Official Smogon University Simulator Statistics — September 2012

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I feel really stupid for asking this because there is either no answer to it or the answer is really obvious, but under Moveset Statistics what is the order in which the EVs are classified.

I thought Standard was

Though the Statistics should very strange EV spreads if they were to follow that Standard order.

This is just confusing me to no end.
you're misreading it, it's hp / atk / satk / def / spe / sdef iirc

yeah the order is kinda weird >_>
This should answer to your question.


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EVs should be in standard order:


If they're not, it's a typo. Send me an example of a wonky order?

Edit: I see it--Genesect. Very strange that only Genesect should have a wonky order (the rest look correct). I'll see if I can figure out what's going on.

Edit 2: Found the glitch. Fixed it. Next month's stats should be correct.
Contrary Serperior made a jump from 15 to 4 in one month... is this due to the addition of Dragon Pulse alone or were there other factors I am missing?

Gamefreak hurry up and release DW BW starters so I can "officially" start using mine!!
i actually hope they don't release the remaining unreleased hidden ability mons or if not that make it all IRL events with insanely small obtaining windows and male only releases so that no one can share them.


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Just finished adding support for teammate stats to my scripts.

I'm doing the top 12. As an example, here's what Politoed looks like (based on my sample dataset, which consisted of logs from the first third of this month or so):

 | Teammates                              | 
 | Ferrothorn 38.075%                     | 
 | Tornadus-Therian 31.623%               | 
 | Jirachi 22.724%                        | 
 | Dragonite 22.515%                      | 
 | Toxicroak 20.873%                      | 
 | Tentacruel 20.685%                     | 
 | Thundurus-Therian 20.143%              | 
 | Genesect 18.083%                       | 
 | Vaporeon 13.240%                       | 
 | Breloom 12.901%                        | 
 | Rotom-Wash 12.652%                     | 
 | Scizor 12.516%                         | 
 | Other 253.971%                         | 
For this question, I'm going to need someone who is knowledgeable in all tiers: what tier is best for a stall player? I've spent the last few weeks searching around the other tiers to find this answer, but all tiers seem to have problems for stall:

-Ubers: relies a lot on skill, something like Mewtwo has no counters
-OU: why I want to leave for a while: Genesect
-UU: I tried UU a bit, but Mew really hurts
-RU: looks idea until I did some research, something like Magmortar with prediction and fuck any stall team
-NU: actually doesn't look half bad, but the lack of spikers in this tier really hurts team building

So for for all you crazy "all tiers" people, which tier is the best for me to stall in?

edit: pfff wrong tread


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scarfwynaut, if you look at the metagame analyses, the proportion of semi stall / full stall teams are:

  • OU: 5.5% semi / 3.4% full
  • UU: 4.5% / 2.3%
  • RU: 3.9% / 1.8%
  • NU: 5.1% / 2.1%
  • Ubers: 8.2% / 2.8%

Obviously, what you REALLY want to know is what percentage of those teams are TOP teams, but I can tell you from experience that stall is alive and kicking in OU, and, as long as your team is well-designed, RU stall is quite viable again, now that Goth is banned and Cof is RU. I have a Slowking/Audino/Amoonguss regenerator core which laughs at Magmortar and plays quite well against Nidoqueen (Scarf Rotom-C and Steelix help a lot in both situations).

I play more on the HO side in Ubers, and I usually find I can power my way through the likes of Lugia and Giratina, the primary forces of Uber stall, so I can't really give too much insight there...
i have no experience with it but gsc is by far the stalliest meta in the history of pokemon. chilling on #pokemon yesterday zfs recommended i try gsc redux which reduces the extreme stalliness of gsc without making it unviable. again i haven't tried it, but if i eventually give up on OU for the next few rounds, that's where i'll be headed next.
I think he's talking about current generation. But you're right, GSC OU is definitely the "slowest" metagame I've ever played, by far. RSE OU was also quite slow-paced, but not as much (this was when I joined Smogon). It's unbelievable how much things have changed to be honest. Back when I joined the average OU team would be something like Skarmory + Blissey, spinner (e.g. Claydol), spin-blocker (e.g. Dusclops), Calm Mind Suicune, Zapdos (or something like that). And people would use Focus Punch on Gengar (and lots of other things), and moves like Curse were very common, also combos like Rest/Sleep Talk or Endure/Reversal/Flail, as were Salac/Liechi/Petaya Berries, and so on. And people would EV everything to have 401 or 404 HP, now people EV to hit certain speeds instead. Just so different to now, and definitely more defesively minded back then.

As for the current generation, I'd say NU is the best for stall, but even in that tier it's not particularly big.
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