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Disclaimer: Smogon is not responsible for any transactions regarding commissions

Have you ever wanted art for something, but it isn’t related to The Workshop? Maybe you want something personal for yourself, or for a project you are doing. If you got some cash lying around, maybe you would want to hire an artist to help you out! Alas, the commissions section is here! Now you can hire artists to draw for you, and artists, now you have a place to apply to do some work and get a little money on the side. Please be sure to follow all the rules.

-All art requested and made needs to be appropriate, that means do not make posts that are hateful or racist in nature. In addition, please do not post pornography or explicit, gore-intensive images or requests. Non-explicit works that are more suggestive will be judged on a case-by-case basis. Do your best to use hide tags and warn viewers if you're not sure your image is appropriate. The term Not Safe For Work (NSFW) is a good label to use in these situations, so that users know what to expect.

-For the commissioners, be as descriptive as you can for what you want to be done. The less details you give an artist, the more they have to guess as to what you want done. This can lead to frustration and art that doesn’t fit your idea.

-Both the commissioner and the artist must agree on how to receive and pay a transaction, there are a few places you can do transactions ex: PayPal

-Some artists ask for partial payment before the art is done, you must respect this or not commission them at all.

How to commission
There are two ways you can go about commissioning an artist here, You can post below with details and wait for an artist to reply to it, or contact an artist who has commissions open.

List of artists available for commissions:

LifeisDANK (prefers you to contact in forum PMs or Typhany#9373 on Discord comission info here)
Modeling Clay : (prefers you to PM them or contact them at Clay#9838 on the Smeargle Discord; note: custom trainer avi's are only 10 $, no more, no less)
FellFromtheSky (ways to contact:,@fellfromtheskys on twitter, FellFromtheSky#4369 on Discord)
Foxeaf (prefers contact by or @VivinkArt on Twitter)
h_n_g_m_n ( Contact:, hngmn#1614 on Discord)
Inkblot : commission info. Contact via forum PM, or reply in the linked thread.
Reiga : commission info. (Contact via reigaheres@gmail, @reigaheres on Twitter or Reiga#0620 on Discord)
Mova : oil paintings and MS Paint art (contact via Mova#9977 on Discord or @Smogon_Mova on Twitter)
Kaiju Bunny: traditional and digital works > commission info (contact via forum PMs or Hannah#6065 on Discord)
monomite: commission info. (ways to contact:, @mono_luca on Instagram, or @mono_luca on Twitter
Dharma: (ways to contact: Forum PMs, Dharma#1113 on Discord, @dharma.eps on Instagram, or
MamOwOswine (ways to contact: via forum PM or on Discord: mamu#7101)
tiki (ways to contact: via forum PM or on Discrd: tiki#7124)
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Status: Closed temporarily

I've been in development of a tabletop card game since Septemberish of 2017. It's a fairly ambitious endeavor and it's been quite time consuming. So far, I've been responsible for creating all my own assets in terms of the card designs and player's guide, but I'm now at a place where I'm ready to sink a considerable monetary investment into the project, which means I'm going to need real life honest to God fantasy art to stick on the cards. My short-term goal is to accumulate enough artwork for a few prototype decks, get them printed professionally, and expand testing beyond my alpha group to local game stores and game conventions in the area.

This is where I need you, the artist.

I've been commissioning someone I found here in Smeargle's Studio to do concept art, and just recently we entered into an agreement for him to produce 10 new pieces to go on the cards. As much as I enjoy working with him, it's going to take more than one artist to populate my collection. However, as I have a particular spectrum of styles in mind, I'll be looking for artists who can create within that space.

My game's theme straddles the quasi-medieval lore of High Fantasy and the whimsy of video game-style RPGs. This generates a variety of design possibilities for you to explore, so long as the art is never excessively cartoonish, anime, gothic, violent, or sexual. Keep a primary audience of 12 to 17-year-olds in mind, with a little wiggle room for younger and older players as well.

I have a few categories of work needed. Please look at the sample images provided to get an idea of the art styles/level of complexity. Included are my ideal prices, but I take other offers into consideration.

▶ Characters
Here you find the game's warriors, beasts, and mechanized contraptions. In MTG these would be your Creatures and in Hearthstone your Minions. Fairly straightforward stuff.


▶ Inanimate Objects
These are the individual equipment (swords, armor, potions, books, etc) and also the structures or settings of the game (castles, walls, taverns, ruins, ships, forests, graveyards, etc).

Small items, simple background. (A sword.)

Big items, more detailed background. (A castle. A forest.)

▶ Action Scenes
Can encompass large-scale events, such as a charging army, or the intimate act of reading a scroll or planting a knife into somebody's back. (The focus here is on the action rather than the character, so characters within this composition shouldn't be as detailed as the ones in the first category.)

Small-scale action. (A swipe of a sword. Firing a cannon. Conjuring up a spell.)

Large-scale action. (Multiple characters/events. More detail.)

