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i say it's all just wind in sails
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After almost a year of council tests, UU is finally ready to have its first suspect test. The first pokemon that we will be testing is Serperior. Although Serperior wasn't in UU for very long before it was banned by the council, it made quite an impact on the metagame. We have decided that Serperior would be a good choice to run the first public test with because it was pretty close in the council vote, and there was definitely a range of opinions. In the suspect ladder, Serperior will be legal to use.

The suspect test will have an N value of 20 and a COIL requirement of 2500. It will last 2 weeks from the date this thread is posted.

You can calculate the number of games required using this formula:


Song: You Are Invited

This is UU's first public suspect test, so you are all invited to participate.

The Immortal please put the suspect ladder up just after 6 PM EST.
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I feel left out so ill justjust shitpost too :D

In seriousness I didn't really user serp before the ban so it will he fun to play with it

Probably won't be an issue because I use Crobat on every team ever
writing another post becuz wynaut: honestly when (if) i get reqs, i'm not sure what to vote. at first i was like "definetly no ban" but i'm not sure now. have fun serp users.
Oh hey look someone posted good music in a meta stage thread for once. Make me a promise that if the meta ever gets stale you post Back and Forth.

But seriously, I can't wait to see how these suspect tests pan out. While the council method gave us a rock solid base for a metagame, seeing how it's affected by (semi)open voting will be very interesting.
I'm in the same boat as Yellow Skarmory in that I was leaning very heavily towards no ban way before the test started, but now I'm not so sure. To be honest, I hope it stays because I feel like it's impact in the meta will actually be healthy, discouraging the spamming of suicune and other bulky waters, but who knows, I think ill hopefully have a more solid opinion after I've played on the ladder.
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