti in French)
I thought I had more examples, but I cannot come up with more.

Names I just like
Lily (Lilligant)
Mephisto (Gengar)
Luce (Absol)
Riris (Fomantis)
Citra (Corsola)
Nebby (Dwebble)
Alcina (Milotic)
Sakura (Altaria)
Oberon (Metagross)
Artemis (Skarmory)
Aurelia (Ho-Oh)
Lucy (Seviper)
Mahita (Makuhita/Hariyama)

Weird names
Patat (Patrat) (frites in Dutch)
Teppich (Tepig) (carpet in German)
Kadaver (Kadabra) (cadaver in Dutch)
Torchwood (Torchic) (a Plants vs Zombies reference for a redudant Torchic)
Pinda (Spinda) (peanut in Dutch)
Chop Suey (Machop)
Bacon (Bagon)
Bagel (Shelgon) (referring to Bagon, but Shelgon looks more like one)
Salami (Salamence)
Golbachov (Golbat) (referring to Gorbachev)
Fracture (Fraxure)
Sandal (Sandile)
Troll/Trololol (Throh)
Mienfool (Mienfoo)
Nitwit (Litwick)
Ambidexter (Ambipom) (I've seen it before somewhere in this thread, haha)
Rondnoir (Dusknoir) (a Ferrero chocolate)
Unpleasant (Unfezant)

Names I definitely have to give soon
Maracujá (Maractus) (passion-fruit in Portuguese)
Blin (Stunfisk) (pancake in Russian)
Tuna (Natu)
Syzygy (Sigilyph)

Excuse me for the name-dropping. :P
The very first Pokemon I ever caught was a Skarmory in my cousin's copy of Sapphire. I had heard that Skarmory was a powerful Pokemon, so I named it something that would trick the opponent into thinking it was a weak Pokemon. Thus, that Skarmory was named "MAGIKARP" (gotta love the old gens and their excessive use of capitalization).

When I got a Pokemon game of my own, I chose Torchic. Since this was the first Pokemon I ever owned myself, I named it "MYFIRST". Sadly, I forgot the save before turning off the game, so MYFIRST perished.

When I started Emerald again, this time armed with the knowledge that Torchic sucks against the first gym, I chose Mudkip. I knew that Mudkip learned Hydro Pump at a super late level, but that it would lose that ability upon evolution. So, the logical conclusion was to plan on breeding a line of 26 Mudkip, and give the last on an Everstone so it could learn Hydro Pump. Thus, I named my Mudkip "Pokélove A". I later decided that breeding Pokélove B through Z would be a dumb idea, but years later, when I bred a Treecko from my friend's Sceptile, I named the Treecko "Pokélove B". Someday, when I get my hands on a Torchic in that copy of Emerald, I'm naming it "Pokélove C".

I have a bunch of other really dumb nicknames in my Emerald, but listing them all would be pretty uninteresting, so here are the ones I commonly use on Pokemon Showdown:
  • Volcarona: Fluffy. Something about an all-powerful sun moth being named a cute pet name tickles me.
  • Azelf: Ganymede. I don't think there was a reason why I started naming all my Azelfs Ganymede. I just like the word.
  • Keldeo: D'Artagnan. It's the name of the musketeer Keldeo is based on.
  • Scizor/Scyther: Mantodea. The name for the biological order for mantises.
  • Serperior: Vnake. When I was little, I designed a simple Vine Snake Pokemon and named it Vnake.
  • Sableye: Emerl. Its shiny form resembles Emerl from Sonic Battle.
  • Zoroark: Waldo. So whenever a Pokemon is revealed to be Zoroark, I can tell my opponent "You found Waldo!"
  • Zapdos: StrikeTwiceCuzI. A reference to Beatdown's verse in one of Shofu's Pokemon Cyphers.
  • Clefable: Titania. A reference to the fairy queen from Midsummer Night's Dream.
  • Tapu Bulu: Bruce Dickinson. I don't actually remember why I named a Bulu this, but I was looking through my old teams to jog my memory and found it too bizarre not to share.
  • Reuniclus: ???. A reference to Blue Baby from The Binding of Isaac. Its shiny form is blue, and it's a fetus or something.
  • EDIT: Forgot Mawile: Elizabeth. Like with Ganymede, I don't think there was an actual reason behind naming my Mawiles Elizabeth.
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So... thankfully, Pokemon GO makes it easy to rename things. And thus....

