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UltiMario said:
I literally cannot think of any other fighter that's as poorly balanced as Brawl, especially not one with as much funding as it got.
Not to derail or whatever, but Brawl is not that bad in terms of balance. Like if you're talking top-to-bottom disparity then sure it's terrible, but even then it doesn't approach things like MvC2, or other games whose designers didn't really have competitive play in mind in the first place. In terms of actual viable characters (which is what we should honestly care about), Brawl is like, "slightly below average" by fighting game standards, maybe? Like AE probably would have been worse with time, and even that game's imbalance is kind of exaggerated. Like I don't know, it's not even difficult to think of stuff that's worse than Brawl.


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In other news, MK7's Retro tracks are like the best tracks they could've chosen. The only good tracks they don't have aren't be used because they got in another MK game already, except MK64 Rainbow Road.
Still waiting on my Royal Raceway.
The Tanooki should be more like this in that, you have a limited amount of 'uses'. If we were limited to say, 5-10 swings of the tail or the current 10+ seconds (whichever came first) then I think that'd be better.
i'm pretty sure that is how it works, you can spam the item button and it goes away after a certain number of swings instead of lasting forever

anyway, i got a 3DS a couple days after christmas so i haven't played too much (only have mk7 and less than an hour into oot, and played a friend's 3d land once) but it is pretty fun so far


the one issue with spamming the item button is that the tanooki tail has that damned little hop. if you get it on a stage with a lot of turns, you're not getting rid of it without crashing into walls.


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16 hours into Pushmo I'm only just over half way through. Ever since I fully opened up the studio I've been fooling around with making new Pushmos and downloading user-created ones and just doing a few in-game ones here and there. Just thought I'd drop this one off incase anyone wanted a fun, free, new puzzle.

This has easily been the best 7$ I've spent on my 3DS.

holycrap Monster Hunter 3 Tri-G is going to look amazing in 3D!!!!!1!


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the virtual console has a very depressing selection atm. i mean i know there are some restrictions but that ambassador game lineup is bloody stacked, we need some of those titles. also, i wish they would release more trailers for games, a lot of the cool ones like paper mario were already taken down -_-
Bought Pushmo (Or rather, Pullblox) yesterday. Very enjoyable.

Any other virtual console/online store purchases worth checking out?
also, i wish they would release more trailers for games, a lot of the cool ones like paper mario were already taken down -_-
One can only assume that means that Paper Mario is finally out of beta and we can actually see if the game is any good (plz don't be a last second change to platformer, that would anger me and probably everyone else to no end). Maybe we can be more excited about the new smash bros. I really am hoping it's not a remake of brawl in terms of physics.


So, since this was bumped, has anybody seen the trailer for CRUSH3D? It looks relatively fun, if not a biiiiit generic.
Dunno.. I love my NDS and actually bought a 3DS two months ago.

Didn't play it so far because the library is crap.


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I went to Gamestop earlier today and asked about some of the games being released within the next few months. Haven't heard anything worth screaming about, but the new Resident Evil game being released next month shows some promise. Anything that looks and plays similar to 4 can't be bad.


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Downloading now^

Does anybody else like the new Find Mii 2? I realize its a barebones game, but its free, and so far seems much more enjoyable than Find Mii. Except for the fact that my freaking Level 7 hero (a friend's mii) got auto-scared-off when entering the third room. That kind of stuff is infuriating.
Oh my goodness. I played through Yoshi's Island as a kid and forgot how good it was *~*. It's ridiculously hard to put down. If you have the Ambassador membership and love platformers, definitely check it out.

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Resident Evil demo was pretty good. I couldn't deal with the Gyro controls -- it was too hard to keep it on center and I just got confused most of the time. Regular aiming was pretty good. I don't think that I'd drop $50 on the game (I'm not a huge RE fan to begin with), but later on down the line I think that it'll be a good pick up at $25 or so. The graphics are fucking insane though. That opening shot of Jill (I think it's Jill...) looks like a PS3/360 game. And the gameplay graphics look...unbelievable. No jaggies. Everything is crisp, clear, and it just looks SOOOOO good. I understand Capcom's price hike god!

