Smeargle's Studio Resources

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Here's a list of helpful threads that are certainly worth a look if you're planning on getting involved with Smeargle's Studio's community. If you want to check out everything this forum has to offer, don't hesitate to visit the below links!

Rule Threads

These are the first threads anyone should take some time to look through before venturing deeper into the studio, as well as other helpful advice supplied from our own users!

Smeargle's Studio rules and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you're thinking about posting in the forum, the first thing you should do is to take a look and read this thread so you can be aware of what you should and shouldn't do. Knowing the rules makes your time on the forums better and makes the moderator's time much easier. Aside from that, if you have any questions about Smeargle's Studio, you came to the right place! Feel free to make a post with your question and a staff member will have an answer for you shortly. Another place where you can read about what's expected of new users can be found here.

Smeargle's Laptop Rules

If you are more interested in image editing rather than creating original art from scratch, such as banners, signatures, or wacky sprite fusions, then you've probably decided to take a look at the Smeargle's Laptop subforum. Much like the Studio's rules, you should take your time to read these as well if you plan on posting in this subforum.

Professor Smeargle: Art Tutorials and Tutoring Thread

If you're looking to improve your artistic skills, this is the right place for advice on that. With an insane amount of useful tutorials, guides and videos by successful smogon artists, you'll certainly want to pay this thread a couple of visits during your time on Smeargle's Studio.


Once you get used to Smeargle's Studio environment and get familiar with the rules, you're probably going to want to participate and get more involved with the community. Below you can find a wide choice of threads and events just waiting for your contribution!

Daily Draw Challenge

One of the many activities the PS! Art room has is the daily draw challenge. There are no prizes involved and is instead an opportunity to break out of your comfort zone, so this thread is just a casual place to share your results from the challenge!

Collaboration Thread

As the name says, you can collaborate with other smogon artists and share the results here! Maybe you have a sketch or some line art that you don't plan on finishing? If so, pay this thread a visit and share some of the unfinished work you have, there may be some fellow artists interested in finishing it.

Battle - Free for All

Another fun thread where you try to think of ways to defeat the previous Pokémon victor, but through the power of art! Take a shot at defeating the last entry using any Pokémon and means necessary, where the best entries can score a place on this page.

The Smeargle's Studio Writing Thread

We're not only about visual art, and this thread proves it! Share your short and long stories here, as well as feedback on the stories of others. Or just enjoy reading all the amazing stuff your fellow Smeargle's Studians wrote.

The Smeargle's Studio Music Megathread

Your very own music box! Embrace your musical talents and share recordings of either you playing or singing or someone else performing a song that you wrote. If singing isn't your cup of tea, you can always listen to the creations of other talented smogon musicians.

Smeargle's Studio Photography Thread

Anything and everything photography related is shared and discussed here. Talk about cameras that you want or have, or explore various photography tutorials.

get your hands full

Forum Contributions

Maybe you are interested in offering your artistic skills to various forum projects? If that's the case, here are some threads that are worth taking a look at! A more in-depth explanation for each thread can be found here.

The Workshop

Much like the Artwork for Tournaments thread, here's where people who start various projects and threads can request images to make the thread more appealing to the readers. If you're willing to help and have some spare time in your hands, you should definitely consider visiting The Workshop!

XY Sprite Project: Pixel Perfect

For all the talented spriters out there, this is the ideal place for contributing your pixel making skills. The sprites you make will be used in Pokémon Showdown! and Smogon! This thread may not be a perfect place for a newcomer in spriting, as the project looks for a certain amount of quality.

Sun/Moon Sprite Project: Dawn of a New Day

A continuation of the XY Sprite Project, the Sun/Moon Sprite Project is also the perfect place for experienced pixel artists to contribute their talents towards sprites that will be used on Pokémon Showdown! and Smogon for Generation VII.

Site Contributions

There are multiple areas around Smogon that greatly benefits from having artwork of good quality to go alongside their content, so naturally, there are threads set up to organise this as well! Be aware, however, that you need to pass an art evaluation before you start contributing to these areas, you can read more about how to get approved here.

Art for Articles

The numerous on-site articles about subjects such as battle strategy or anything related to competitive Pokémon play are always in need of quality illustrations. Here is where you can sign up to illustrate an article of your choice! Along with that, if you have issues with too tight drawing deadlines, worry not! There are no set deadlines for you to finish your artwork, although you shouldn't drag the process too much.

Artwork for Facebook

Smogon's quite popular facebook page is also a great place for offering your talents, so if you're planning on making an effort on an art piece, why not make it a contribution for our facebook page? Go ahead and reserve a spot now!