(Old) Scavengers Ladder (June 2018 - May 2020)

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Reserving an incognito official for May 9th @ 12:00 PM EDT / 4:00 PM GMT!

Thanks to litt and pants for qc

The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: 3.14dgeot-Mega [03:14].
2nd place: p0ip0le ∆ [06:16].
3rd place: Computerwizard8800 [06:20].
4th place: AbuBatata [08:11].
5th place: Mike the Entei [12:46].
Consolation Prize: TurtalKatThing [17:30], 111ace111 [18:28], celesteeal!!! [20:22], An_Azurill [43:49], ProfSapling [01:01:07]

1) A facility located in the Global Terminal looks identical to a Good (i.e. Decoration used in The Underground). Name this facility. [Geonet]
2) Two songs from previous main-series games were remixed in Pokemon X and Y, and can be heard within certain houses in Kalos. Name the two songs alphabetically. [How About a Song? "An Unwavering Heart", How About a Song? "Jubilife City" / "An Unwavering Heart", "Jubilife City"]
3) A location is only stated in four lines of dialogue in the main series games, in which one states the location is located in a distant land and was where 2 Gym Leaders, who specialise in the same type, first met. However, in the anime, the location is located in Unova. Name this location. [Village of Dragons]
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Reserving a Scav games for May 10th @ 9:00 PM GMT, QC'd by litt, and QC'd and hosted by Pants.

The results are in! Congratz to the only final finisher mgperson, as well as all the other participants!
1st place: mgperson (Finished)
2nd place: ProfSapling (Round 7)
3rd place: Kingchandelure (Round 4)
4th place: Bulbasaurbuddy (Round 3 - 1st)
5th place: Mike the Entei (Round 3 - 2nd)
Consolation prize: computerwizard8800, turtalkatthing, celesteeal, anazurill, 111ace111, shatterene, (Round 3) beastboy1971, (Round 2) captanpasta (Round 1)

Full log of the rounds:
Round 1 - mgperson, Computerwizard8800, ProfSapling, TurtalKatThing, celesteeal!!!, An_Azurill, captanpasta, 111ace111, King‽Chandelure, bulbasaurbuddy ♪, BeastBoy1971, shatterene, and Mike the Entei have successfully completed the last hunt and have moved on to the next round!

Round 2 - captanpasta has been eliminated! mgperson, Computerwizard8800, ProfSapling, TurtalKatThing, celesteeal!!!, An_Azurill, 111ace111, King‽Chandelure, bulbasaurbuddy ♪, BeastBoy1971, shatterene, and Mike the Entei have successfully completed the last hunt and have moved on to the next round!

Round 3 - beastboy1971 has been eliminated! mgperson, Computerwizard8800, ProfSapling, TurtalKatThing, celesteeal!!!, An_Azurill, 111ace111, King‽Chandelure, bulbasaurbuddy ♪, shatterene, and Mike the Entei have successfully completed the last hunt and have moved on to the next round!

Round 4 - computerwizard8800, turtalkatthing, celesteeal, anazurill, 111ace111, bulbasaurbuddy, shatterene, and miketheentei have been eliminated! mgperson, ProfSapling, and King‽Chandelure have successfully completed the last hunt and have moved on to the next round!

Round 5 - kingchandelure has been eliminated! mgperson and ProfSapling have successfully completed the last hunt and have moved on to the next round!

Round 6 - mgperson and ProfSapling have successfully completed the last hunt and have moved on to the next round!

Round 7 - mgperson and ProfSapling have successfully completed the last hunt and have moved on to the next round!

Round 8 - profsapling has been eliminated! mgperson have successfully completed the last hunt and have moved on to the next round!
Congratulations to the winner - mgperson!

Complete list of solutions:
Hunt 1:
These were the first ever released english Pokémon games. | Blue Red; Red Blue
This is the highest level Pokémon owned by either Red or Blue in HGSS. | Pikachu
This anime character's Pikachu appears in the most Pokémon seasons. | Ash

Hunt 2:
The recovery type item with the word ash in it is often associated with this Pokémon. | Ho-oh
This Gen2 Pokémon is also a palindrome. | Girafarig
Name the newest Pokémon with the same type as Girafarig. | Indeedee

Hunt 3:
Indeedee shares a certain ability with exactly 1 other Pokémon. Name that Pokémon. | Tapu Lele
Name the signature Z-move of Tapu Lele. | Guardian of Alola
This Pokémon spin-off series has a game whose name contains the word 'Guardian'. | Pokemon ranger; ranger

Hunt 4:
aQrator | Pokémon Ranger is also a trainer class. Name the two games where the class was introduced. | Ruby Sapphire; Sapphire Ruby | Celio wants you to collect the Ruby and Sapphire in Fire Red and Leaf Green. Name the location where these items are collected from the player in those games. | One island | Name the location north of the town One Island where you can catch Moltres and find the Ruby. | Mt. Ember

Hunt 5:
A certain TCG deck that contains the word Ember also contains the name of another move. Name that move. | Spark
A formerly unique move contains the word 'Spark'. Name the Pokémon that learns it through levelup. | Primarina
Name the formerly signature ability of the fully-evolved Pokémon that shares its type with Primarina, and that was not introduced in the same generation. | Huge Power

Hunt 6:
This Pokémon has Huge Power as its only ability. | Mawile-Mega; Mega Mawile | Name the Pokémon with the same type combination as Mawile, introduced in the same gen as Mega Mawile. | Klefki | This Pokémon is the same color as Klefki and also has one of its abilities. | Volbeat

Hunt 7:
Volbeat had a signature move in gen 3. Name the move. | Tail Glow
Name the Pokémon that also learns Tail Glow since gen 4. | Manaphy
Manaphy also has a formerly unique move. Name the Pokémon that learns it now, removing its uniqueness. | Magearna

Final hunt 8:
This Pokémon is in the same singles and doubles tier as Magearna was in gen7. | Jirachi
Name the Pokémon whose multiple formes are also gen7 OU, but its base forme is not. | Charizard
We're coming all the way back around. Charizard is on the face of this Gen1 Pokémon game released before 2000. | Red
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Litt and I hosted an odyssey.

