Noble Items

I suppose so. My Pink Bow idea is pretty much broken. Still, though, I believe that the other three are viable ideas.
Ehhh... Norms taking 1/2 damage would essentially be an Eviolite that Blissey can use, only better. Also, giving Psy types 2 full immunities, both of which are primary counters (for your argument, Cresselia, Latios/Latias, Starmie, and Megagross are all quite bulky). The 2x may be somewhat reasonable though, but perhaps just do 1.75x, and same for Pink Scarf. If you just adjust the power of each item they should be fine. I'd suggest 2/3 for the Silk Scarf (still far better than the AV), and just halving Ghost/Dark damage (though the Latis may still be too much).
Pink Bow: This item cannot be removed by any means-- similar to how Mail used to work.
Flavor: The Pink Bow is a symbol of style from the classic and elegant GSC generation, where all these vulgar TrickScarf users and Knock Off spam didn't exist.
Also this item would be nigh-perfect for Blissey and Blissey + Pink Bow is adorable
Competitive: Sticky Hold: The Item is useful for Stall teams (and Blissey in 1v1), as it makes anything a knock off absorber, relatively resistant to Gothitelle, and immune to random crap running trickscarf just because it can.

Polkadot Bow: This item increases Wigglytuff/jigglypuff/igglybuff's defense and special defense by 30%, in addition to increasing the damage it deals by 30%
Flavor: The Polkadot bow can only be obtained by trading a Jigglypuff from RBY to GSC, so it makes sense that it would be a Jigglypuff signature item.
Competitive: This item lets Wigglytuff serve as a nice bulky support mon and a legitimate threat to defoggers because competitive, which is nice, since it actually fits on Stall, unlike most of the other competitive/defiant mons.

For an example of its bulk with this, it (barely) avoids the OHKO from Specs Exploud Boomburst and Mega Medicham HJK which is impressive. Basically with this thing on, wigglytuff has 140/97/73/115/80/45 equivalent stats assuming defensive investment. Which I am going to say is roughly-heatran level statistics around the board, barring speed.

With spatk investment, this thing can 2hko Bulky DDance ZardX with Hyper voice, and at max investment has a roughly 125 base special attack (and roughly 105 base attack at max investment, but it's physical movepool is pretty bad).

In the event that competitive is activated, it can OHKO 72/0 latias with Dazzling gleam with just 28 spatk evs, as a representative of what this thing does if you defog on it

I have nothing for pure incense, and Chopin Alakinoff's pure incense is also exactly what I was thinking of for Silk Scarf.

Also I'm not wholly certain on the numbers for Polkadot Bow yet, but I don't think it's too overpowered. EDIT: I modified it because I had a math moment late at night and accidentally created Eviolite+recoilless LO, which was not my intention.

In case anyone asks, the difference between my Pink Bow and MegaGallade's pink/polka-dot bow is that mine works on genderless pokemon, and blocks trick in addition to knock off. Also it punishes Knock Off less harshly than MegaGallade's in that you don't lose a turn after trying to knock off the bow.
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Shed Shell This item not only enables switching regardless of circumstances, but also prevents the holder's stats from being lowered by opponents.
Fluff: the shed shell provides a disposable cover for the wielder, absorbing trapping moves and attempts to hinder the carrier's mind and body.

Pure Incense This item guards the wielder's mind against outside assaults and encroachments, giving them immunity to attract, taunt, encore, or torment.

Mental Herb This item grants the wielder absolute power over their body temporarily, negating the first status move used upon them by any other pokemon.
Shed Shell This item not only enables switching regardless of circumstances, but also prevents the holder's stats from being lowered by opponents.
Fluff: the shed shell provides a disposable cover for the wielder, absorbing trapping moves and attempts to hinder the carrier's mind and body.

Pure Incense This item guards the wielder's mind against outside assaults and encroachments, giving them immunity to attract, taunt, encore, or torment.

Mental Herb This item grants the wielder absolute power over their body temporarily, negating the first status move used upon them by any other pokemon.
this has been dead for a long time
Silk Scarf Gives all Normal Type moves +1 Priority (Status Too) Does not stack.

Pink Bow Psychic and Fairy Type moves do 1.3.x more damage.

Pure Incense If the user only has one type, this Pokemon's attack and special attack are raised by 1 (on switch in)
Flavour: Pure type?
Original thread by the someone
Approved by The Eevee General

Noble Items 2.0
Brought over from the original thread.

