Events and Collaborations

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Events and Collaborations

While the studio's main purpose is for everyone to express and display their creations, there's also a lot one can do to engage the whole forum in various activities. Contents instantly comes to mind, but various events and projects involving several artists can also be a fresh gust of activity that motivates the studio's regulars to break away from the norm. But rather than letting all the cool images created for these occasions fade away into the bottom pages of the forum, this directory exists to save them for future members so that they may see what our community has been up to in the past. Have a look!

Smogon's 3rd Birthday

Smogon was born unto the web December 18th 2004, and three years later, chaos asked for the aid of the studio's artists to make the occasion special. The results are all stored on the above page, here's the original thread if you want to see how it all developed.


What started out as a quick drawing eventually became a design that several studio artists chipped in to improve.

Secret Santa

A get-together at the end of each year where the studio's artists exchange art requests.

April 1st Showdown Sprites

Arguable one of the most ellaborate April Fools pranks ever performed on Smogon, this page contains all of the sprites the community produced, and here's an article that provides further information.

Card Deck

Spurred by the initiative taken by the user icepick, Smeargle's Studio began a mission to illustrate a complete Pokémon-themed deck of cards. While it took longer than originally anticipated, the end product can be viewed in its splendor in the above link.

General Collaborations

Certain art can only be created when two people join forces and cover different stages of the process. Besides, multiplayer is always fun.