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The Smeargle's Studio Gallery is a collection of artwork from all parts of Smogon, be it contests, projects, or pretty much anything we'd like to give some extra attention! Start exploring!


Multiple artists fighting against each other for a chance to create the winning entry, which is decided by either judges or public polls.

Events and Collaborations

The Studio can be the gathering place fo various contests, projects, and other events that encourage artists to work together or contribute with various pictures. But in order to not let the result of those endeavours fall into obscurity, this section aims to save and catalogue everything noteworthy that has happened in Smeargle's Studio.

Create-A-Pokémon (CAP) Designs

The CAP Project is what happens when Smogon's community comes together to create a Pokémon of their own, complete with stats, movepool, a specific purpose, and of course, a design! Many artists gather in the hopes of people voting for their design to win, but since there are so many entries, a gallery was set up for both the winners and other submissions that also did well in the polls.

Miscellaneous Art

There are many areas around both Smeargle's Studio and Smogon overall that continuously receives art, so in order to acknowledge these visual works as well, this section aims to feature art that don't fit in the above categories.