nj art

MIENFOOOO! That is beautiful Nasty, the pixel-y style is really nice. And it does happen to be my favourite 5th gen =D
i am on spring break and have absolutely nothing to do so expect a lot more art in the next week

PS. ive also finished White, hooray
very awesome ending, best in a pokemon game in my opinion
i am now in the process of getting a complete legit dex national dex like i did in heartgold!
i'll have to transfer all of my event legends from my hg cart to white though as nobody has any legit mews, celebis, jirachis, or arceuses it seems

my finishing team (although I doubt anybody cares) was:

Emboar lv. 52
Scolipede lv. 51
Krookodile lv. 52
Reuniclus lv. 51
Archeops lv. 53
Seismitoad lv. 52

Post-game, Scolipede has been replaced by a Zweilous (which are complete assholes to raise), and everybody is currently level 55 or 56
Baaaaaaahahaha I love the deino! <3
The fossil duo is truly a work of art - great style, layout, and execution. Your work features quite a variety of styles which is cool. I like the Natu and Budew sketches as well. Great stuff!


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thank you for the nice feedback on my botw comic :)

anyways, the forensics squad at my school is coached by mrs. McComas, who is pretty much the coldest, meanest, hardest bitch you could ever imagine x10

so anyways, they were brainstorming about possible ideas for the shirt this year, and my friend joseph drew this humble sketch

and so mac, my other friend, thought this was rather hilarious, so he expanded upon the idea to be put into the final submissions for voting

it won by a pretty wide margin, and thus mac comes to me to make the final drawing that will go onto the tshirts themselves

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