Miscellaneous Art

By Bummer

Misc Art

All around Smogon, art is requested continuously, be it illustrations for forum projects, banners for tournaments, logos, you know it. Apart from that, there are also other places where artists can wind down and just draw something fun, like Battle For All or the Daily Draw challenges. Some of these images are too beautiful to not commemorate, so hopefully, this section should hopefully allow certain gems to live on a great deal longer.

Workshop submissions

The forums dedicated to Smogon's various metagames and projects can all be improved by alluring images decorating the first posts in active threads.

Tournament banners

People may be more willing to enter a tournament if thre's a kickass banner representing it. At least, that's what we'd like to believe!

Battle - Free for All

No Pokemon goes safe when any forum member are free to draw the next foe to beat the earlier victor.


Ever been discontent with the typing a Pokemon have received? Or would you like to play Gamefreak and simply redesign a mon according to your own preferences? Those who have answered those questions have their art on display here.