NU Contrabanned (Won by Finchinator)

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apologies for delay, was abroad with no access but we're here now!


Jarii vs. Raseri
Espeonage. vs. Finchinator

for this round, Bruxish and Mega Abomasnow are freed! you may use both pokemon in your games, however, please note that Exploud and Venusaur are NOT allowed to be used this round

espeonage and shadestep was coinflipped, if there's any miscommunications please let me know

deadline is 17th of july 9pm gmt+1, tentatively, pls just get it done !!

good luck

Finchinator vs. Jarii

for the final round, Mega Camerupt and Barbaracle are freed! you may use both in your game, however, for the finals you may use any previously freed NUBL pokemon, with the limit of NUBL pokemon allowed being three, as opposed to the usual two

pokemon you're allowed to use:

no hard deadline, just get this done soon please

good luck!
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