The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: celesteeal!!! [15:10].
2nd place: AbuBatata [17:21].
3rd place: 3.14dgeot-Mega [20:10].
4th place: smii [20:52].
5th place: TurtalKatThing [28:30].
Consolation Prize: ProfSapling [29:00], bulbasaurbuddy ♪[37:28], cheese555 [40:04], KingChandelure [41:55], The Frozen One [42:30], Christmas [45:08], fear火fire火22 [49:35], Notater517 [51:21], An_Azurill [54:07], aQrator [01:02:05], BeastBoy1971 [01:10:53], AliasHallow [02:01:51]

1) This pokemon's category name is the same as its unique ability, a trait it shares with an NFE Pokemon from the same generation as it. [Mimikyu]
2) This unique move belongs to a Pokemon that shares a type with Mimikyu, who was voted #1 favorite Pokemon in its region on the same poll that landed Mimikyu as #1 from Alola. [Dragon Darts]
3) Within Pokemon Sword and Shield, these are the two other signature moves that hit opponents twice (and only twice) and that share their type. (Alpha order) [Double Iron Bash Gear grind]
4) Within Pokemon Sword and Shield, these are the two only other signature move that hit opponents multiple times (not always twice) that share their types. (Alpha order) [Arm thrust Triple Kick]
5) Excluding forms, this is the only Pokemon that learns neither of the 2 previous answers whose typing had only 1 Pokemon in gen 6, 3 Pokemon in gen 7, and 0 Pokemon in gen 8. [Buzzwole]
6) This ability prevents the execution of the only Unique move learned by any of the Ultra Beasts. [Damp]
7) This is the only Pokemon with an ability blocked by Damp that has a G-Max move. Name the Pokemon and its G-Max move in that order. (Include “Gmax”) [Garbodor Gmax-Malodor]
8) Garbodor can receive an egg move from this Pokemon; who is fully evolved and has a move of the same type as its category name, but has a different move for a signature move (according to Bulbapedia’s list of signature moves). Name the Pokemon and its signature move in that order. [Runerigus Crafty Shield]
9) In natdex formats, this is the only Pokemon that can’t take super effective damage from a STAB-move from a Pokemon able to learn Crafty Shield that can learn Crafty Shield itself. [Smeargle]
10) This is the only unique move that Smeargle cannot sketch. [Chatter]
11) This is the only Pokemon that shares its typing with Chatot that has a unique move. [Toucannon]
12) This monotyped Pokemon’s unique move is blocked by the same ability that blocks Toucannon’s. [Cinderace]
13) If you leave out the last letter, Cinderace's category name is contained in this Pokemon's category name, whose category name is also a Legendary Pokemon’s move. [Thundurus]
14) This is the alternate forme of the Pokemon that has the exact same statline as Thundurus. (Include Pokemon + form name, in that order.) [Tornadus Therian]
15) This Pokemon shares an ability with Tornadus-Therian, but benefits the least from it going by absolute numerical values. [Gossifleur]
16) These two fully evolved Pokemon have signature abilities with the same end effect as Eldegoss’ signature ability, but a different scope (all Pokemon vs 1 pokemon) and a different trigger (being hit vs making contact). Alpha order. [Dugtrio-Alola Goodra]
17) This is the only Alolan Pokemon with a unique ability. [Raichu-Alola]
18) This Is the only other Alolan Pokemon that has a unique typing. [Ninetales-Alola]
19) Moving away from Alolans for a bit, these Galarian Pokemon have unique typings. (alpha, don’t include form names) [darmanitan, weezing]
20) Apart from Zen mode, this unique ability available in SwSh changes your form dependent on the user’s HP. [Schooling]
21) Before SwSh, this ability also let the user change form based on their HP, but not change back. [Power Construct]
22) This ability does the same (conceptually) as the previous question, but you could change back if your HP went back up. [Shields down]
23) In SwSh, this Pokemon only evolves once its HP is high enough to allow it to evolve. [Yamask-Galar]
24) This is currently the only Galarian Pokemon whose original form has more evolutions available than it. [Slowpoke Galar]
25) This is the only Galarian Pokemon that also has an Alolan form. [Meowth Galar]
26) This ability does essentially the same as Meowth-Galar’s evolution’s unique ability in a single battle. [Steelworker]
27) Aside from Dhelmise, this is the only Pokemon with the same typing as it that doesn’t evolve form a similarly typed Pokemon. [Decidueye]
28) This Pokemon from the same generation as Decidueye has a unique ability, which is different from its evolution’s unique ability. [Wimpod]
29) This is the only move that Emergency Exit’s bulbapedia page lists that Wimp out’s does not. (Excluding normal-type moves) [Curse]
30) This is the only Pokemon that takes damage from Curse’s usage that has a unique typing. (Assuming normal battle conditions.) [Mimikyu]
Reserving an official for Saturday, 9 May, 1am GMT, QC by litt11, QC and host by 111ace111 !

The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: shatterene [03:34].
2nd place: PartMan [04:32].
3rd place: celesteeal!!! [04:43].
4th place: TurtalKatThing [04:44].
5th place: c.kilgannon [05:00].
Consolation Prize: shi~ nxt&he! 17? [06:31], kingtroller + [07:13], Computerwizard8800 [07:19], A Phantom [07:53], irokei [11:45], King‽Chandelure [12:38], Rory Mercury [13:45], Barry✗☆✬000 [15:23], mgperson [17:11], ip04 [17:40], p^_^okemonvortex. [18:25], ProfSapling [20:03], killerASCII [38:23], Almm41 [47:16]

1) This Gen 8 Pokemon has 4 forms, all from Gen 8, on PS! in total.
2) These 2 Pokemon are the only ones with Gmax forms that do not share a type with any other Gmax forms. (alphabetical)
3) This is the only 3-member Pokemon family who, if you listed every Pokemon in alphabetical order (as per Bulbapedia), appear consecutively, in the correct order of lc->nfe->fully evolved. (answer with the members in alphabetical order)

1. toxtricity
2. machamp sandaconda
3. magnemite magneton magnezone
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For the monthly twist… reserving a jumpstart official for 10 May 11pm SST (3pm UTC)!
QC by 111ace111 and Devoxys

1st place: Litt♥Eleven [02:16].
2nd place: celesteeal!!! [02:42].
3rd place: wallape [03:49].
Consolation Prize: AbuBatata [03:52], TurtalKatThing [04:35], smii [05:39], An_Azurill [05:46], PartMan [05:48], sIang翔 [08:46]

1. According to an in-game TV show, this character can easily wear high heels. | Valerie
2. Pokémon A's German name begins with "mega", but A is not Meganium. Pokémon B's German name ends with "mega", but B is not Yanmega. Give A and B's English names in that order. (no megas, of course) | Beheeyem Reuniclus
3. As a whole, the Pokémon that may be battled in Ballonlea Stadium know these moves with types super effective against the stadium's type. (alpha order) | Acid Armor Iron Defense Iron Head Sludge Smart Strike

