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Art by Kaiju Bunny and ausma

Ever wanted a place to show off your OCs? Ever interested in sharing their lore? Want a place to ask for critique or suggestions with building your own OCs?
Smeargle's Studio welcomes you to OC Central!

Addressing the obvious: What is an OC?
To put it simply, an OC, or "Original Character," is a custom character you make for yourself! This can be an Original Character from your own original world, or a fan character from an existing franchise (e.g. Pokémon, Star Wars, Splatoon, etc.).

Another question that may pop up is: How do I make an OC?
If you'd like to start creating, our very own ausma has made the following guide below!
OCs are a weird concept to grasp at first, especially if you haven’t really made them before. However, in a vacuum, making an OC is not unlike an author writing a story and characters interacting with it; in fact, that is quite literally what is happening. Making an OC more or less means that you’re in that writing position, and have the ability to create the character as you please. However, it can be really difficult to really make a character if you do not know where to start! So, let me give you some tips as someone who’s been involved in the creative scene for nearly a decade.

Advice #1: Be Inspired
To me, I feel like the reason and thrill behind making the character is by far the greatest motivation behind why I do it, and truthfully I think meaning in general is beyond the greatest force when it comes to feeling fulfilled and satisfied with your work. I’ve noticed that OCs that are made for the sake of “well, I should make one” tend not to feel very satisfying, or really have any qualities that feel special or impactful to the creator. You get this meaning, almost always, through inspiration.

There is no real thing as a purely original character, contrary to popular belief. Every character you see nowadays takes traits and attributes from other existing forms of media or real, existing things. By definition… they are “memes', even. Hell, characters you may expect to be purely original take inspiration from pre-existing things. Darth Vader’s design and concept, for example, was hugely inspired by the Japanese feudal era, and moreover, he is hugely rumored to have taken direct inspiration from Doctor Doom (seriously, look it up). In other words, it’s ok to take inspiration from pre-existing things and reimagine these concepts into their own entities. What you personally are inspired by leaves a distinctly individual mark on both the meaning and execution of your character. This kind of inspiration is really important because it is what defines the fulfillment and meaning of the process. Don’t let yourself get caught up in “oh you stole this and that from x character”; the only time this ever applies is if you stole the concept and execution verbatim which is an incredibly rare, subjective, and facetious thing to quantify.

In essence, the journey that leads to the final character tends to be the thing that defines the impact and fulfillment involved in creating and designing characters. Let yourself have fun; it’s ok to take inspiration from things and make the experience fun for yourself.

Advice #2: Be Deliberate
A very common mistake a lot of new creators tend to make is that, without really thinking much about it, they add a ton of things and bloat the content of the character without considering how different parts of the character interact with one another. To be deliberate, in essence, is to know what to apply to one character and what to save for another. Think of it like you’re making a team for your favorite Pokemon Showdown format; you want to ensure that parts of their character all work together to create a cohesive whole. You wouldn’t want to put an Unaware Quagsire on a Hyper Offense since it has little to no offensive presence and only exists to sap momentum, instead that’s something you would want to save for a Stall team to check setup wallbreakers. The same applies to OCs. Making a character a master sword fighter while also making them a dedicated mage, god, and pacifist that runs an animal-safety association are incredibly conflicting because they literally just do not work together unless you add a ton of complex strings to their backstory and history, which can make it really difficult to focus your inspiration and far easier to get overwhelmed in the long term.

Things like backstories, for example, can play heavily into the design of the character. Scars, clothing choices, personality, and vibes are all things that can be influenced by the backstory, and are even things that influence each other. It’s because of this that generally being consistent helps make your character feel more like a distinct, cohesive individual, and with it, you can focus your inspiration far better without feeling like you have to dance from detail to detail just to get everything you want in one character. Being deliberate, though, is adding as much as you feel is necessary toward building the whole of the character or how much you actually want to complete for them in the first place. It’s up to you to decide how much you add and what your limits are for the character; just be aware of those limitations in the first place, watch out for moments when you are getting overwhelmed fleshing them out, and know when to stop.

