Official Smogon Tournament XVIII - Round 1-D

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fuck nintendo
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Activity Wins

Specs over Xertaii
Groudon over halbe
velvet over Llamaking472
Proxxd999 over ArrowFighter333
yovan33321 over VacationIncoming
Keahi over Nightdido
Drookez over Dragonxya
bulufan14 over Monkeygod88
Rumor over Chhayank
Yelodash over twash
AquaVanilla over Maxvalito
Expulso over Endminer
jcbc over buttn00b; stopped replying before scheduling was complete
czim over Davis<3Beedrill
Quint_ over yagamauri; two missed times
Allen-xia over Slakoth
YGBLAZTEDB over wildkennedykid
Fant'sy Beast over TheToastedOne
Steez Ibanez over unreal reshiram
advaita over ShinySkrelps
Hevxav over Hangfire
NeoNaruto over Terraquaza
camiam098 over epic17x
Mercupty over Souleres550
entrocefalo over Wafflewithsyrup
Armada over LudiZaboodi
TerminatorWW over xsinner
Kezakoopa over Fivell
Lucas Feuer over Darth Solus
Eeveeto over sleazea
Elwka over tutdada
Skyrio over jscurf26
mael over G-Bombz
Robert over pkmnsd929293
Nowno over Mega-Pokebattlerz
Weaselfie over Palolz
TheFlyingHam over B3N99
Marshall.Law over Absou1
Jhonx~ over itsduke
ChompGInc over isome mn
Zerotti over Lil Merry
Me hate me over Arcoos
Yk4509 over dtc47
AtraX Madara over zerohugo23
ramboss over profdesinnoh
Hyogafodex over darius45
Clouds over Shub
Detlef Steves over Creeper43


itzmelvl8 and Blastoise Expert; scheduling was not public and you both made an act claim. You're both active though, so get it done and schedule in public going forward.
Myzozoa and SHSP; missed time but posted after, both players are active, extension should get it done
Autistic Soviet and Asuno


goomykino over TadaRinri
Snowy over shiloh
GogodsG over Smooge
Caiya over Psycloneo777
SmellyJacket over Drewofthedragon
StarGuardianMiku over blue1254
jonathan_best24 over Tekshotz
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