1st place: celesteeal!!! [06:28].
2nd place: PartMan [06:45].
3rd place: Litt♥Eleven [07:13].
4th place: smii [08:23].
5th place: AbuBatata [09:48].
Consolation Prize: aQrator [11:32], TurtalKatThing [11:53], YashGreninja¤ [22:11], wallape [22:37], sIang翔 [23:03], shatterene [26:52], captanpasta [28:15], An_Azurill [28:51]

1. In the Twilight Wings episode Buddy, an instance of this trainer class not in Sword and Shield appears. | Firebreather
2. Talking to a specific person in Cerulean City makes them command this Pokémon to use a move, which the Pokémon may or may not be able to learn. | Slowbro
3. Among Pokémon species whose German names end in X, these Pokémon have types unique to themselves. (alpha order, English answer) | Scizor Shiinotic
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BLITZ Incognito on May 9th at 7:30 PM UTC
1st place: celesteeal!!! [00:43] [BLITZ].
2nd place: p^_^okemonvortex. [01:10].
3rd place: shatterene [01:16].
4th place: 3.14dgeot-Mega [01:42].
5th place: TurtalKatThing [01:58].
Consolation Prize: keeping it icy [02:35], An_Azurill [02:42], 111ace111 [02:42], ProfSapling [02:53], bulbasaurbuddy ♪ [02:58], PartMan [03:23], TheStarmanLord [03:26]

1) This anime exclusive location claims to have the largest Slakoth population in the world. [Banana Slakoth Garden]
2) The citizens of this anime exclusive location are obsessed with Norman and his family. [North Petalburg]
3) This anime exclusive location is an island with reefs shaped like a katakana symbol of "I" (イ). [A Island / Island A]

QC by LittEleven Pants

May the Pyuks be with you
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Jump Start official with Pants on May 8th at 9 pm EDT
QC by Andy Snype & LittEleven

Hunt 1:
1st place: Computerwizard8800 [01:20].
2nd place: p^_^okemonvortex. [01:24].
3rd place: ProfSapling [01:53].
Consolation Prize: Christmas [01:53], PartMan [02:43], 111ace111 [06:26]

1) A Gem was involved in this event at a festival in the anime [scavenger hunt / wishing bell festival scavenger hunt]
2) When two moves are used together in a double battle, they replicate the effect of an ability. What is this ability? [serene grace]
3) A certain Pokemon can be found on more routes via phenomenon than any other Pokemon. Which numbered routes in BW does this Pokemon not appear in? (include "Route") [Route 4, Route 8, Route 17]

Hunt 2:
1st place: mgperson [05:28].
2nd place: ProfSapling [05:55].
3rd place: p^_^okemonvortex. [06:38].
4th place: keeping it icy [06:46].
5th place: 111ace111 [07:48].
Consolation Prize: celesteeal!!! [09:39], bulbasaurbuddy ♪ [12:20], BeastBoy1971 [12:59], Christmas [15:05], PartMan [18:21], killerASCII [25:50], Computerwizard8800 [36:12]

1) This event exclusive location is impossible to be legitimately explored because its event item was never released [hall of origin]
2) In Black 2 and White 2 certain non legendary/mythical Pokemon with hidden abilities can be caught in an in game event. Name the hidden abilities those pokemon have [damp, defiant, weak armor]
3) This Pokemon that can appear in Magikarp Jump is programmed to hold an item in the wild in main series games that is also an item that appears in the bag in Magikarp Jump, but will never be affected by that item. [golem]
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Reserving a Blind Incognito official for May 16th @ 3:00 PM EDT / 7:00 PM GMT!

1st place: smii [07:23].
2nd place: 111ace111 [16:52].
3rd place: cheese555 [23:43].
4th place: An_Azurill >_> [30:59].
5th place: ProfSapling [31:09].
Consolation Prize: TurtalKatThing [33:12], Emboar02 [38:51], Computerwizard8800 [42:10], Pear Experience [44:05], A Phantom [45:58], PartMan [47:40], Christmas [53:27], Mike the Entei [01:18:13], ip04 [01:20:20]

1) This Pokemon trainer in SwSh uses three different forms of a Pokemon in battle (include trainer class). [League Staff Isaac]
2) A certain Pokemon trainer is exclusive to one of Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield, but in their first battle with the player, uses a Pokemon that is only attainable in the other game (aside from trading). Name the trainer (including trainer class) and said Pokemon in that order. [Gym Leader Melony Darmanitan Galar / Gym Leader Melony Galarian Darmanitan]
3) Other Pokemon trainers exclusive to one of Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield only use Pokemon that are exclusive to their respective games. List all Pokemon any of these trainers use (alpha order). [Corsola Galar Farfetch'd Galar / Galarian Corsola Galarian Farfetch'd]

Thank you both ckil and Litt for QCing :)
Thanks for participating, hope to see you next time!
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A normal official at 2 AM EDT/6 AM GMT on May 14th
Damage control by Pants and c.kilgannon
1st place: digimonismylife [06:40].
2nd place: KingChandelure [15:35].
3rd place: bulbasaurbuddy ♪ [21:08].
4th place: TurtalKatThing [26:34].
5th place: Christmas [28:22].
Consolation Prize: aQrator [28:26], Litt♥Eleven [29:37], Barry✗☆✬000 [35:18], fe火ar火fi火re火22 [35:36], shi~ nxt&he! 17? [38:44], ProfSapling [42:36], An_Azurill [44:01], Gwynt ^-^ [45:40]

1) One trainer in Sinnoh can be rematched with the Vs. Seeker at a location that is not a numbered route. That trainer uses this pokemon in Pokemon Platinum. [Dragonite]
2) A certain character who appeared on a TV show the player can watch in generation III references their show in generation IV, however, the show is no longer viewable and their show's name was changed between generations. Give the name of their show in the most recent generation they appear in. [The Show Me Show]
3) A room can feature three golden statues, which can alternate between 493 different species of pokemon, along with another statue that can not change after the room is unlocked. List the NPC that can be found in that room followed by their only known Pokemon. [Magnus, Poliwrath]
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Hosted an Odyssey for May 14th, 5:00 P.M. EDT (9:00 P.M. GMT).

Thanks to Pants and Meicoo for QC'ing.