Nuts n Bolts
Full color fantasy art delivered in a digital format. Please note that the original medium does not have to be digital, but the final product must be high quality enough for digital reproduction and printing.

Files must be delivered in 300dpi or higher, with dimensions of roughly 16:9 (~1280x720), .PNG format where possible.

The subject should be centered within the frame. No borders. Please keep artist signatures/marks close to the edge of the work. (It may be cropped out of the frame on the card, but if the art is used elsewhere such as on a website or packaging, it will be displayed if possible.)

Unless stated otherwise, backgrounds should be kept fairly simple. I want the main focus to be on the character or item. Ideally, this saves you time and saves me money.

Promptness, professionalism, and payment. A willingness to compromise and a desire to maintain a lasting relationship for future commissions.

Agithos has agreed to be listed as a reference should you want to ask him questions about what it's like working with me.

The artist retains 100% ownership of his or her work. What I'm buying is a semi-exclusive right to reproduce and feature the art in my game for a determined period of time, otherwise known as a licensing agreement. While under this contract, you may exhibit or sell copies of your art, but you may not enter into an agreement with another third party to grant them similar rights.

Prior to final payment, I'll send you the license agreement to read and sign electronically. (It's a fairly standard agreement I found online. There's nothing tricky going on—it's only there to protect you the artist and your work and me the licensor for paying you to use it.)

In order to sign this agreement, I will need to collect your name and address. THERE IS A SECTION OF THE AGREEMENT THAT STRICTLY PROHIBITS THE SHARING OF CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. I will not under any circumstances ever ever ever share any of your identifying information outside the bounds of the agreement. I also expect the same from you with regards to confidential information about me and my game.

In no way will our partnership here have any influence on the other sections of Smogon or on Pokemon Showdown. I will not exert my position to grant you favors or facilitate undue punishment, nor should you attempt to gain leverage elsewhere by entering into an agreement with me.

No reciprocity besides licensing rights and money shall be exchanged.

I reserve the right to cancel a commission if I feel the artist is not following the requirements or fails to meet the deadline.

Please PM me here or on Discord (Eevee General#3491). Serious inquiries only. If your going rate is more than my offer, feel free to negotiate. I'm happy to strike a deal.

Include a link to your recent work and list any of the categories from above that you want to work in, plus any other preferences. Also include any caps on assignments (e.g. "I want to do 5 pieces" / "I can create as many as you want") and relevant information such as absences or commitments that may interfere with deadlines.

After evaluating your sample work, considering any adjustments to your rate, and reviewing the inventory of what I need done, I will reply with an assignment and set out our terms. I will try to be as detailed as possible ahead of time, but never hesitate to request clarity or more guidance before starting the assignment! I also prefer to be updated with sketches, coloring, etc, to keep us both on the same page before the final delivery.

I look forward to hearing from you!
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If some of you want social media coverage for commissions let me know and we will arrange a twitter post on the SmogonU account. We already retweet the commissions of Smogon artists there, but if you don't have twitter we can post a link to your profile/DeviantArt/etc and maybe a poster to bring attention to your commissions post.
I'm looking for an artist(not necessarily with great skills) for a banner.

Hi, i'm making a tournament. And to make the form more beautiful, i need a banner. Can somebody make a banner for me? A banner that attracts attention. Great skills in drawing and design are not required. I wish you a good day.
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Hey! I am now officially taking commissions for both traditional and digital works!
If you'd like me to make something for you, I'm more easily accessible through forum PMs or through Discord (Hannah#6065)
For more info such as prices and examples of my work, check out my site here!​
Hey, not sure if this is the right place to post but I'm looking for someone who could help me with a YouTube banner. Just DM me if youre interested or msg me on Discord Cash#1192. Thanks!
Hello everyone. I need 8 unique team logos please, each with their own specific criteria and color scheme. They’d need to be completed no later than mid March, but sooner is better if reasonably possible. Discord is definitely the best way to discuss this with me and go over some details.

Ryan Spring#9159

Thank you for your time. :)


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Hello! I'm open for commissions for logos / minimalist artwork / graphic design (image manipulation, banners, etc). Examples are below:

For details and prices (which vary depending on the project), message me here on Smogon, on Discord @Dharma#1113, on Instagram @dharma.eps, or at
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hey im open for commissions <3
DM me here or on discord @mamu7101- i dont bite :)
would be down for anything, from game concept art to cover illustrations!
(also do 3d modeling on the side - ask me!)
also talk to me about game dev, could be interested in joining a team!

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The protests and ensuing social media blitz have given me a lot to think about in terms of my own positionality / relative political silence on this site, but I think it's best I sat back and let other voices be heard right now. However, I will still be doing my part to support the black voices across the country fighting for justice and equality.

DM or email me at with a screenshot of your (RECENT) donation receipt along with any references/descriptions (these will be graphite drawings on index cards edited digitally).

Even if you're not interested in a commission, please think about donating to local bail funds and BIPOC-run change agents /businesses. Here's a link in the comments to an extensive google doc with resources on actions you can take which are NOT limited to donation-

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