Advice #3: Make Mistakes
This sounds incredibly counter-intuitive, but to me it’s something that I think can be insanely valuable for beginners. Everybody starts out somewhere and, frankly, it’s not realistic to expect yourself to do everything perfectly and find your ideal imaginative process from the get go. Not only does that make the process not fun, but it also can lead to being overloaded and can defeat the point of making the character in the first place. This plays back into my first tip, where meaning and inspiration should be what drives the process as opposed to making a “perfect character” for the sake of making a “perfect character”, unless that’s what’s inspiring you.
I’m incredibly experienced and even I make a lot of mistakes. People who have known me for a long time know that I make a ton of bloated backstories and make a lot of questionable worldbuilding decisions. Without making those mistakes in the first place, I wouldn’t be able to really understand what makes the process tick for me and recognize my flaws without seeing them in execution. In fact, that is what helps you improve in the first place: retrospection is really powerful for anybody, including creators.
Remember, too, that you’re not locked into the character and details as soon as you “finalize” them. There is no such thing as finalizing a character. Sometimes, characters get completely reworked and go through the wringer numerous times before coming to a point where the creator is satisfied, and even then if the circumstances change, the character may experience even more change. The key thing to consider is that making mistakes is a perfectly normal part of the process and that making mistakes can retain your focus and, above all else, enjoy the process without overloading yourself.

In this thread, you're encouraged to share any OCs (Original Characters) you may have created with the rest of the community! In addition to sharing your artwork, feel free to draw fanart of said character(s), share their backstories, and show sketches of new OCs to come!

In this Thread:
  • Share your art of your Character(s)
  • Share your fanart of yours or others' Character(s)
  • Share your Characters' backstories when sharing art
  • Share sketches of current Characters or Characters in progress
  • Ask for critique or suggestions for Character concepts

  • Beg for collabs or for art to be made of your Character(s)
    • If you want custom art of your Character(s), commission an artist directly! More info here
  • Only share your Characters' Backstories; this is still an art-based thread!
  • Only criticize someone's Character design; make sure your suggestion(s) and/or criticism(s) is/are CONSTRUCTIVE in nature

Index of Artists and their OCs can be found below:

This is Hazel (she/her). My art mascot, she's a lovely 24-year-old lady who probably has some sort of magical strength hidden behind her cute demeanor. I haven't figured out a full personality for her, other than being kinda sassy? If she has interest in anyone, she is honest about it, although her interests in people lean towards masculine- or neutral-presenting people.

Hazel herself isn't based on anyone or anything in particular, but she was designed during my phase of drawing characters loosely based on IRL acquaintances... in middle and high school. Creepy, I know. Hazel is not, so she was the only one retained. This particular work is a redesigned variant of one from 2015-16 or so, but MS Paint makes works easy to edit, or even overhaul a huge amount of an art piece.

Any suggestions for backstory and fan art should be safe for work. I will only permit NSFW art of her if you know me well. Anything else that includes Hazel's design is fair game.
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ayoooo i wasn't first but hey i'll join in with an older one (dw i will take over this thread someday :3)

introducing... one of my first OC's ever!

skye profile.png

Introducing Skye Masters (he/him) right now. He is part of an interdimensional police force making sure no one messes with the space-time continuum too much. For more info about him specifically, look at the bio smh -.-

I mentioned that he has the ability to alter time. Although he cannot reverse the flow of time, he can expand one moment into a million (gaining what looks like super speed) OR condense a million moments into one (having time pass around him). However, to avoid most of the consequences for messing with time, he can only push time 20 minutes in one direction. To help with this, he has a handy watch that counts how much time in what direction Skye has pushed time in.

I am currently on vacation so I don't have all of my sketches of him, I'll edit this post when I get home so I can include all of those!

otherwise that's it bye​


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Ooh, this looks like fun XD
I've gotten a couple of questions about the person I draw for my avatars and computer stuff, and every time it gets referred to as an OC even though I didn't really intend it that way when I made these. But this is as good a time as any to actually figure out what this person is like :P

Drawing-10.sketchpad (1).jpeg


This is the character that I've been using lately to represent myself for all PS purposes.

That naturally brings up the question of how closely it mirrors my real life, to which I say: not very much because this person is essentially Hatsune Miku with many liberties taken in the clothing and coloration. Anyone who spends a bit of time on the Vocaloid scene knows that Miku (and any other vocal synth) is often adapted in illustrations to fit whatever song situation is on at the moment. This is kinda my version of that, so I'd say this character reflects my real life about as much as any other producer's design of Hatsune Miku might reflect their real life (i.e. more symbolically, if at all.)