I have named some things:
Vaporeon: Water-related, although I try to be variative. Particularly Mizuchi みずち which is actually also a kind of water serpent deity.
Recent recruit is Aikawa あいかわ
Tyrannitar: At first it is just G_ __ ra, following name "conventions" in giant beasts or Kaiju like Gojira (Godzilla), Ghidorah, Hedorah, etc..
Names include Gojira (himself), Gomera, Gozura, Gamera, you get the idea....
I think about naming them other green things like Matcha or Wasabi too, though....
Slakking? (Kekking) : Only got two, both are corruption from Kekking ケッキング. One is just Cake ケーキ (wow, much cute, so original), the other is.... wow, much meme, so funny. (See it yourself below)
Raikou: I generally haven't named my legendaries, but eh... one now is named Ameyuri 雨揺, or roughly "shaking/shocking rain", possibly from Kirigakure's Ameyuri Ringo from Naruto.
Dragonite (Kairyuu): Haven't thought much either, It was either unoriginal like Ryuu__ or corrupting Kairyuu カイリュウ (example is Kaito カイト), or other cutesy name like Mikayu みかゆ. I don't think I want to name one Moomin, though....

Others, I haven't given other thoughts.
My Machamp brigade is still just "named" with their IV specification.
One Raichuu is named Raiclaus, because of course, Raichuu in Santa hat.
I'll want another great Raichu-would-be AnniversAloRaichuu if I can, when Gen 7 comes.
One Moltres? would be named Freya.
One Venusaur is named BIO, the name of poison spell in Final Fantasy series.
Continuing this, as I am planning to go for some PvP cups in GO... I'm bad at giving names, OK?

Raika ライカ - AloRaichu... and I thought the Russian Laika was a dog.
Cheese チーズ - Chimecho (Chirin), from 千鈴 Chisuzu "thousand bells" punned to cheese.
Pollux ポルックス - Polywrath (Nyorobon), shortened from Polydeuces, Castor's twin of Gemini constellation and keeping the Poly family line.
Polirae - Polywrath + Ira (Latin for "wrath"), self-explanatory.
Katsuchi かつち - Blaziken, from "Katsu Chicken" / chicken cutlet (カツチキン), may have 勝つ "win"
Kougetsu コウゲツ - Umbreon, from 光月. No special meaning aside from "bright moon" (carries Last Resort).
And I don't know what to name this Nendoll....
(And in the end, my local GO PvP's Nightmare Cup earned me 2 losses and 3 wins. Oh well, they did their best, I myself did not.)

In the end I do have Matcha and Wasabi the T'tar, along with Galena (after the mineral).
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I tend to like funny or witty nicknames. These are some of my personal favorites (some of these aren't my own).

Houndini (Houndoom): Pun referencing Harry Houdini. His full nick-name is Hairless Houndini because he doesn't really have any fur

Stunt double (Zoroark): Players often mistake him for the original mon

Green lantern (Gourgeist): He's a Grass-type and he's a Jack-o-lantern. References the "Green Lantern" superhero

EpilepZ (Porygon-Z): He always looks like he's spazzing out

Pterodynamic (Aerodactyl): Combination of pterodactyl and aerodynamic (because he's really fast)

Heat (Infernape): To me he looks like an NBA player from the Miami Heat. Also, he literally brings the heat

Indy 500 (Magcargo): It's ironic because Indy 500 cars are very fast and Magcargo is very slow because he's slug. His shell is also kind of like an engine

Quad goals (Metagross): This is a play on the phrase "squad goals"