Pet mod that aims to give items a more decisive role in the metagame (to the point of rendering Mega forms with the same niche as their base forms useless) by:
  • boosting already competitively viable items and nonviable items;
  • differentiating items with the same effects;
  • giving competitively useless items new effects;
  • bringing scrapped items from past Generations and certain Key Items into the current metagame (though to a lesser extent than the three points above). *

  • Phase 1: Submissions
Every few days, I will post a few items below. Then, you will be able to aim to boost these items in a format similar to this:

Miracle Seed | Boosts the power of Grass-type moves by 20% when held. -> Boosts the power of Grass-type moves by 30% and restores 1/16 of the Pokémon's maximum HP (rounded down) each turn when held.
Flavor Concept: Its description says it is imbued with life force.
Competitive Concept: Basically a Leftovers that boosts Grass type moves as strongly as Life Orb. Can be used efficiently by bulky/tank Grass types.

Meadow Plate | Boosts the power of Grass-type moves by 20% when held. -> Adds the Grassy Terrain effect for 5 turns when the holder uses any Grass-type move.
Flavor Concept: Its name is literally a grassy terrain.
Competitive Concept: One can use Leech Seed (subsequently activate Grassy Terrain) and Baton Pass/U-turn/Volt Switch/switch out. Your Pokemon would then have 1/8 of its HP healed for 5 turns (or when the opponent switches out) and a 50% more power to its Grass type moves.

Rose Incense | Boosts the power of Grass-type moves by 20% when held. -> Boosts the power of Grass-type moves by 50% and raises the holder's Defense and Special Defense by 50% if the holder is not fully evolved.
Flavor Concept: Incenses are related to baby Pokemon, which are the NFE of NFE. Budew can only be obtained in an egg with this Incense.
Competitive Concept: Tangela is the only Pokemon that could be viable with this item, in lower tiers that is.

However, a submission will not be accepted if it is like this:

Odd Incense | Boosts the power of Psychic-type moves by 20% when held. -> Boosts the power of Psychic-type and Grass-type moves by 66.6% when held.
Flavor Concept: odd incense = weed, clearly
Competitive Concept: #OPweed4NewMeta

Remember, one of the main points of this Pet Mod is to differentiate items. Any submissions that are identical to others previously voted will not be considered.

*: As per demand, we will deal with Key Items differently. Here's what I came up with. Flavorful Generation I and II Key Items will be added normally. Legendary-related Key Items will be retconned into legendary signature items, just as the Blue and Red Orbs were. Key Items unrelated to legendaries from Gens III~VI will not be added. This makes Key Items consistent with the main games.

  • Phase 2: Voting
At the end of the submissions period I will find all submissions, put them into one post and allow voting.
The voting format will be like this:

