NU Contrabanned (Won by Finchinator)

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Question why am I subbed out while i was on the time he wanted to play? (proof is there since in that time I played rodri) Never also saw him on.
retract my statement, although you didn't contact him what so ever, people don't wana sit around on ps all day waiting for whenever you feel like it

Jarii vs. El Paraflinch

get this done by deadline, otherwise el paraflinch's opponent will remain cb aaron judge


formerly boring
Round 2

pairings done by roman ~

carcy vs. Earth
Raseri vs. Stan Soojung
Elias PSY vs. (Shadestep vs. Acsel)
Espeonage. vs. MewBby
Kiyo vs. allstarapology
(Yoshizilla315 vs. jcbc ) vs. (Splashbrutha vs. lhce628)
poh vs. Finchinator
Melancholy Hills vs. Jarii

for this round, Noivern and Kingdra are freed! you may use both pokemon in your games, however, please note that Ribombee and Cofagrigus are NOT allowed to be used this round, only pairings in brackets should use these pokemon from last round.

deadline for brackets remains wednesday 10pm gmt+1
games must be completed by saturday 11pm gmt-5. no extensions
Earth receives act win over Regrets
poh receives act win over Eclipse
Kiyo receives act win over Quaze
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