Because of the inherent symbolic nature of this person, they don't have any established personal characteristics other than what is consistent between drawings (yes, that means no name, you can refer to them as Rainshaft's character for all labeling needs.) Part of the idea of this character (which wasn't the intent originally, but makes sense based on prior drawings) is that they're kinda like a "person who takes the bus at the same time as you" or "your across-the-street neighbor" or "someone in your large lecture class." Basically someone you recognize and might even have interacted with, someone who looks like they've got a personality and a story to tell, but someone you just don't know. Hence, the lack of other characteristics other than appearance, simply because you don't know that information. (I don't even know that information, so we're all lost there XD)

If you look through the images above you could probably identify some things that are pretty constant, such as hair color, waist-length hair that can be styled, eye color, glasses, square hair bands that can become bracelets or other accessories, the twin-dice necklace (sometimes), and some clothes that match or are a shade of my PS username color. The dice in the background may or may not belong to them, that's up to interpretation :P

Other patterns are that this person dresses neatly and professionally, and they appear in "in-the-moment" daily life captures. Based on previous depictions, they live their life smartly, they put effort into what they do, and they pay attention to the little things in life.

If my current plans (read: more in-the-moment daily captures!) hold, I don't intend to actually give any concrete story to this person anytime soon, so that's off the table in terms of ideas. However, if you're drawing a big scene one day and you need a person in the background doing normal stuff, this character would fit right in XD Just be sure to ask me first. If I have time and I know how to do it, I might even do the drawing for you :P
oh my gosh this is a thing now, I have so many OCs i can post! This is like the third OC i made for my story universe (i’ve been working on it since like 8th grade)

This is Mina, she’s a forest elf whose village was destroyed in an ambush and as a result she was left near blind, relying on her other senses and learning how to “see” using natural auras. She protects her part of the forest from danger, such as hunters and the occasional dangerous creature. She’s more of a healer than a fighter though, but has been learning how to harness the forest’s power to fight, though she prefers to stay out of conflict.

She is part of the group of OCs known collectively as The Outcasts (also the series name of the comic they’re from which me and my friend are working on), and I will be sure to add more soon :D


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oooo this looks fun

i actually made some OCs for artfight v recently after seeing ausma make some really cool ones, here they are


i'll c/p their descriptions from artfight because class starts in 5 mins and i cant afford to be late again (goes from left to right)

Bert is a water demon that wound up in the Balta desert; he never leaves the desert but is willing to help all travelers get through it(most travelers die when traversing through it due to lack of water, high heat levels, and wild animals at night); these qualities make him a bit of an urban legend, as only people that have gotten through the desert will know about him and those that have gotten through it are considered to have "gone mad" in the desert. hes also very owo

Kite is insanely powerful; her strength is constantly being augmented by underworld demons, due to a pact her mother made with the demons who killed her right before she died. The flipside is that Kite gets no sleep; the same demons who help her during the day torment her when night falls, giving her permanent insomnia. This makes her generally irritable.

Doran lost his left arm in an accident at 5 years old. When he became 11, as a result of the constant bullying, he tried to build an arm of his own, but failed to do so and kept the arm in a box that he never intended to open again. Fast forward 6 years, and lightning strikes Doran's house. The box is crackling. Doran opens it, only to find that the arm is now burnt to a crisp but lightning tendrils in the shape of a hand are bursting out of the base of the hand. He wears it and is in excruciating pain for 5 minutes as lightning passes through his body. Surprisingly, it doesnt kill him. He finds out that the "lightning arm" is controllable and functional and he uses it to beat bad guys and microwave pizzas.
Thread Revival~

Here is a piece containing the 4 ocs I have developed. This is the first piece with the robot but it is based off of a concept I've been plotting for a very long time.

Quick backdrop on the robot: His name is simply 'Ai' for double meaning. Another character I'm developing splits his energy into robots and technology he creates, while he doesn't control them he creates their personalities and rebuilds/provides their energy. Ai stands for both artificial intelligence and the word 'love' for being a compassionate and hilarious robot with a heart pattern.

Guy in the orange shirt: Unnamed for now, but he is the 'spirit' mentioned below in an explanation about character 1, known for causing mischief and being a problematic guy, but really has no ill intention. Have a few name ideas developed but I haven't settled on one.