First Choice:UserX
Second Choice:UserY
Third Choice:UserZ

The First Choice gets 3 points, second gets 2 and third gets 1. The user with most votes will have their submission added into the project itself. Votes must be sent to me via PM. If two submissions that are identical to one another both have the most votes, users will then choose which one gets reslated.
  • Phase 3: Results
After the voting period, I will put up the results, and the people who win will have their submission put into the project itself.
Black Belt |
Boosts the power of fighting moves by 30% and raises their critical hit ratio one stage. (by Throbulator36)
Fist Plate |
Boosts punching moves and kicking moves by 50%. (by Phione)
Expert Belt |
The holder's super effective hits are 50% stronger, but ineffective hits are halved in damage. (by Ghoul King)
Muscle Band |
Boosts this pokemon's attack by 50%, but lowers speed by 33%. (by desuko)
Icicle Plate |
Holder's punching and kicking moves become Ice-type and have their base power multiplied by 1.5. (by FlameUser64)
Icy Rock |
Extends the duration of Hail weather set by the holder from 5 turns to 10. The holder is immune to Hail damage. (by FlameUser64)
Snowball |
The holder's Normal type moves become Ice type moves. (No damage bonus) (by Ghoul King)
Never-Melt Ice |
The holder takes 40% less damage from Ice- and Fire-type moves. (by FlameUser64)
Casteliacone |
The holder cannot be Burned. (by Ghoul King)
Spooky Plate
The user's Special Normal-type moves turn into Special Ghost-type moves and deal 50% more damage. (by The Legend Waker)
Spell Tag |
The holder's damaging Ghost type moves Disable the target's last used move if they hit. (by Ghoul King)
Reaper Cloth |
The holder becomes a Ghost type so long as they hold the item. (This replaces all their current typing) No effect if the holder is already a Ghost. (by Ghoul King)
Cleanse Tag | The holder takes halved damage from moves used by Ghost and Dark type Pokemon. (by Ghoul King)
Insect Plate
The holder's Normal moves that make contact become Bug type and increase in power by 30%. (by Ghoul King)
Silver Powder |
The holder sets a Substitute when they switch in, consuming the Silver Powder in place of the normal 25% HP. (by Ghoul King)
Quick Powder |
The holder's Speed increases by one stage when they are struck by a damaging move. This does not consume the Quick Powder. (by Ghoul King)
Honey | No Pokemon may use Status moves so long as the holder is on the field. (by Ghoul King)
Nugget | Boosts a Pokemon's Special Defense by 30%. Fire-type attack consumes it. (by the someone)
Big Nugget | Boosts a Pokemon's Special Defense by 50%, but lowers Speed by 33%. Fire-type attack turns it into Nugget. (by the someone)
Relic Gold | When held by Regirock, Registeel, Regice, or Regigigas, the holder's defenses are increased by 50%. (by Ghoul King)
Luck Incense | Prevents crits and secondary effects happening on you. Also prevents confusion and thunder wave turns. (by Snaquaza)
Amulet Coin | On the first turn being sent in, the holder's moves have perfect accuracy. (by Chaoswalker)
Draco Plate | The holder's Dragon type moves are super effective against Water, Fire, Grass, and Electric Pokemon. (by Ghoul King)
Dragon Fang | The holder hits 30% harder against targets that have not yet moved. (by Ghoul King)
King's Rock | Completely blocks an increased priority damaging move targeting the holder. Consumed in the process. (by Ghoul King)
Dragon Scale | Fire, Water, Grass, and Electric attacks do 30% less damage to the holder. (by Chaoswalker)
Splash Plate | This Pokemon's Water type moves hit twice, with the second hit dealing 0.3x the damage. (by Jajoken)
Mystic Water | The holder's Water type moves have 50% leech. (by Ghoul King)
Deep Sea Scale | If the holder is in the Water1 egg group their special defense is raised 50%. If they are not already water type, their second type becomes water. (by Chaoswalker)
Deep Sea Tooth | If the holder is in the Water1 egg group their special attacks do 50% more damage. If they are not already water type, their second type becomes water. (by Chaoswalker)
Sea Incense | Activates the move "Aqua Ring" upon switching in. (by Jajoken)
Wave Incense | Holder is immune to Ground-type attacks if it is Water-type and immune to Water-type moves if it is Flying-type. (by Akumeoy)
Prism Scale | Special attacks made against the holder have 1/4th recoil. (This includes Psyshock/Psystrike/Secret Sword) (by Ghoul King)
Red Scale | Attack is increased by 50% when the holder afflicted by a non-volatile status. (by Akumeoy)
Flame Plate | The holder's Normal moves become Fire type and have a 50% chance of Burning. (by Ghoul King)
Charcoal | Moves do not need to charge or recharge to take effect. (by Chaoswalker)
Flame Orb | If held by a non fire type, at the end of the turn the holder is burned and increases their speed by 15%. If the holder is fire type, their attacks have a 25% chance to burn the opponent. (This is additive to any existing burn chance) (by Chaoswalker)
Heat Rock | Doubles the duration of Sun set by the holder and renders the holder immune to Rock type moves. (by Ghoul King)
Lava Cookie | If the holder is burned, they recover 100% of their health, and their burn is cured. The item is then consumed. (by Jajoken)
Magmarizer | Doubles the chance of burn on the user's attacks with a chance of burn. If the user is Magmar or Magmortor, the chance is tripled instead (by The Pizza Man)
Magma Stone | Heatran gains 1/8th health back each turn. (by Tarontos)
Relic Vase |
Removes entry hazards on switching (still take damage on switch) (by Tarontos)
Toxic Plate |
Pokemon that are Badly Poisoned increment their Toxic counter two steps per turn so long as the holder is on the field. (by Ghoul King)
