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Smogon is a competitive Pokémon site, so it's only natural that contests where artists challenge each other in terms of skill and wits will be held every once in a while. Here on this hub, we've saved the best entries and various honorable mentions to preserve the efforts of all hardworking artists striving to perform well under pressure, so take a gander below!

Monthly Art Contest (MAC)

Arguably the oldest tradition Smeargle's Studio has, this contest picks various themes or objectives that any participating artist must aim to complete, and while "Monthly" is in its name, the time between each contest varies. Check out this section if you want to see the top results of all previous rounds!

Gen V Frontpage Icons

After Pokémon Black and White had rolled in, Smogon's frontpage needed new icons next to eacyh section to the site to reflect how the metagame has changed. Thus, the resident artists were challenged to make sets of new icons to compete for the exposure, where plenty of people answered the call.

Gen VI Frontpage Icons

Once the metagame for Pokémon X and Y had stabilised, Smogon's frontpage was once again in need of new icons, and this time, there were mutiple winners where their work would rotate at least once based on which place they scored.

Smash Bros Introductions

The participants were challenged to create images similar to when Smash Bros announce new fighters to the game, allowing several artists to not only promote which of their favorite mons they'd like to see in such a situation, but also provide reasoning or supporting art to make their entry seem more belieavable.


Certain official Pokémon designs have left plenty to desire, and in order to tap into that energy, these contests served to let artists give their own version of what certain species lines or groups could have been.