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Welcome to the hub dedicated to Smogon's art community, where we aim to host numerous pieces of artwork and feature the hardworking artists who contribute to our site, as well as storing the resources already present in our main forum, Smeargle's Studio. Whether you're here to just look around or learn more about our corner of Smogon University, we hope that you'll enjoy your stay!

Don't know where to go from here? Then take a gander at our sections below, which are also available in the list to your left.

Educate yourself

This section contains basic info about Smeargle Studio, how the forum works, what the Artist badge is all about, and other handy stuff to learn. If you're a new artist on the block, then this would be a good place to check out, as it covers what you need to know about contributing art to Smogon.

Don't litter

This is the heart and soul of any artist establishment, where we showcase various pieces of artwork that have been produced for various forum activities, contests, and events. Illustrations made for articles and media announcements aren't included because they are already featured in their appropriate places, so this section is primary for images that don't have a reliable image host. If you want to peruse article artwork, head over to the artist profiles. Speaking of which...

Open 24/7

When artist has contributed enough artwork to Smogon of good quality, they'll earn the Artist badge, which, among other things, gives them their own profile on this very hub! If you want to know a bit more about our resident artists or retired veterans (or at least as much they're willing to share :V), make sure to pay their profile a visit. We've also listed all the articles and sites where these artists have their art hosted, so if you want to peruse the artwork of a particular artist, this is the place to be.

Be prepared

Smeargle's Studio has a whole bunch of interesting threads and activities that all users, new and old, can participate in. This section is particularly useful for those new to the Studio and could use a good overview of what's available to them, be it useful information or fun activities. If you're a talented artist looking to contribute with your artwork, this is also a good place to see what avenues are open for you.

Stay tuned

Over the course of time, there have been plenty of re-occurring article series or other articles dedicated to Smeargle's Studio or Smogon's art community, which have been archived in this section.