Who is LifeisDANK?

Sup, I'm LifeisDANK. You can call me Tiffany though, or DANK it doesn't really matter either way. I'm currently an art student in college majoring in Communication Arts. So, hopefully that will lead towards me doing something on the lines of illustration or concept art. I spend most of my time being awake for many hours or days, which leads me to having a lot of time to draw, which is pretty chill because I mostly just take up articles or requests I get to fill the time.

Smogon Biography

I came onto Smogon for reasons unknown to even myself. I almost know how to kinda use the site, which is decent enough for me. After a while, I was told about how you can be an artist on here and do art for articles and Facebook. So that obviously happened. Sweet.

Art preferences

I do various things, as of recent I've been glued to doing digital art, but I've been doing paintings and other traditional things on the side, I also enjoy sculpting a lot, but haven't been able to make anything like that lately. I would describe my digital art style as fast with colorful soft globby gloops that are painted with more colorful soft globby gloops and outlining it with a brush and calling it line art. It's quite fun actually.



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