Character 1
To begin with, I have this unnamed oc which I've drawn like 200000 times. They've been in development for several months and I finally have settled on an overall design/concept for them. Their name is still undecided because I'm indecisive, but i've almost come up with a good one.
This character is a 'half-spirit' human being. Each human possesses a spirit yet average humans are unable to visualise them. These spirits are known for causing mischief and many are dangerous enough to cause mass destruction; unexplained earthquakes, tsunamis and heart complications etc. Half spirits are those who have attained partial blood from a powerful spirit and are thus able to see these spirits. Some spirits are formed to be quite helpful though.

This character is known for his quiet behaviour, typically avoiding everyone he possibly can. He's rather anti-social and would rather be stuck in a hole than speak to someone. However, to his misfortune, he's followed around by a spirit which can be considered his 'friend,' with the motive of causing mischief to this character. However, this powerful spirit, although unable to admit this, hopes to see him get real friends and end his anti social behaviour, thus contouring a series of events to try and help him. However, this results in heavy misfortunes along the way. This character is also extremely weak (Physically), however, is a complete expert in wielding weapons. He is able to possess objects and imbue spirits into them.

Here are some old pieces within the development and planning of this character:
Oc (2).png

As I've progressed in development I've decided on a more clear design. Purple eye, one turns yellowish orange when possessing a weapon. Hair is black but has a blue shine when possessing something too, kind of like a lighting effect. The hair also becomes more messy and such when doing so. To make it more clear when something is possessed, yellow marks appear on his face for every object.

Art 2 (2).jpeg


snake2 (1) 2.png

Image 2: Collecting and condensing combined matter to make an impulsive explosion once released.
Image 3: Using a weapon to summon a water spirit with the shape of a snake.




Image 2: Not actually possessing the object, this is another character which I've made

Character 2
This one actually has a name. "Hana Shujin" or flower master. This is another 'half-spirit' character which I've given an approach inspired by Nobara from Jujutsu Kaisen for. Fashionable but also extremely strong, difference being that she's also somewhat quiet. I've done this so they can have a similarity with the character above to provide a way for them to get along. She's also been planned for a while but I've settled on a design similar to the image on the top.



Finally, here are two characters I haven't fully developed. Second one was for the Arts & Culture DTIYS event

Basically comic relief :^)

HalloweenDTIYS (1).png
DTIYS event

Edit: Reread the top post;

Tiki's oc for the AC DTIYS event

Art trade with a friend's oc
(I'll be glad to take any suggestions and recommendations as well!)
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(dw i will take over this thread someday :3)
hi again c:

This is Eve, the sarcastic wallflower. She has insane observation skills, nonexistent focus, and a cold, analytical demeanor, leading doctors to diagnose her as neurodivergent. In reality, she's a natural-born telepath. She is constantly listening to the thoughts of everyone around her while trying to live a normal college life. She's constantly watching her own actions, using her telepathy to gauge her normal-ness, altering her behavior to conform. Years of doing this has made her into the ultimate wallflower, watching and studying humanity. Does she ever smile? No. Does she like boba? Heeeck yeah.

Underneath her guise, she's still pretty cold, but she sports a dry, witty sense of humor. She often responds to the dumber thoughts of others, mocking them for her own amusement. She's actually quite sympathetic, but doesn't know how to show it.

She enjoys bubble tea, being alone, cats, and studying people from a distance.
She dislikes being included, living in a college dorm, being a telepath, and coffee (caffeine enhances her abilities).
She's scared of being famous, and being carted off to a lab.

Every Thursday, the coffee shop hosts trivia. If you get a random question correct, you get a dollar off of your drink. This weekly event is the only good thing my telepathy does for me. I love my $3 boba.

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Wut, we have an OC thread?!?!
Well, i had this idea when i drawed the day 28 in smeargle inktober, i drawed a little kirby-like mage =), and, i was thinking about making it my 1st OC that is not my profile picture
432 sin título_20211202090537.png

His name is Mage, yep, its that simple,
Likes hats, and his wand, travels always, searching how to become his true- i mean searching people to show them tricks and steal their lif- for fun, his wand is his most important thing it obiously doesnt drain the life source of other living things with it =) "wink wink", also, dont try to see in his hat, you wouldnt want to see whats in it, also, likes to eat chocolate and drink soup...
Also if it isnt obious, it floats.

Well thats my first OC, just btw, the stars in his back are background

433 sin título_20211202090955.png

Name : idk its an ameba
Its an water ameba (dont know if that exists) that evolved and has a phone where it draws and talks in discord and smogon.crom

How did i did with my first OCs =)??? , probably im gonna never have human OCs because im so bad drawing people, but im gonna try
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