Winner: 111ace111
2nd place: powergo
3rd place: aQrator
4th place: bulbasaurbuddy

Welcome to the Spam Guess Odyssey, where almost every question is a "number." The rules are simple: use the most recent value when applicable, and use the verbatim value listed unless specified. The answer to this question is "zero."|zero
This is the Dex number of PkMnaPkMnゥ ♂ fPkMnk.|205
This is the Dex number of the only non-Pokémon Gigantamax form.|151
This is the IQ group of the only non-Generation III Pokémon with a Primal form.|I
This is the Tretta number of the first Legend-class Tretta released.|2-00
This is the index number of the only ability whose index number was changed.|076
This is the Disk number of the only monotype Grade 5 disk in the newest set.|GR4-065
This is the Browser number of the last Pokémon alphabetically by Browser number.|X-001
This is the index number of the only move whose index number was changed.|357
This is the Battle Dex number, which is found in the bottom left of Generation IV-era Pokémon cards, of the first Generation II Pokémon by Battle Dex number.|025
This is the PEGI rating of Pokémon Wave Hello.|3
This is the index number in decimal of Aerodactyl in the game where the last Pokémon by index number in Aerodactyl.|204
This is the ID number of the rarest figure depicting a non-Legendary Pokémon that shares its name with more than one figure.|557
This is the index number in hexadecimal of the card in Pokémon Card GB2 that was last by index number in the previous game.|BA 01
This is the English card number of the unnumbered L-P Promotional card with an English card number.|HGSS18
This is the page number in the first book for the only Pokémon listed in any version of all of the first three Official Pokémon Handbooks.|155
This is the weight in pounds that Krabby is in America, but not Australia.|614.3
This is the index number in decimal of the poster with a Smoochum.|75
This is the episode as listed by Bulbapedia (not its actual name) in which the Spear Key is stolen.|DP060
This is the index number in decimal correlating to where a Pokémon distributed for a movie farthest in the future would be from.|40010
This is the card number of the Pokémon card included with DVD and VHS releases of Celebi: a Timeless Encounter.|026/P
This is the index number in decimal of the second floor in Pokémon Centers in FireRed and LeafGreen.|196
This is the ISBN-10 number of the latest monthly issue published by Panini Comics with a known ISBN (don't include "ISBN").|156931456X
This is the index number in decimal of Excavate that is not 361.|176
This is the ID? number of the card of Agumon that is listed as Agumon X but depicts BlackAgumon.|DM-219
This is the index number in decimal of Hyadum II (as the item it appears as in Pokémon).|1337
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Reserving an Odyssey for May 15th at 1PM EDT (5PM GMT).

QCs by c.kilgannon and super_mii2

Congratulations to everyone who made it as far as they could!

1st place: 111ace111 [47:07].
2nd place: Devoxys [52:14].
3rd place: celesteeal!!! [01:00:29].
4th place: Christmas [01:03:52].
5th place: Litt♥Eleven [01:23:45].
Consolation Prize: Zipzapadam [01:32:34], Darth [01:43:07], DCSyntro [01:46:26], PartMan [01:49:44]

  1. In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue rescue team, this Pokemon intends to put a curse on a human, but the human's partner Pokemon takes the curse.|ninetales|
  2. There are 4 moves that are affected by an in-game value that maxes out at 255 for a Pokemon. A certain LC Pokemon is the only one to learn one of them by level-up. Alphabetically list all of the Dark-type moves it can learn.|fake tears, fling, switcheroo|
  3. This Pokemon that can learn Earthquake had its original anime debut episode cancelled due to an earthquake in Japan.|barboach|
  4. This ability that is signature to a line of starter Pokemon has the same effect as an item that was introduced in the same generation as the ability.|long reach|
  5. In a certain episode of the anime, Dawn meets the person who beat her mom's winning streak in Contests in a certain town. In the same contest, this Pokemon belonging to Jessilina makes its Contest debut. Name the Pokemon and the town, in that order (exclude "town").|yanmega celestic|
  6. A certain status condition can only be inflicted by non-status moves that aren't guaranteed to inflict it. Name the move that can inflict it that is learned by more Pokemon than any of the other moves.|ice beam|
  7. The character whose Japanese name is Tail dresses like this Pokemon.|pachirisu|
  8. Out of all of the Pokemon tied for lowest Sp. Def, only two were never monotype. Name the one that has a type disadvantage to the other.|carvanha|
  9. Name the Pokemon and the move, in that order, in this screenshot taken from Bulbapedia: https://imgur.com/a/OYLHibF |espeon psych up|
  10. Excluding Z-Moves, Max moves, and G-Max moves, this is alphabetically the last move with a set, nonzero base power, that doesn't check for accuracy.|vital throw|
  11. This is the last Pokemon alphabetically that can learn a move that it is both weak to and can inflict a status condition. Name the Pokemon and the move in that order.|zygarde dragon breath|
  12. This was the first Pokemon designed for Gen VII.|jangmoo|
  13. In the anime, a certain character helped heal this injured Pokemon, then eventually received a Z-Crystal from it.|wishiwashi|
  14. With the exception of this Pokemon, all Pokemon whose names start with a certain letter come from the same generation.|quilladin|
  15. A real world Pokemon themed ride contains the name of this damaging move in its name.|twister|
  16. This Pokemon whose only Flying-type move is Fly has a super-effective STAB against all of the other Pokemon whose only Flying-type move is Fly.|golurk|
  17. Name the only move that was introduced in Gen I and exists in Sword/Shield that hasn't been shown in the anime yet.|struggle
  18. Name the move that only has these Pokemon that get it from breeding in Gen VII: https://imgur.com/8ux3Uli |odorsleuth|
  19. In the anime, a Kanto gym leader helped heal this Pokemon at an Alolan trial captain's house.|kangaskhan|
  20. Pidgeot, Nidorino, Nidorina, Zubat, and Numel can be found in a dungeon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Rescue Team that has the same music as a location named after this Pokemon.|makuhita|
  21. This Half Deck features Sylveon and Noivern.|XY Trainer Kit|
  22. In the anime, this was the name given by Lusamine to the group of trainers in the anime who helped return Ultra Beasts to their home worlds.|ultra guardians|
  23. This Pokemon in the anime likes to travel with one of Ash's companions on their hair.|axew|
  24. Excluding G-Max moves and moves with varying effects, name the only move that, if it hits, can put the target to sleep with a less than 100% chance.|relic song|
  25. This Pokemon has a G-Max form with a nickname described in the Pokedex. Name the Pokemon, and then its G-Max move.|hatterene gmax smite|
  26. There are only non-Normal-type 2 moves that boost a certain stat in battle. Name the fully evolved Pokemon that can learn either move to counteract its ability that lowers that stat.|durant|
  27. You've finished 26 questions, but its looking a little untidy. If only we could re-organize... Use /viewhunt to solve this last question.|morpeko;morpeko hangry

The key to this puzzle was the letters that each answer started and ended with. As many figured out soon, each answer began with a unique letter, and had to be alphabetized from A to Z. This results in the following list:

espeon psych up
fake tears fling switcheroo
ice beam
long reach
relic song
ultra guardians
vital throw
xy trainer kit
yanmega celestic
zygarde dragon breath

If you look closely at the last letters of each answer, they spell out a simple question: "What Pokemon has Hunger Switch?", to which the final answer of this hunt is Morpeko.