Poison Barb |
The holder's attacks do 50% more damage against Poisoned or Badly Poisoned targets. (by Ghoul King)
Black Sludge |
So long as the holder is on the field, Poison type Pokemon gain 1/16th of their health per turn while Pokemon that are not immune to Poisoning lose 1/16th of their health each turn. (by Ghoul King)
Toxic Orb |
If held by a non poison type, at the end of the turn the holder is badly poisoned and increases their special attack by 15%. If the holder is poison type, their attacks have a 25% chance to poison the opponent. (This is additive to any existing poison chance) (by the someone)
Earth Plate |
The holder's Ground type moves clear everything Rapid Spin clears on impact with an opponent. (by Ghoul King)
Soft Sand |
Adds a sand based special defense boost to ground types(does not stack with rock), activates sand based special defense boosts,1/16th health back a turn for rock/ground types. (by Tarontos)
Smooth Rock |
The holder's Sandstorm lasts twice as long and the holder is immune to Sandstorm. (by Ghoul King)
Shoal Salt |
User's cutting moves deal 50% more damage. (by the someone)
Shoal Shell | Doubles Stockpile's stat boosts. Spit Up raises user's Att, SpA and Spe by 2 instead of it's original effect, with removal of Stockpile's boosts and restriction before using Stockpile still in effect. (by the someone)
Sky Plate |
The holder's Normal type moves become Flying type. (by Ghoul King)
Sharp Beak |
The holder's Flying type moves have +3 to their Critical Hit ratio. (by Ghoul King)
Pretty Wing |
Roost heals 75% of the holder's HP (also cures status ailments if holder is Swanna). (by the someone)
Air Balloon |
The usual behavior, except that the balloon will not pop if the attack was Ineffective. (by Ghoul King)
Iron Plate | Normal moves become iron and have their power boosted by 1.3 (by Tarontos)
Metal Coat | The Pokemon gains Steel as a third typing. (by Ghoul King)
Iron Ball |
Boosts a Pokemon's accuracy by 75%, but lowers Speed and Evasion by 50%. Holder resists Ghost and Dark type attacks. (by the someone)
Metal Powder |
Increases the holder's Defense every time they are hit with an attack. (Does not trigger multiple times for multi-hit moves) (by Ghoul King)
Dread Plate |
The holder's damaging Normal type moves become Dark type and Taunt the foe. (by Ghoul King)
Black Glasses | The holder's damaging Dark type moves Knock Offs the foe's item, with exceptions off all un-Knock Offable item. Base power x1.2 when it removes an item. (by Chopin Alkaninoff)
Razor Claw |
If the holder goes before the target, their attack is a critical hit. The holder cannot use Status moves. (by Ghoul King)
Razor Fang |
The holder's contact moves raise the holder's attack by one stage when successful. (by Ghoul King)
Mind Plate |
The holder is immune against Status or Ability-induced Confusion, Embargo, Encore, Heal Block, Infatuation, Disable, Taunt and Torment. (by the someone)
Twisted Spoon |
If the holder is Psychic, it's offensive moves are calculated with the highest offensive stat and the opponent's defense for that move. (by the someone)
Odd Incense |
If the holder is a Psychic type, turns all of Psychic type's neutral interactions into super effectives, both offensively (Psychic moves) and defensively. (by Ghoul King and the someone)
Destiny Knot |
Anyone who KOs the holder gets Cursed. (by Chopin Alkaninoff)
Stone Plate | The holder's Normal type moves become Rock type and have an increased critical hit ratio. (by Ghoul King)
Hard Rock | On switch-in, the user hurls the Hard Stone at the opponent. This is a 50 BP, 100 Accuracy Rock type move (It can get STAB) with a 100% Flinch rate, and consumes the Hard Stone. (by Ghoul King)
Rock Incense | Any Status move the holder uses additionally attempts to set Sandstorm. (It will fail in the face of Desolate Land, Primordial Sea, and Delta Stream) The holder is immune to Sandstorm. (by Ghoul King)
Protector | Holder's Defense is increased to 1.5x, but its Speed is reduced to 0.5x. If the holder is a Rhyperior, its Defense is increased to 2x. (by Sanctuary)
Lagging Tail | Allows Onix and Steelix to hit twice, with a second hit being 30% of the first. (by the someone)
Pixie Plate | If the holder has a normal type the holder replaces normal with fairy, the holders normal type moves become fairy type and have their power increased by 1.3 (by Tarontos)
Whipped Dream | When the holder uses Belly Drum, it's Whipped Dream is used instead of HP, but the holder is put to sleep after 4 turns unless it's Slurpuff. (by the someone)
Sachet | At the end of every turn, the Evasion of all Pokemon on the field is lowered by one stage. (by Ghoul King)
Sweet Heart | Holder's contact moves have their BP calculated with Friendship / 2.83 formula, but their secondary effects are removed (Multi-hit moves are not affected by this). (by the someone)
Zap Plate | Normal moves become electric and have power boosted by 1.3 (by Tarontos)
Magnet | ???
Electirizer | If the holder is struck by an Electric move, their Speed sharply rises. (They still take full damage. If they're immune, the Electirizer won't trigger) (by Ghoul King)
Cell Battery | If the holder is Electric type, restores 50% of the holder's health when below half health, using up the Cell Battery. The move Charge will replace a used Cell Battery like Recycle. (by Ghoul King)
Light Ball| ???
Upgrade | If the holder is part of the Porygon line, whenever it uses a Status move, it will also use a special move of the same type with x0.5 power. (by the someone)
Dubious Disc | If the holder is Porygon, Porygon2 or Porygon-Z, it adds Ghost typing and Speed is raised by +1 upon switch in. (by Chopin Alkaninoff)
Eject Button | ???