It will be a good game and something nice to draw more mature players to 3DS, and hopefully pave the way for more mature handheld games.
Dunno where else to ask, so: If I redeem a game through club nintendo that I already have, can I gift it to someone else?

And my 3DS friendcode: 3609-1030-0484


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When I Was Young (Late 90s)
I used to spend a few weeks at my Aunt Chris and Uncle Oscar's house during the summer. They were both teachers so they had the summers off too. Most of my family lived in or around Mountain Grove Missouri, so I would make the rounds and see all my Aunts and Uncles while I was down there. One of the best, best, BEST things about seeing my Uncles Oscar and Steve while I was down that way was that they both were (and still are) huge D&D nerds. I would spend hoooooooooooooours playing D&D and Might and Magic and games like that with them on their computers. The time I spent with them had a huge impact on my life.

Back then, D&D and M&M games were very low-fi, move-one-step-forward then encounter-an-enemy or find-an-item or read-a sign then move-another-step-forward kind of games. Compared to games like Skyward Sword or Skyrim where you run around and attack your enemies from all angles while exploring dungeons, and everything is in real time, those games seem like they were practically from the stone-age. It could very well just be the nostalgia talking, but Picdun, this new game i just downloaded from the eshop on my 3DS, has so far been an extremely faithful, and yet surprisingly still just as fun as then, reincarnation of these classic games and a great value for the price.


The General Idea
Go Series: Picdun (downloadable for the DSi/3DS) is a first person perspective Adventure RPG Dungeon Crawler in the style of much older games like Dungeons and Dragons (PC), Might and Magic (PC), and Swords and Serpents (NES). You begin locked in a room on the top floor of a dungeon with instructions to find your way to the bottom. The action takes place on the bottom screen. With surprisingly crisp, bright, believable graphics you walk through the 3D dungeon (3D in the sense of something like Doom or Wolfenstien 3D, not that it uses the 3DS's 3D capabilities). The top screen is your map, which fills out as you step on each new tile. Once you step on every single tile on a floor your map reveals the picture theme that your floor was designed to look like (ala Legend of Zelda: NES) and you are free to descend to the next floor. There are around 60 or so floors.

Serious Exploration
The thing that I used to love so much about the old dungeon crawlers was the pure unadulterated exploration. Filling out that map. You really had absolutely no idea where you were going or what was going to be around the next turn. Finding a clue in one room, that opened a secret door on the other side of the floor, that held a treasure chest with a special secret item! Picdun absolutely nails this. There are all kinds of hints and secrets and hidden treasures, some of which require you to go back several floors to carry out a series of specific tasks if you really want that super secret special hidden item. The simplicity of the graphics really do belie the serious depth of gameplay that Picdun has to offer. This is not at all a linear game.

Surprisingly Deep Combat
Now, its no Pokemon, but based on how simple (not ugly, but "simple") the graphics are in this game, another thing that really surprised me was just how detailed the combat turned out to be. You start with a simple dagger, but can find 11 more swords, 3 different shields, 3 flasks to hold potions, and several unique orbs that grant you special powers throughout the 60 floors. The enemy AI hasn't seemed to be that complex yet, but I'm only winding my way through the 8th floor. Based on the few that I have seen, they do seem to be getting trickier. Enemies pop up seemingly at random as you walk, but not nearly as often as pokemon thankyousweejesus. The battles take place in real time, with your enemy attacking and defending at will. Using your stylus you can either slash vertically (hits 1 enemy decently hard), horizontally (hits all enemies kind of weakly), or you can jab really hard at any part of one enemy. You've also got this meter called the pow meter that builds up when you don't have your shield up. The higher the meter the more damage you do. If its at 0 you pretty much do no damage. It seems that each part (head, torso, legs, arms, etc) can potentially yield drastically different damage values. On the trolls in the beginning with a fully charged pow meter, I was only getting 1 or 2 damage while vertical swiping, 0 or 1 while horizontal, 2-3 while jabbing at most of its body, and an astounding 9 while jabbing at its head. On top of offense, you've got a shield to defend yourself with. It completely blocks most weak attacks, but while you hold it up your pow meter doesn't increase, so you've got to let it down at least some of the time. Also noteworthy, I've found that if you wait till the last second and throw up your shield the moment an enemy strikes at you, you'll stun it and usually 1HKO it. I was doing like 29 damage to trolls in the 8th level like that. Lastly, you do get experience points for each enemy you defeat. As expected, when you go up a level you gain HP and ATK, as well as the ability to flee more easily if you must.