Thanks to all who participated!
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Reserving Fish for 12:30am UTC+8 Parcly Taxel (h) Devoxys

The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: 111ace111 [14:01].
2nd place: Litt♥Eleven [16:21].
3rd place: celesteeal!!! [18:25].
4th place: The Frozen One [25:02].
5th place: TurtalKatThing [01:01:51].
Consolation Prize: aQrator [01:06:55], ProfSapling [01:16:13]

1) This Pokemon TCG card has 2 moves that are moves it learns in the game, both being priority moves (priority 1 and priority 4) The card itself can be searched (specifically) by another card from the same pack. The card's name contains its category name and its species name. [Aura's Lucario]
2) In the TCG, this move is given to 5 Pokemon that are ghost-type in the main games and all psychic-type in the TCG. 3 of those ghost types are LC, and the move has 20 power for them. 1 is fully evolved, and the move has 70 power for it. The name of the move includes the name of the ghost-type plate. Name the move, and the LC Pokemon alphabetically (move, mon 1, mon 2, mon 3) [Spooky Shot Duskull Misdreavus Phantump]
3) All 4 appearances of this NFE Dragon-type Pokemon in the TCG have at least 1 move that require Fairy-Type energy. In its only appearance where the Pokemon's Japanese rarity is not C, one of its two moves is its signature ability in the main games. Name the Pokemon and both moves alphabetically. (Pokemon, move 1, move 2, alpha) [Sliggoo gentle slap gooey]
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Hosted a Point Rally for Sunday, May 17th at 7:00 PM EDT (11:00 PM GMT).

QC'd by LittEleven and Pants.

Congrats to all players, and 111ace111 for winning!

6bulbasaurbuddy ♪160

This Pokémon professor studies the space between dream and reality.|ProfessorBurnet;Burnet|Of the ships with the prefix S.S. present in a Pokémon game, this one is the only one where a Lapras can be encountered.|SSPrimeTreasure|Completing bonus stages in a game based on a Pokémon movie allows the player to obtain one of this item in Pokémon X and Y.|MasterBall

An event match in Super Smash Bros. Melee has you attempting to defeat more of this character than a stage hazard does within the time limit.|Jigglypuff|Of the Pokémon spirit battles in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, these are the only two that are fought on stages associated with the Warioware series. (alphabetical order)|DetectivePikachuSmeargle|This character’s fall speed is tied with Cloud (no limit) in Super Smash Bros. 4.|Lucario

In Pokémon Crystal, this callable trainer which requires a specific Pokémon to be present in the party is the only one to give out a different item. (do not include trainer class)|Tiffany|This "child prodigy” detective uses a coin flip to decide which way to chase a suspect when she encounters a fork on the road.|KetchAppy|The Poké Spot Monitor is sometimes triggered by a non-wild Pokémon of this species.|Munchlax

This Pokémon won the Pokémon Power Bracket.|Mew|Mewtwo uses Psystrike on this Pokémon in a video about the Pokémon Power Bracket on The Official Pokémon YouTube channel|Pikachu|Name the Pokémon that won and got last place in the Pokémon General Election 720, in that order.|GreninjaSimisear

In the Pokémon Adventures manga, this is the only Pokémon of Ruby’s that evolves in the latest chapter he was present in. (Viz nickname)|Rara|In the manga that features Pikachu as a detective, these Pokémon are his rivals. (alphabetical order)|CleffaIgglybuffSmoochum|A Pokémon of this species attempts to jump from Cianwood City to Olivine City in a Pokémon manga.|Tyranitar

The Ranger Net in Pokémon Ranger can only be unlocked in the Japanese version if you have preordered a ticket to the movie where this Flying-type Pokémon made its main-series debut.|Chatot|The Ranger Net special mission from Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs allows you to obtain Deoxys forms. A certain form has the most moves that are of a type Deoxys’ STAB moves have super effectiveness against. What are the moves? (alphabetical order)|CounterDetect|This character in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia has equal IQ and height in cm.|Isaac

In the animated trailer for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, a plush of this Pokémon can be seen in Brendan’s house.|Snorlax|The Pichu Bros. help Meowth track down this Pokémon, who stole a sandwich.|Kecleon|This is the english title of the second episode Looker appears in in Pokémon Generations.|TheLegacy

In the TCG, This is the only Trainer Card associated with Cynthia that does not mention her name. (name only, do not include expansion and number)|ChampionsRoom|Of the Pokémon featured on cards in the english Detective Pikachu subset, these are the only ones with abilities that do not involve reducing or preventing damage from an attack. (alphabetical order)|LudicoloMrMime|The e-Reader applications that flip coins are associated with two cards, one of which features a Pokémon and another an NPC. Name them in that order.|ChanseyBill

A teaser trailer for the next Pokémon movie shown after a movie featured 2 legendary Pokémon battling and a dark Ash, neither of which was found in the next movie. (english title, format like Bulbapedia, full name, format é as e)|PokemonZoroarkMasterOfIllusions; PokemonArceusAndTheJewelOfLife|An American DJ has played/cameoed as himself/a DJ in seven movies, including this Pokémon movie. (do not include the word Pokémon)|Detective Pikachu|Scavengers had to watch this Pokémon movie in an infamous official hunt that lasted 3.5 hours and had one finisher. (english title, format like Bulbapedia, full name, format é as e)|Pokemon the Movie White Victini and Zekrom

Thanks to everyone for participating! Thanks again to Pants and LittEleven for QCing!
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Hosted an Incognito hunt for Sunday, May 17th at 5PM EDT

QCs by Andy Snype and Celesteeal

The regular scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: TurtalKatThing [03:39].
2nd place: 111ace111 [06:57].
3rd place: bulbasaurbuddy ♪ [07:39].
4th place: yaicanea [07:39].
5th place: Devoxys [10:20]
Consolation Prize: Emboar02 [10:50], Litt♥Eleven [13:37], ProfSapling [14:36], Christmas [17:12], fear火fire火22 [19:16], aQrator [19:17]

1) In a certain store in Gen IV, there are advertisements for these two items that were available in Gen III, but not Gen IV (alphabetical order). [acro bike mach bike]
2) A gang of Bikers in the games are named after this Pokemon. [Empoleon]
3) A Biker gang in the anime has a named member with a bike designed after a certain Pokemon. What Pokemon that can evolve share a type and a Pokemon Shuffle Skill with that Pokemon (alphabetical order)? [archen golbat pikachu zubat]
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Have a good day!
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Reserving an Odyssey for May 20th, 20:30 UTC. Thanks CWiz and Pants for QCing, and Pants for hosting as well.