We'll do berries by category when we get to them.

The current phase now is... PHASE 1.

New Items for Submission:
(Note: Please try and do all if possible. Thank you.)
Normal slate
Silk Scarf
___ Pink Bow
___ Polkadot Bow

Pure Incense

Thanks for reading!
Thanks to MegaGallade for the opening post model!
Silk Scarf: | Increases Speed by 20% and increases the power of Normal moves by 20%
Flavor Concept: Precedent for scarves boosting speed in Choice Scarf.
Competitive Concept: An item for users of Normal-Type moves that could use a little speed. I'd say it would go best on Sylveon, assuming it buffs Normal moves that are being affected by -ates.

Pink Bow: | Increases power of attack moves that are or have been considered "Cute" by 50%
Flavor Concept: Bows are cute, and a vibrant, solid color suggests a straightforward fighting style.
Competitive Concept: While not many past or present "Cute" attack moves are usable, the ones that are... well. Azumarill gets boost on both its STABs, Talonflame gets the equivalent of a free Choice Band boost on Brave Bird and U-Turn, Fake Out and Return (the only good physical Normal moves) are ALSO boosted by it, Bug Buzz goes from "eh" to "Oh god RUN", and... That's about it. So, mainly Normal-types, Azumarill, and Smogbird.

Polkadot Bow: | Gives +1 priority for current Cute moves.
Flavor Concept: Bows are cute, and a pattern like polkadots isn't as straightforward as solid pink is
Competitive Concept: Well, this gives a LOT more freedom. While the absurdities of priority Sing, Sweet Kiss, and Nuzzle are plenty of note, there is one more thing, one that will strike terror in countless hearts. Miltank now has priority Return, Milk Drink, and worst of all... ROLLOUT. In all seriousness, Rollout isn't that good in competitive play, but a combination of priority Return with Scrappy and Earthquake IS. Add on Heal Bell for clerical things, and you have a perfect replacement for bulky Talonflame and a good enough one for fast Talonflame.

Pure Incense: | Nullifies all abilities and items (other than itself) while a Pokemon holding it is on the field.
Flavor Concept: It purifies the battleground of those silly gimmicks.
Competitive Concept: Regikingtops new core confirmed? In all seriousness, Pokemon with a bad or outright negative ability would REALLY love this item, as would glass cannon sweepers who hate such things as "Focus sashes" and "Rocky helmets". It could also be used on things that don't like fairies, because most OU fairies are crippled without their ability, with the one (OU-tiered) exception being Mega Diancie, joined by Togekiss if you count BL.

(in other news, Pixie Plate Exploud sounds (heh) terrifying.)
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Silk Scarf: | If the user is a Normal type, it's Speed is increased by 50% when using a attacking move (any type).
Flavor Concept: A Normal type is pretty generic, so it's an generic boost.
Competitive Concept: An item for Normal types to actually abuse. Users like Staraptor, Stoutland, Braviary, and Porygon-Z wound have an free Choice Scarf
boost when they use their moves and would see a bit more use.

Pink Bow: | When a Pokemon that is listed pink in the Pokedex has this item equipped, it's Special Attack is raised by 33%.
Flavor Concept: IT'S PINK! It also boasts some modest nature, giving it the Special Attack boost.
Competitive Concept: While not usable on everything, stuff like Slowbro would like a good boost if they want to go an offensive route. Other pink Pokemon like Clefable and Mesprit would like some other boost.

