NU Rules, Info, and Announcements (See post #15 for info on NUPL VI)

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Welcome to the subforum for Smogon's Never Used tier. We are the usage-based tier directly below Rarely Used and above PU. In this thread, we hope to provide you with all of the relevant information about our tier's community, rules, projects, tournaments, and resources.


As with every community on Smogon, we expect the users that stop by our subforum to adhere to Smogon's global rules, which can be found here or at the bottom of every page on our domain.

Additionally, we request that you follow some simple etiquette when making a post.
  • Always endeavor to receive permission from an NU forum moderator before making a new thread.
  • Be respectful of others when making a post. This is not a forum for angry call-outs or aggressive arguments.
  • When posting in a discussion-heavy thread, such as the current metagame thread or the Viability Rankings, do your utmost best to make posts with thought-out content. Any post that is interpreted to be inappropriate for the discussion, made in jest, or posted without any thought or reason behind it is subject to moderator discretion.
  • Do not post threads for teams in this forum asking for rates. Use the Rate My Team subforum here or use our NU Team Bazaar found here.
  • Do not make a thread to ask a simple question. We have a thread made for answering questions that you can find here.
If you have any questions about the above rules or would like to inquire about hosting a thread, feel free to message any of the moderators listed below.

Tier Leaders


Looking to connect with other NU players? We have plenty of options for you to reach out. Click on the images to automatically join the two platforms we have for live chat at the moment and be sure to read up on the rules for both places.

The NU Discord is plenty active with tons of users that are willing to help you build and test NU teams. You can check it out here provided you have a Discord account.​
We have a general chat for metagame discussion and small chat, an announcement channel so you can get notifications for events in the community right to your phone, and a channel for posting and rating teams.​

We also have our very own room on Pokemon Showdown which you can find here or by simply navigating the Pokemon Showdown chat list. Our room sports a healthy environment for getting involved in the tier with a staff that's prepared to help you with any questions you may have.​
Room Owners:​
Room Moderators:​
Room Drivers:​

We also are greatly appreciative of the help we've received in the room from any previous staff.​
Deej Dy​
TSM ryan​
Winter's Howl​
Realistic Waters​
Silver Aurum​
Quite Quiet​
I Like Cute Things​
Stan Soojung​


We frequently run tournaments here in the Pokemon Showdown room and there's always a discussion, so be sure to stop by!​


We'll add more into this post as our tier starts developing analyses for Pokemon, projects start up, and we host more tournaments. Stay tuned for the development of the Never Used tier![/hide]
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NeverUsed Premier League V

Winner: Rozes and the Vibrant Vivillons

Runner-Up: Shadowtags and the Listless Lilligants

The fifth addition of the NeverUsed Premier League was hosted once again by Quite Quiet. The Lilligants reached the finals confidently after being dubbed the underdogs from Week 1 whilst the Vivillons managed to make a comeback from last place defeating the Houndooms convincingly. After a tough round the two teams were tied 4-4 and thus lead to the second consecutive tiebreak in NUPL finals where the Vibrant Vivillons clinched it 2-1.

NeverUsed Premier League IV

Winner: Kiyo and the Krusty Krabs

Runner-Up: Evan. and the Rowdy Rampardos

In the fourth addition of the NeverUsed Premier League, hosted this time by Quite Quiet. In this addition the two finalists were both new managers and had prior faced off in Week 3 where the Krabs beat the Rampardos 6-2. However the finals took a different turn, with the teams tying in finals 4-4 after coming down to an intense game between Advantage and Blast. This led to the first tiebreak in NUPL history where the Krabs were able to secure it and Bugzinator able to secure a 7-0 record in BWNU.
NeverUsed Premier League III

Winner: Cased and the Bodybag Beartics!

Runner-Up: Finchinator and the Atomic Articunos!

The NeverUsed Smogon Premier League III was once against hosted. This time, with the addition of ADV NU and the current format ORAS NU. In the finals Cased and the Beartics faced off against their Week 2 opponent, the Articunos, and repeated their Week 2 victory, taking on the honor of being the winners of the third installment of NUPL.

NeverUsed Premier League II

Winner: FLCL and the Viritolic Vileplumes!

Runnner-Up: Soulgazer and The Amazing Ainsleys!

NeverUsed Smogon Premier League II is a smaller SPL, hosted on the NU forums. NUPL draws out some of the most competent NU players from every generation, as NUPL II featured XY, BW, and DPP as playable formats. FLCL and the Vileplumes, after losing to the Ainsleys in Week 5, came back to beat them in the finals, taking on the honor of being the winners of the second installment of NUPL.

Smogon Grand Slam

NU Open V

Winner: Sacri'
Runner-Ups: Ice Tea & Omfuga

NU Open IV

Winner: Bouff
Runner-Up: Shaneghoul


Winner: Vileman
Runner-Up: Tricking

NU Open II

Winner: Bloo
Runner-Up: Soulgazer & aerialacetm40

NU Open I

Winner: FLCL
Runner-Up: Zebraiken​

NeverUsed Ladder Tournaments

NeverUsed Ladder Tournament

Winner: Teddeh
Runner-Up: AquaJetBreloom

NeverUsed Ladder Tournament II

Winner: Teddeh
Runner-Up: Trade

NeverUsed Ladder Tournament III

Winner: Teddeh
Runner-Up: Orphic
The Never Used Classic

Never Used Classic I

Winner: FLCL
Runner-Up: Heysup​
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I just updated the Role Compendium to hopefully be more current and useful to builders looking to use it as a resource. Tried to delve in and make it more specific so that you can differentiate between what mons do what as checks, etc. Also added a couple of new sections like "trappers" "ice resists" "grass resists" "z move boosters" and probably some other stuff I'm forgetting.

It's that time again.
Welcome back for another year of the NU community's finest competition, the Neverused Premier League. This year, QQ has decided to step away from hosting as he's going to be busy with a new job and other assorted things outside of Smogon. In his stead, the illustrious duo of myself and Kiyo will be hosting. The purpose of this post is to inform everyone on the format this year, any changes we've made, and the all-important dates associated with the tournament. Be aware there is a chance we might still make some changes to the tournament between now and the start.



Manager Sign Ups: April 14th - April 21st​
Player Sign Ups: April 21st - April 28th​
Auction: Weekend after player sign ups end​


8 Teams of:​
1 BW2 NU​
1 BO3​
2 Subs​

As each team has a legacy from the year before, we've decided to allow one retain per team this year. Each retain is worth their price from the previous year with an additional 3k credits added on. If a player was worth 7k or less credits last year, their retain price will cost 10k credits. Retains must be announced, at the latest, 24 hours before the auction. You are not allowed to retain the manager from the year before if you are inheriting a team.
For reference, here is the list of players price from NUPL V
Manager buy-ins:​
As per the same rules from last year, each manager is required to pay 10k credits to purchase the right to play for their team. However, in contrast to last year, managers will be able to save purchasing themselves for any point during the auction.​

That's all for now. See you in 2 months.​
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