Thanks to Litt for filling in for Pants the first 45ish minutes.

The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: Merlee [10:02].
2nd place: celesteeal!!! [11:45].
3rd place: p^_^okemonvortex. [18:21].
4th place: 111ace111 [20:38].
5th place: cheese555 [31:14].
Consolation Prize: ProfSapling [34:39], pisxel ( [41:10], powergo [41:41], TurtalKatThing [42:00], bulbasaurbuddy ♪ [44:09], killerASCII [46:11], BeastBoy1971 [48:59], An_Azurill [50:26], PartMan [55:09], Jablinx [59:32], AliasHallow [01:20:40], c.kilgannon [01:23:23]

Answers: https://pastebin.com/q5E8kcKX

Secret Q0: Alright guys, time to do some scavenging. You just do the scavenging, I'll take care of the hard part. Let's get it on! type /scavenge yeah to begin | I want to be the best, that ever was. To beat all the rest; Yeah; That's my cause! |
Q1: This Pokémon is tied for the 3rd fastest non-forme Pokémon with a legendary. | Electrode |
Q2: This non-forme Pokémon has the second lowest HP stat. | Diglett |
Q3: This is the only LC Pokémon that can breed into a different species when breeding with Ditto. | Nidoran;NidoranM;Nidoran-Male |
Q4: This illegal Pokémon evolves at level 28, and shares its full typing with a non-illegal Pokémon that also evolves at level 28. | Mankey |
Q5: Of the Pokémon with a defense stat of 83, this one shares a type with all of them. | Venusaur |
Q6: This unevolved Pokémon is owned by an infamous Joey. | Rattata |
Q7: There's many birds in gen 1, but this is the only one that can learn both Throat Chop and Drill Run. | Fearow |
Q8: Of the Pokémon that shares the typing, egg group and color with the previous answer, this is the one with the 2nd lowest stat in 4 stats, and the 3rd lowest in the other 2. | Pidgey |
Q9: This is the only fully-evolved Pokémon of its singular type to have Lightningrod. | Seaking |
Q10: In Pokémon Origins, this Pokémon was used by Red in episodes 2, 3 and 4. It had a terrible matchup against the gym fought in episode 3 specifically. | Jolteon |
Q11: Disregarding specials, this was Iris' final catch in the anime. | Dragonite |
Q12: This Pokémon is the fourth boss of the challenge mode in Pokémon Puzzle Challenge. | Gastly |
Q13: This Pokémon had its regional form revealed through a 24 hour livestream. | Ponyta |
Q14: According to Smogon, this Pokémon was "Probably the best team player" of its type. | Vaporeon |
Q15: This Pokémon had a unique typing until gen 5, where a legendary also got its typing. No other Pokémon shares its typing with the two still. | Poliwrath |
Q16: This was the first Pokémon Ash owned that was fully evolved. | Butterfree |
Q17: This Pokémon is owned by two different gen 1 Gym Leaders in the gen 1 games, but not in the same one. | Venomoth |
Q18: This Pokémon of Misty's evolved in the same episode as Ash caught a Totodile. | Poliwag |
Q19: This is the only Pokémon whose attack stat differs up to 5 points from Magby's, but has the same BST as Magby. | Nidorino |
Q20: Going back to Misty, in 1 episode, Misty believed one of her Pokémon evolved into this Pokémon. | Golduck |
Q21: This NFE Pokémon was introduced as a playable character in Super Smash bros. Brawl. | Ivysaur |
Q22: This LC Pokémon's regional forme has a signature ability, but the ability does have a 'clone' that is unique to another, unrelated Pokémon. | Grimer |
Q23: This fully evolved Pokémon's dex number is a prime number, and it shares its type with the answer to question 5 (but is not the answer to that question). | Victreebel |
Q24: Unlike the others of its trio, this non-box art legendary did have a Pokémon of the exact same type as itself when it was introduced. | Moltres |
Q25: This Pokémon is owned by Gary and Paul in the anime, but neither have it in their last seen team. | Nidoking |
Q26: This Pokémon that has a signature item, also has a region-exclusive evolution. | Farfetch'd |
Q27: This Pokémon has the highest special attack of any LC Pokémon. | Abra |
Q28: This Pokémon was an unlockable character in the first Smash Bros. game. | Jigglypuff |
Q29: One of Ash' Pokémon evolved after battling 1 Exeggutor in the anime. Name that Pokémon. | Kingler |
Q30: This Pokémon was owned by the protagonist's mother in the same game as the one where you could have 3 starter Pokémon before the second gym (without trading), but it cannot be caught in the first route where you can catch Pokémon. | Rhyhorn |
Q31: This Pokémon completely changed typing between gen 5 and gen 6, which made it shoot up to the OU tier ever since. | Clefable |
Q32: This is the leader of the Explorer's guild in the Mystery Dungeon Series. | Wigglytuff
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Hosting a Knockout Games with smii on Sunday 17th May, 4 P.M. GMT (12 P.M. EDT), QCed by Computerwizard's Pants, thanks and hope to see you there!

Congratulations to 111ace111 for winning this KO Games! Final standings follow.

