Who is sandshrewz?

I'm a tiny yellow ball thing that lives underground :D! Hahaha I kid. I'm currently an undergraduate studying computer engineering. 0/10 would not recommend hahaha. I was active on Smogon for a short period of around 2012-2013 but activity dwindled due to serving national service. Those times are kept fondly in my memories.

Art wise, I am no artist and have no related background. I just really like to doodle a lot and it keeps me awake during boring lessons :P Being able to contribute art to the site or for friends on the forum was fun too. Seeing how the site and media platforms from The Smog, The Competitor, Smogon Facebook, etc have evolved was cool.

Smogon Biography

A classmate in 2010 introduced me to the world of competitive Pokemon, and of course, that would lead me to Smogon. We mostly played on the largely unknown simulator known as Pokemon Laboratory AKA Shoddy Battle 2. I made the name "sandshrewz" because "sandshrew" was already taken on PokeLab lol and so I registered the same forum name too hahaha.

Fast forward to late 2011/early 2012, bored of school work, I lurked the forums and found myself in the C&C forum and eventually #grammar. It was also through C&C articles and The Smog that I learned of all the amazing artists on the site and so I went and browsed the Smeargle's Studio. At that time I was really itching to do some Pokemon art but all I had was a netbook (not even a laptop lol), and faced difficulties trying to make art on digital mediums. I remember myself being excited when I came across Kevin Garrett's tutorial post on making art using Microsoft Word. With some minor differences I preferred using PowerPoint instead and that was how I started making Pokemon art, in one of the most painstaking and laborious manner. I did get a drawing tablet some time later and moved on to doing hand drawn art as well but the super clean style PowerPoint gave was something I missed too.

My involvement with The Smog saw me being involved with all parts of its processes: writing, GP, HTML, and of course Art. Some time later I was also brought into The Smog's moderation team. I will always remember all the hectic rush and long hours we pulled to push out each issue. Those were certainly some fun times haha :D

During my active days I still played some Pokemon on simulators. Interestingly, I've never played any actual Pokemon game past the 3rd Gen as I only owned a GameBoy Advance SP and none of the newer consoles. My favorite metagames played were DPP OU, BW RU, and BW NU. Alternatively, I really liked Challenge Cup too and Type C (modes that deviate heavily from the normal metas) tournaments hosted on the forums. While I no longer actively contribute to the site, I still regularly log in and browse the forums, mostly the Cong forum, which is basically where all half retired Smogon members lay xD


The Smog

The Competitor