Kim Jong (Claydol): I just thought it was funny

Inspectre Gadget (Dusknoir): Pun referencing "Inspector Gadget". Also, one of his abilities is Frisk

Ms. Doubtfire (Leavanny): References Ms. Doubtfire, the nanny, because Leavanny is a nanny. Additionally, you bring out Leavanny when you "doubt" that your opponent has a Fire-type attack

Ballout (Electrode): Pun referencing "Fallout", except that Electrode "balls out" because he's a baller

Lucky Luciano (Honchkrow): Reference to the Italian Mafia boss, also he has the ability Super Luck

Personal hotspot (Lickilicky): He has a Wi-Fi symbol on his body

Brainwash (Slowking): He's a Psychic- and Water-type

Jerry the great

Banned deucer.
Sorry if I'm late to discuss, but here are some names:
Bugsaber the scyther. A mixture of the words bug and saber.

Eruptius the Tysploshion. Eruption, but has tius to give that original and awesome vibe.

Silphuck the Porygon. Silph comes from the fact Silph co made Porygon, and the uck comes from the fact that it looks like a duck.

And those were three cool ideas I thought of. What did you think of them?
Some cool nickname ideas

Shiny Naganadel: Cephadrome - Seriously, just look at it.

Lopunny (M): William, Afton, or Springtrap - Named after the absolutely vile William Afton/Springtrap from the FNAF series. Bonus points if you name shiny Lopunny Purple Guy.

Shiny Yanmega: Radar - Its eyes look like radar scanners. Plus I actually found a shiny Yanmega in USUM (tried Lure Ball but had to settle for Great Ball instead) and named it Radar. Since I lucked out with Modest nature, that Yanmega was on my RU team before I deleted my US data.

Ash Borer

I've heard they're short of room in hell
thought I'd revive this one with a few fun ones that I've come up when I happen to pop onto showdown every once in a while these days

Lopunny - Marsha - A feminization of Mars, god of war, namesake for the martial arts.

Rotom-W - Big Bosch - Like, rotom is a big boss, but he happened to invade a washing machine made by Bosch.

Tapu Bulu - Grass Fed - All strong bulls are grass fed.

Mawile - Iconoclast - The iconoclast is the one with the power to pick a fight with the gods.

Greninja - Leaves on Water - Evanescent, floating with such grace, and poetry, as the ninja does.

Kommo-o - Big Easy - He's big, he takes it easy, what else is there to say

Landorus-T - Dreadnought - Who else fears so little?

Magearna - Peach - The most fundamental quantity of any gear its its peach. No sorry, that was just a cute freudian slip, it's pitch.

Charizard - Short Temper - Cast steel, and it is soft. Quench it, and it is brittle. Temper it, and it is truly tough. Not for too long though, this fire is extremely hot.

Swampert - Full Broadside - The pure, brutish, and spectacular form of naval power.

Ferrothorn - Steel, Smoke, Lead - This is all a tank has. Everything else is extra.

Garchomp - Trident - The Earthshaker resides at sea.
Time to resurrect this thread in order to do a mega dump all the nicknames I've done for all the ingame parties in most official Pokémon games I've played and what they're referencing. You can see how the years went on with the nicknames chosen...

Bold is the nickname as it was, with one exception, :azumarill: from X.
Bold and italics is the nickname it would've had if character limitations didn't exist