1. 111ace111
2. KingChandelure
3. TurtalKatThing
4. aQrator
5. AbuBatata
6. PartMan
7. An_Azurill
8. celesteeal + shatterene (double elim)
9. crepuscular goomy
10. Emboar02
11. YashGreninja
12. wallape

Litt: In Sword/Shield, this NPC presents you a fixed Master ball once. | Magnolia; Professor Magnolia | Apart from the Master Ball, this Pokeball that exists in Gen VIII cannot be passed down through breeding. | Cherish; Cherish Ball | Name the Pokemon with the lowest BST which would apply a 0.1x modifier if a trainer threw a Poke Ball at it, outside general catch rates. | Poipole

Smii: This is the only location containing wild Pokemon that does not appear on the B2W2 Habitat List. | Nature Preserve | This item costs 50 steps or 10 Watts to use. | Pokeradar | This Pokemon can be found in a Friend Safari that is not any of its type(s). | Cascoon

Litt: This Pokemon's hidden ability prevents it being afflicted with a certain non-volatile status, while its evolution's hidden ability gives it a benefit when afflicted with that status. | Gligar | This Pokemon species belonging to Ash evolved when fighting a Zapdos in the Pokemon anime. | Noibat;Noivern | In FireRed/Leaf Green, this is the first Pokemon by dex order that cannot evolve until you obtain the National Dex. | Golbat

Smii: This location was originally one single island, but was split into 4 by a legendary Pokemon. | Whirl Islands | This location can be entered in Generation I, III and IV, but not Generation II. | Cerulean Cave | An NPC that owns an Abra which teleports the player back to their hometown exists in this location in certain games before defeating the Elite Four. | Indigo Plateau

Litt: In Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, the player can find the cameraman who filmed The Search for the Red Gyarados in this location. | Survival Area | A certain part of the Survival Area is for 'members only'. Name all the trainers in that location who use at least one Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon. (alphabetical order, exclude trainer classes) | Riley Roark | Riley uses a certain Pokemon in the Battle Tower that Roark uses in the Pokemon World Tournament. This is the last move said Pokemon learns by level up. | Head Smash

Smii: The player must obtain 1.5 million of these to unlock a page in the Alolan Trainer Passport. | Thumbs Up; Thumbs Ups | A certain feature allows the player to use more than one Z-move in the same battle, assuming they have maximum affection with this Pokemon. | Rotom; Rotom Pokedex; Rotom-Dex| Wild Legendary Pokemon aside from Solgaleo, Lunala and Necrozma can be fought at these locations which are available as backdrops in the Alola Photo Club. (List them alphabetically) | Bell Tower, Ruins of Conflict, Spear Pillar

Litt: These two Pokemon learn four moves whose base power depends at least partially on the target's weight; but only in Sword/Shield. (alphabetical order) | Golurk Mew | This is the heaviest Pokemon that takes super effective damage from all four moves with base powers depending on the target's weight. (without factoring abilities) | Mamoswine | These two Pokemon have Pokedex weights that are multiplied 10 times across Gen I games, but only in the Japanese versions. (alphabetical order) | Geodude Nidoqueen

Smii: This item in Pokemon Sword and Shield gives the player new settings in their Options menu. | Hi Tech Earbuds | This option is available in Pokemon Yellow, and Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal. | Print | In order to delete a save file in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, these non-arrow buttons must be pressed on the title screen. (List them alphabetically) | B, Select

Litt: This playable character is the protagonist in the only Pokemon game where there is no playable male character. (full name) | Lucy Fleetfoot | This device in Trozei scans and transfers Pokeballs to a different location when used. | Trozei Beamer; Link Beamer | This Pokemon in Trozei acts as a wildcard that can be used as any Pokemon to form a link. | Ditto

Smii: This ability had an out-of-battle effect in Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Sword and Shield, but in no other game. | Lightning Rod | In certain games, this ability affects the increases the pitch of some overworld sound effects. | Swarm | One of this ability's effects had its chance of triggering increased from 50% to 100% in Pokemon Sword and Shield. | Synchronize

Litt: This move had a working Z-Effect in Version 1.0 of Pokemon Sun/Moon, but was banned for use in Battle Spot. | Parting Shot | Assuming native moves/abilities, a certain Pokemon could gain a +3 net stage boost in Attack immediately after using Parting Shot on a certain OU Pokemon, and force the OU Pokemon to switch out doing so. Name both Pokemon in alphabetical order.| Hatterene Obstagoon | This non-forme Pokemon that exists in Sw/Sh resists the STAB moves of both Obstagoon and Hatterene. | Mawile

Smii: This character from Phantom Thief Pokemon 7 has the power to read Pokemon's aura. | Lily | In Phantom Thief Pokemon 7, this move is used to solve the black panel puzzle set up by Rocco. | Solar Beam | In the final chapter of the manga, this move is used to subdue Darkrai before the team launches a final attack on it. Name the move, then the Pokemon that uses the move. | Dark Void, Mime Jr.

Again, thanks for playing and hope you all enjoyed it! Was very fun to host with smii, cheers!
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Official Hunt by c.kilgannon on Tuesday, May 19 at 12:00pm EDT.
Thank you to my QCers Andy Snype + Meicoo

1st place: Litt♥Eleven [02:41].
2nd place: celesteeal!!! [02:55].
3rd place: AbuBatata [02:57].
4th place: 111ace111 [03:35].
5th place: powergo [03:53].
Consolation Prize: Praise Bid o3o f [04:11], PartMan [06:02], wallape [06:37], An_Azurill [06:40], aQrator [06:59], TurtalKatThing [10:08], ProfSapling [14:10], Zipzapadam [21:16], BeastBoy1971 [29:41]

1) The base form of a certain pokemon has 3 abilities while its regional variant has only one possible ability. This ability directly precedes the regional variant's ability alphabetically. [merciless]
2) Excluding Pokemon with only one Ability, all of the Abilities that these Pokemon could have will make wild Pokemon 1.2x more likely to respond to SOS calls for help in Gen 7 (alphabetical order). [masquerain mewtwo vespiquen]
3) This non-orb item is available in Sword and Shield and could be held 1% of the time by only one wild Pokemon in Black 2 & White 2. [Air balloon]
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Hosted a normal ass official for May 19th at 10PM EDT.

QCs by Celesteeal and computerwizard8800

1st place: ProfSapling [14:29].
2nd place: 111ace111 [15:21].
3rd place: PartMan [21:08].
4th place: p^_^okemonvortex. [22:28].
5th place: KingChandelure [22:53].
Consolation Prize: lurkingSombres [24:08], shinx?!the17?! [25:42], BeastBoy1971 [32:49], TurtalKatThing [42:51], CoolingTundra [57:36], Emboar02 [58:16], Cheese555 [01:00:15]

1) In Battle Tower in Diamond/Pearl, different waitresses can use all 3 members of the evolution lines with these LC Pokemon (alphabetical order for full hunt). [porygon rhyhorn]
2) These trainer classes are shared by exactly 4 trainers in Battle Tower in Diamond/Pearl whose Pokemon have max IVs. [cyclist idol pi pkmnranger psychic]
3) Two trainers who can be fought in the Battle Tower in Diamond/Pearl share names with Elite Four members of other games. What LC Pokemon used by one of the trainers can’t have any of the same moves as any of the evolved forms of the same LC Pokemon used by the other trainer? [cyndaquil mudkip piplup]
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Hosting a normal official fish on the 21st of May at 3 P.M. GMT [11 AM EST] , QCs by Pants and Celesteeal , see you there!

