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by Bummer for sandshrewz

Studio Updates

Ever since Smogon has had a platform to write about the state of its community, plenty of articles have been written with the intention of giving a brief overlook of what has happened in Smeargle's Studio, whether they be in The Smog webzine or Smogon's Flying Press.

Judge-A-Pokémon (JAP)

We all like and dislike certain Pokémon designs, but it may not be easy to explain why. The Judge-A-Pokémon (JAP) panels aim to get to the bottom of their preferences and also specify their strong and weak points with each example.


Mix art with interviews, and this is what you get. While the Artist badge is one way to show our appreciation for our artists' work, the Arterview is another way to give notable artists their own spotlight and an opportunity to talk about themselves.

General Art Articles

Articles that are related to art or Smeargle's Studio but don't fit in the above categories.