Polkadot Bow: | When Sylveon holds this and has the Pixilate ability, it's moves affected by it are increased by 1.7x. All other moves are also increased by 20%
Flavor Concept: Sylveon has a bow, so Wynaut? (pun intended)
Competitive Concept: With this bow, it's Hyper Voice is extremely strong. This also makes it have an offensive set mimicking a Choice set. This also makes Quick Attack a good option.

Pure Incense: | When this Pokemon is out on the field, all Pokemon and moves will become Normal type, abilities and items are not activated, and everything is resetted. This does not affect the user nor Ghost types, though the user's abilities are nullified (yes, this includes Slaking, Regigigas, and Archeops)
Flavor Concept: It's like clearing the mind and forgetting everything.
Competitive Concept: Well, I just made some god-like pokemon god. Either way, they can play mind games with the opponent and themselves. I think would also break them.


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Pure Incence | The holder of this item neither takes nor recieves supereffective nor resisted damage.
Flavour Concept: Its so pure, its attacks are not affected by type advantages.
Competive Concept: This basically means that any powerful attack does damage and cant be resisted by anything. Great for high attacking stat and set up sweepers. Also Shedinja!!

Pink Bow | This item boosts the defense and special defence of Fairy type Pokemon by *1.5
Flavour Concept: Pink is associated with Fairy types.
Competive Concept: This greatly boosts the defensive skills of Fairy types like Clefable and Sylveon.

Polkadot Bow | This boosts the Attack and Special attack of Fairy types by *1.5
Flavour Concept: Its the attacking counterpart of Pink Bow.
Competitive Concept: This boosts the offensive sjills of Fairies like Azumarill and Gardevoir.
Silk Scarf: +50% boost to damage from moves with +1 Priority or higher.
Flavor concept: Silk Scarf is commonly held by users of Normal-type Fake Out and ExtremeSpeed in OMs where that's legal; this harks back to that usage. Not in-game flavor, I know, but whatever.
Competitive concept: Used on Pokémon with strong priority moves to turn them into more effective revenge killers. Talonflame immediately stands out as a strong user, as do Weavile and Lucario.

Pink Bow: When the holder switches in or gains this item, the opponent's Special Attack is decreased one stage.
Flavor concept: It makes the holder cute, and if being Intimidating cuts Atk, being cute should cut SpA.
Competitive concept: It's like an Assault Vest that's worse against boosting sweepers and is nullified by the opponent switching out (and Defiant), but better for supporting the team and coming in repeatedly on the same opponent. Oh, and it doesn't restrict your moves. It's good on bulky pivots that would carry an Assault Vest if they didn't need to use Status moves.

Polkadot Bow: Gives +1 Priority to all of Mr. Mime's moves.
Flavor concept: Mr. Mime looks like it should have a polka-dot bowtie on, shouldn't it? Also, given its Trickstery nature, Mr. Mime having an item to enable massive shenanigans makes plenty of sense.
Competitive concept: Mr. Mime has a stable of utility moves, most notably Baton Pass, Healing Wish, Encore, Taunt, and Thunder Wave. It has a fairly wide Special movepool and 100 SpA, meaning that it could function as a decent revenge killer alongside whatever utility you load it up with.

Pure Incense: if a Pokemon's move would poison the holder, instead the Pokémon that used the move gets poisoned, if possible. Clears Toxic Spikes from the holder's side on switch-in.
Flavor concept: Too pure for that poison bs.
Competitive concept: Usable on stallbreaker sets in order to get a Toxic off on Mega Sableye (as the game counts MBed moves as being used by the MBer), as well as on bulky builds that want to avoid excessive Heal Bell use and mess up opposing builds that rely on Toxic damage.
Sorry for disturbing, but I would also like to have an announcement.

We need a team council!

Signups will be made after the voting phase, in which we need about 8 submissions of each item before Friday, so keep it up.
Silk Scarf: Contact moves do 30% less damage to the holder
Flavor Concept: Silk is a smooth and slippery fabric, allowing hits to glance off of it.
Competitive Concept: An defense-boosting item without any evolutionary restrictions would be very handy for both bulky 'mons that need a small boost to become better mixed walls (looking at you, Sylveon), making previous physical walls more terrifying (and finally Ferrothorn doesn't need Rocky Helmet), or supplementing walls that already have recovery without Leftovers (Latias, maybe?)

