Official Smogon Tournament XX - Round 1-A

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How do I find out who my opponent is btw I'll try to schedule something immediately i just haven't looked at this thread in a while

never mind ignore this ima contact them soon


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First round of subs in since it's been more than 24 hours since you were all tagged.

levinvl, ny0711, Calypso Is Crazy, zachabela12345, orion1713, ysf.Nartinez, runningwritingreading, leo568, MrAmbassador, ms_DiosMagikarp, dkdong, pizzaman48, pumpost, hasboom, wjq, jethro ntale, magenta maylene, neveringstar, agencyisown, Knightsharp, YUNG GOAT, Eternal Spirit, notmadeinchina, Light DN, alter eevee, smileysb, toljs, gugapmr, lucho_404, f4nt45m, Staraptor, thijmepas, lusa, Squives, stattrainermarley2, tuggabullgur, bluprz, volcanionisgood, bigdedenne, sloshingmachined, civanna, RyoTarui, sevenn, SHIMA, flare boost, Bigslime Manifest, aurabro, King Koga, thequeenfisher, escarba, turtwigswiththrohs, lolimdabeast, akashi, daylight13, BruhhGirl, and ShinyAlolamola are all subbed out.

Subs in:
Screenshot 2024-01-26 141903.png

Screenshot 2024-01-26 141922.png

Screenshot 2024-01-26 141937.png

Screenshot 2024-01-26 141951.png

Screenshot 2024-01-26 142006.png

Screenshot 2024-01-26 142022.png

Screenshot 2024-01-26 142035.png

New matchups:

AxonVGC  vs  Tytohbird
namanisking  vs  SuperOinge22
Pajomar  vs  Atreeus
MTB  vs  Rayo joaquin
INSULT  vs  mncmt
Bassai Dai  vs  abdulziz
Giovanni but good  vs  Nkc1201*
Tinii  vs  Swynot
Visible Man  vs  hammer798
jerojenol  vs  Hacker
NicolasMarley  vs  sumitvs138
Farnsworth  vs  SeanBonJoviii
bardicinspiration  vs  wavyish
Dezpa1r  vs  M Dragon
Reze  vs  TPH
Watercelly  vs  JspKiC
trainer_j0nathan  vs  Ampokemon
samorathis  vs  AlyssaVGC
Milkshook  vs  ilnam
Nico Serrano  vs  backgroundcolors
StarsoulProductions  vs  brilliance1234
Cao Jie  vs  Fabriisse
Sensibility  vs  Skalmon
zS  vs  Lord Ninjax
Holy Cheetos  vs  kDCA
loomishh24  vs  GeniusX
Grooby  vs  Breezy
NotVeryCake  vs  TheDragonDealer
PokeDestined99  vs  joangaes_
Jumpylantern  vs  Leavers
Chris Chien Pao  vs  Qbking3
Flygon pl0as  vs  Armada
Shakur  vs  a fairy
Uta The Clown  vs  Forten
Sweet Sok  vs  gum
Gei  vs  T8rguy
Gigolo JC Denton  vs  Seraphz
Kaneki-san  vs  Paycard
AmericanPi  vs  Fearlesschi
Jonen  vs  2MuchSAWCE
jamesSenin  vs  Xyldaz
empoleon621  vs  Sapientia
HANTSUKI  vs  Zerotti
MikeTheEntei  vs  ZeroKitss
GirlsSeeGhosts  vs  JJ09LIE
baibaiats  vs  xavgb
dex  vs  Eoward
Exiline  vs  Ewin
klg1220  vs  spookykitten1
Don Bork  vs  kinjiko
thebestever543  vs  OranBerryBlissey10

Please contact your new opponent as soon as possible. There's a good chance of a second round of substitutions, and if you do not contact your new opponent you may be tagged for that.
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