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Sellin' Slowpoke Tail

Who is Rocket Grunt?

Rocket Grunt was mostly active in Smeargle's Studio from April 2009 to August 2010. During this time he was not attending school, but worked a few shitty jobs and was involved in some small acting and voice-over projects. Eventually he got his stuff straight and re-enrolled. He doesn't post drawings on the internet as often, but still wastes a lot of time playing Minecraft and other games on Steam when he's not doing homework. You might have seen some of his drawings on *chan websites or Reddit.

The first bunch of his images posted on Smogon were done on an oekaki board with a mouse. Later he got his hands on a Wacom tablet and also started scanning pencil sketches. Sometimes he combines scanned drawings with color through Adobe Photoshop. Most of them feature a warm muted palette, but show a loose grasp of depth and weight. He tends to be heavy-handed in textures and is rarely meticulous enough to include a background. He has an immature sense of humor, likes exaggerated facial expressions, and his line drawings are whippy and gestural.

Smogon Biogaphy

Rocket Grunt has contributed images for Smogon's webzine The Smog since its beginning in May 2009. He received his badge that following July. He attends a notable art and design school in New York City. His sign is Gemini and he enjoys long walks on the beach and strawberry ice cream.

Art preferences

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