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Welcome to Smogon's artist index! This is a list of everyone with an Artist badge at Smogon, complete with a sample or two of each artist's work, a brief summary of their style, and a list of their accolades. Note, however, that not every artist has an Artist badge yet, so be sure to check out the forum for up-and-coming artists. Further down the page are also lists containing the names of our more specialised artists.

We try to update the list of contributions in each profile regularly. Contributions for the following areas were last updated:

  • Smogon's Flying Press: September 5th 2022
  • Smogon's Facebook page: July 23rd 2018

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The Artist badge was, for some time, not rewarded to spriters, as there was no need for any sprites, but with the popularity of Create-A-Pokémon as well as the XY Sprite Project, which creates Gen V-style sprites, it became clear that these pixel artisans also needed some well-deserved acknowledgement for their contributions.

Traditional Artists:

Making traditional illustrations for digital purposes may sound like an odd approach, but the users below not only know their way around pencils and brushes, their craft also rivals that of digital artists.

Vector Artists:

Able to create slick lineart and fancy typographics, these artists are known for their fancy banners for various tournaments, team logos, and anything else that requires clean images above all.