:emboar: - Pilot Pig - ChimneySwift11 (former(?) Minecraft YouTuber)
:espeon: - Vee - Pokémon Adventures
:jellicent-f: - Yuzuriha (Inori Yuzuriha) - Guilty Crown (would have been renamed Inori now)
:sigilyph: - Zia - Kane Chronicles
:roserade: - Ray (Ray Narvaez Jr.) - Twitch streamer
:metagross: - Lucy - Elfen Lied
:delphox: - Ylvis - natch
:azumarill: - [M4] - named after the Emerald Azumarill from Twitch Plays Pokémon
:sylveon: - Madoka (Madoka Kaname) - Puella Magi Madoka Magica
:aegislash: - Clare - Claymore
:salamence: - Draco (Draco Centauros) - Puyo Puyo
:venusaur: - no nickname lol
:swampert: - Zalgo - meme, due to Marshtomp being one during the ORAS days
:gardevoir: - Palutena - Kid Icarus
:roserade: - Lucrezia (Lucrezia Borgias) - Cantarella
:breloom: - Toad - Super Mario
:skarmory: - Lenneth - Valkyrie Profile
:latios: - same boat as venusaur from X
:primarina: - Azura - Fire Emblem Fates
:magnezone: - Pollux - Puzzle & Dragons
:umbreon: - Kaito - Pokémon Uranium
:tsareena: - Ivy (Ivy Valentine) - Soulcalibur
:toxapex: - Scylla - Smite
:garchomp: - Typhon - Puzzle & Dragons
:decidueye: - Takumi - Fire Emblem Fates
:jolteon: - Mikoto (Mikoto Misaka) - A Certain Magical Index / A Certain Scientific Railgun
:zoroark: - Loki - Puzzle & Dragons
:comfey: - Watashi - Humanity Has Declined
:noivern: - Elizabeth (Elizabeth Bathory) - Fate/Extra CCC
:metagross: - Gina - Pokémon Altair / Sirius / Vega (would have been renamed Sylvia now)
:eevee-starter: - Hibiki (Hibiki Tachibana) - Symphogear
:blastoise: - Karabajio - Red/Green beta name in romaji
:venomoth: - Mashiro - entirely NSFW source, not bothering
:clefable: - Notte - Dragalia Lost
:ninetales: - Tamamo (Tamamo no Mae) - Fate/Extra
:aerodactyl: - Petra - Monster Strike
:cinderace: - Reisen (Reisen Udongein Inaba) - Touhou
:glaceon: - AN-94 - Girls' Frontline
:barraskewda: - Deutschland - Azur Lane
:alcremie: - Suu - Shugo Chara
:claydol: - Kohaku - Dr. Stone
:hydreigon: - Tio (Tio Klarus) - Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest
:samurott: - Sekiro - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
:scolipede: - Kaede - OC from a pixiv user of something, not really feeling it to double check
:lilligant: - Ayesha (Ayesha Altugle) - Atelier Ayesha: Alchemist of Dusk
:reuniclus: - Mu - Monster Strike
:archeops: - Regina - Dino Crisis
:mienshao: - Type 97 - Girls' Frontline (was a :mienfoo:)
:empoleon: - Magallan - Arknights
:crobat: - Mel (Mel Yozora) - Hololive
:bronzong: - Eve - Elsword
:blissey: - Nightngale (Nightingale) - Fate/Grand Order
:jolteon: - Mirie (Mirie Ochanomizu) - Alice Gear Aegis
:heracross: - GravBeetle (Gravity Beetle) - Mega Man X3
:feraligatr: - Vector - Sonic
:jumpluff: - Tanpopo - Monster Strike
:ampharos: - Eyjafjalla - Arknights
:umbreon: - Seth - Under Night In-Birth
:mismagius: - Lisa (Lisa Minci) - Genshin Impact
:ursaring: - GrizzlyMkV (Grizzly MkV) - Girls' Frontline
:blaziken: - Kutaka (Kutaka Niwatari) - Touhou
:aggron: - Bulgasari - mainly the Korean mythological creature that also eats metal
:xatu: - MT-9 - Girls' Frontline
:shiftry: - Kujou Sara - Genshin Impact
:banette: - Suigintou - Rozen Maiden
:milotic: - Tieria (Tieria Erde) - Mobile Suit Gundam 00
:quaquaval: - Subaru (Subaru Oozora) - Hololive
:staraptor: - Irene - Arknights
:tinkaton: - Vita - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's
:flareon: - Amber - Genshin Impact
:flapple: - Alice (Alice Bedford) - Newton and the Apple Tree (non-NSFW English version available)
:dragapult: - Tareus - Girls' Frontline
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