Once Upon A...
One thing that Picdun sorely lacks though is a story. Judging by the many other "Go Series" games this is to be expected. There is like nothing substantial that you could call a storyline whatsoever. I'm only on the 8th floor, but so far the only things resembling a story line have been literally 2 lines of text per floor that talk about people who had come before you. There was no intro video. There have been no cutscenes. There have been a few "boss type monsters" that have said a few words about "MYEAAAA! YOU KILLED MY BROTHER ON THE LAST FLOOR MYEAAAA!" but that's pretty much been it. If you're looking for an engrossing story, you're looking in the wrong place. I'm on the 8th floor and I still don't understand why I'm here, or why I need to keep going further down. But in my opinion, thus far the extraordinary gameplay has made up for the lack of any meaningful story. Its kept me going so far and has shown no signs of waning.

Dear Gawd Mute That Please
Another thing that gets annoying pretty quickly is the music. One song per every 10 floors. Doesn't stop. Just repeats. Kind of pipes down during battles, but it still keeps droning along. You'll find yourself turning the sound off until you get to the next set of 10 floors. Again, judging from its Go Series sister-games, this is to be expected. I get the same way while playing pokemon sometimes too. Freaking bike song while hatching eggs a;sldgkajs;dglkasj!!!!

With The Economy This Bad...
Finally, the best part for a Scrooge McDuck like me, is the price! I don't know about you these days, but I for one have to seriously consider price when it comes to purchasing new games. I can't just go out and drop 40$ whenever I please anymore. That'll be 5$ please and thank you! 5$ for hours and hours and hours of classic dungeon crawling exploration. One thing that the Go Series always has on its side is price. Most of their games are like 1.99$. This one is worth all 500 of those pennies. I've read accounts of 40+ hours of gameplay, which makes perfect sense, since I just literally finished the 8th floor with almost exactly 1.5 hours. They've been getting consistently more tricky, and considering the bounty of optional hidden loot, yeah 40 hours is totally possible from this surprisingly fun 5$ download.

In review, Go Games: Picdun is an extremely faithful recreation of those classic first person, action-adventure, dungeon-exploration RPGs of years bygone. Its definitely not for everyone, and it may very well be too "minimalist" for most. But if you're into the dungeon crawling exploration kind of game, or if you want to relive those nostalgic memories of late nights spent pummeling orcs and scribbling out maps on notebook paper back in the late 90s, I seriously don't think its possible to find a better deal than the downloadable Go Games: Picdun for the DSi/3DS.
I must say that I was impressed by the Resident Evil Revelations demo. The graphics were great, I thought the atmosphere of the game was creepy and I genuinely jumped at parts.

I've never played a Resident Evil game before so I really wasn't planning on picking up the game at all. But once I saw that the demo was free on the eshop, I thought "What the hell?" and downloaded it. Now I'm actually thinking about getting it. I'm certainly not paying $50 for it though
the virtual console has a very depressing selection atm. i mean i know there are some restrictions but that ambassador game lineup is bloody stacked, we need some of those titles. also, i wish they would release more trailers for games, a lot of the cool ones like paper mario were already taken down -_-
I haven't really taken a look at the VC lineup ever since I first got the 10 NES games. Is it really that weak right now?

I downloaded the RE:R demo early this morning, but I haven't touched it yet. Looks like everyone's giving it a good review.
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