Pure Incense: Upon switching in, actives Haze. Not consumed upon use.
Flavor Concept: Incense is often used in religous ceremonies to remove impurities in a person's heart. Since Haze is generally depicted as a white cloud, which matches up to the Pure Insence's color, and is used to cleanse the opponent, it makes sense to combine the two.
Competitive Concept: At long last, we have a defensive counter to boosting sweepers without resorting to Clefable and Quagsire! VoltTurn teams would be able to gain even more momentum with this item. Heck, I'm pretty sure the Unaware walls themselves would love this item, too.

Pink Ribbon: If the holder is female and has this item knocked off, the damage taken from Knock Off is reflected back to the opponent, and removes their item, too.
Flavor Concept: Knock Off is commonly represented as a slap to the target, so returning the pimpslap back makes sense.
Competitive Concept: Serves as a hard stop to Knock Off spam, while also swinging momentum back to the holder. Switch-ins to Knock Off would finally be a thing again, after the demise of Mail. Cress could see a spike in usage with this item, but that's just speculation.

Polkadot Ribbon: The holder gets +1 priority, but can only pick status moves
Flavor Concept: A polkadot tie would be pretty cheesy, just like status spam tactics.
Competitive Concept: Prankster: the item. In seriousness, though, this would be a huge game changer for suicide leads, and some of the fastest mons without Prankster usually have a wide range of status. It'd even be a better version of ChoiceTrick. Quickban on Smeargle
Silk Scarf: If the holder is a Normal-type, gains a 2x STAB Bonus and gains 30% more evasion against attacks that it is weak to (includes the weaknesses of the Normal type's second type).
Flavor Concept: Scarves can be accessories that may give someone a spunkier/heroic image (hence the STAB boost). Silk seems like a slippery fabric so evasion is boosted.
Competitive Concept: Adaptability + evasion against weaknesses patch up the limitations of Normal type. Think your Close Combat is a surefire kill? Dual-normal types get to evade all weaknesses so Meloetta for example can evade U-turns/Knock Off in Aria Mode then can evade Play Rough/Brave Bird in Pirouette Mode. Evasion is only against damaging moves so Thunder Wave against Normal/Flying types is still 100% accuracy. Boost does not stack with Adaptability (sorry Porygon-Z/Eevee).

Pure Incense: Prevents status moves from affecting the holder.
Flavor Concept: Purity and incense are associated with being free from ailments.
Competitive Concept: Status can be very powerful detrimental things against Pokemon of all kinds from sweepers to tanks. Being immune to burns is a boon for physical attackers while poison immunity is great for bulky waters.

Pink Bow: Nullifies increased priority of moves. Instead, when the holder of the item is on the field, all priority moves use the base speed of the Pokemon.
Flavor Concept: Pink bows are cute, innocent and youthful, usually worn by little girls (although stylish guys can wear pink bows on their shirts). A bow just seems nostalgic to the days of respect and innocence- way back before people pushed in with priority moves. How could you dare butt in-line of someone who wears a pink bow? How dare you by-pass the poor little child?! Be a decent person and treat the little innocent Pink Bow holder with respect!
Competitive Concept: Priority is everywhere these days, it would be interesting to have an item that acts as an Unaware for increased priority. Let us go back to the times before priority spam. Talonflame can't use priority Brave Bird anymore, although it still has a naturally high speed stat. Sableye really gets hit hard, and Mega Bannette's main selling point of Prankster Destiny Bond is now moot. Scizor Bullet Punches aren't as fast anymore, Belly Drum Azumarill's slow Aqua Jet is not as dangerous to faster sweepers and ExtremeSpeed is pretty much just Strength now. Frail sweepers now have a chance against these.

Polkadot Bow: Doubles Special Defense when the user has a status move.
Flavor Concept: A polkadot tie looks pretty quirky. Marvel Scale is quirky, a specially defensive version even quirkier. Polka Dot just seems 'special defense' based to me. Also, you wouldn't want to harm someone with a Polkadot Bow that is already inflicted with a status, would you?
Competitive Concept: A Specially Defensive Marvel Scale in item form. Might see use in frail Guts/Facade abusers. Rest+ Sleep Talk can be interesting. Polkadot Bow Quick Feet/Facade Ursaring or Guts Heracross anyone? Actually, could be interesting defensively as a hold item with Marvel Scale Milotic or Poison Heal Gliscor.
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