NU Contrabanned (Won by Finchinator)

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Round 1

pairings done by Abejas ~

Earth vs. Regrets
Harpp vs. carcy
quziel vs. Elias PSY
AmpharosAlt vs. Stan Soojung
cb aaron judge vs. Raseri
Eclipse vs. poh
vs. Quaze
Ren-chon vs. Melancholy Hills
Splashbrutha vs. lhce628
Espeonage. vs. lolbro
Acsel vs. Shadestep
jcbc vs. Yoshizilla315
Finchinator vs. neomon
Eternally vs. allstarapology
vs. Melons-N-Soda
El Paraflinch vs. Jarii

for this round, Cofagrigus and Ribombee are freed! you may use both pokemon in your games

subs: pilz0311 | SenorRojo227 | SanJl | roman

games must be completed by monday 10pm gmt+1. no extenstions

have fun!
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