The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: ProfSapling [01:46].
2nd place: smii [03:21].
3rd place: Devoxys [03:44].
4th place: 111ace111 [03:49].
5th place: powergo [03:55].
Consolation Prize: AbuBatata [04:21], Mike the Entei [05:40], An_Azurill [06:15], wallape [09:27], CoolingTundra [15:47], TurtalKatThing [16:17]
1) In a certain Pokemon movie, these two Pokemon could be shiny depending on the version of the movie you chose to watch. (alphabetical order) [Golurk Hydreigon]
2) A certain item given to the player in an official demo of a main series game had its name changed between Generation VII and VIII. Name the city you receive it in and the item's new name in alphabetical order. [Hau'oli Pretty Feather / Hau'oli City Pretty Feather]
3) Barring moves that copy/call other moves and trading, this non glitch move could only be used in Pokemon Red, and not Blue/Yellow because of no Pokemon that learn said move appearing in the other two generations. [Glare]

Thanks for playing!
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Hosted an Incognito Official for 1PM EDT on Saturday, May 23rd

QCs by CelesteelaBuddy

1st place: Merlee [03:19].
2nd place: AbuBatata [03:20].
3rd place: 111ace111 [03:28].
4th place: ProfSapling [05:25].
5th place: shatterene [08:03].
Consolation Prize: c.kilgannon [09:50], The Ranger Trainer [12:35], shinx?!the17?! [21:34], Emboar02 [22:10]

1) The main character of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! currently has some Pokémon that have used moves that have a chance to flinch. Those Pokémon worked together to defeat this wild Pokémon by causing it to flinch. [onix]
2) Some of Hareta’s Pokemon only know status moves. Those Pokémon learn these moves in the main series games that one of them gets STAB on (alphabetical order). [charge beam shock wave thunder punch]
3) A certain Pokémon used Endure in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! against this one of Hareta’s Pokémon using this move (format as Pokémon, move). [empoleon, surf]
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Reserving an Incognito KO Games with Cheese5555 for May 24th @ 2:00 PM EDT / 6:00 PM GMT!

Congrats Dot Agumon for winning this KO Games! Full results and solutions below.
1. pokemonvortex
2. 111ace111
3. TurtalKatThing
4. shatterene
5. fearfire22

6. ProfSapling
7. Emboar02
8. PartMan
9. Computerwizard8800
10. An_Azurill

Cheese555: This is the only move whose effect and Z-Move effect each raise only the user's Special Defense stat (and no other stat). | Charge | This is the last word of Folkearth's fifth album name. | Yore | This is the only unique ability that a middle-stage Pokemon can have. | Battery

Cheese555: This is the event-exclusive move with the least positive base power. | Hold back | Aside from Smeargle, this is the only Pokemon that can learn both Hold Back and its counterpart move that is identical in everything but name. | Samurott | The Burst Warrior who uses Samurott is the leader of this organization. | Great Gavel ; Great Gavel Organization

celesteeal: The data for this type of Poke Ball has been found in Pokemon GO, but the item itself remains unreleased in the game. | Master; Master Ball | These other types of Poke Balls either currently grant or have granted the same catch multiplier as a Master Ball wherever it could be used (alpha order). | Dream Park; Dream Ball Park Ball | The name of this Poke Ball was changed in a later generation due to the introduction of another Poke Ball of the same name (provide the current name). | Sport; Sport Ball

celesteeal: This item (that exists in main-series games) can be found in Vending Machines in a certain Pokemon side-game, but not any Vending Machine in the main-series games. | Moomoo Milk | In a certain main-series game, Moomoo Milk can only be bought after the player defeats the Pokemon Champion. Name the town in which the player can get Moomoo Milk (after satisfying the requirements). | Two Island | List all released items in Pokemon FR/LG that allow the player to travel to the Sevii Islands (alphabetical order). | AuroraTicket MysticTicket Rainbow Pass Tri-Pass

Cheese555: If it existed in those games, this Pokemon has two abilities that would make it easier to encounter a Glalie in Pokemon Sun and Moon. | Corviknight | This Pokemon has two abilities that make it easier to encounter a Level 30 Snorunt in Pokemon Emerald. | Delibird | This Pokemon has had two different abilities in the game data that increase the probability of finding an Electric-type Pokemon, but never at the same time.| Zapdos

celesteeal: A character is described in the Pokemon anime as a "poisonous person". Alphabetically list the Pokemon they use in the main-series games. | Koffing Venipede | The Japanese name of an NPC character is derived from a word that was popularized by a 1964 musical. Give the English translation of their full Japanese name. | Ramo Expialidocious | A certain character in the Pokemon anime is known for offering their brother's hand in marriage. This is the name of the first character that accepts one of these offers. | Lilia

Cheese555: In the Dutch version of a manga based off of a spin-off game, this phrase was mistakenly kept as English. | hey ginji wait | This Special Condition does not have an equivalent of the same name in the main series games. | Noxious | This Pokemon figure would have had the most moves that would make a Pokemon Wait. | Marshtomp

celesteeal: Assume Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series for all questions. This consumable item is a Lookalike item for a non-consumable item. | Gravelyrock | A certain item that contains the name of a Pokemon can heal a status condition of the Pokemon that consumes it. Name the item and the dungeon it can be found in (in that order). | Gabite Scale Labyrinth Cave | Nine of these items have an additional effect within a specific dungeon. | Unown Stone; Unown Stones

celesteeal: This is the first NPC in a Pokemon game to battle the player using seven Pokemon. | Greevil; Grand Master Greevil | Members of a certain group in the Pokemon games are known as Goons, except for the group's leader. Name the group and the leader in that order (include Trainer Class for the leader). | Kanto Rider Federation Cue Ball Paxton | These Pokemon were part of a group of characters tasked to capture an alternatively-colored "Snorlax" in the Pokemon anime (alphabetical order). | Meowth Raticate

Cheese555: A commercial for a food product produced by this company begins with Pokemon running from a fork and ends with the motto "Gotta catch 'em all" changing into "Gotta eat 'em all". | Heinz | The Heinz Pokemon Pasta commercial features this Pokemon directly transforming into a piece of pasta. | Gengar | This is the top-most pasta Pokemon on the back of the Pokemon Pasta Blue edition can. | Eevee

Thank you both BulbaBuddy and Pants for QCing :)
Thank you all for participating, hope to see you next time!
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Official Hunt by ckilgannon May 27th 8pm EDT
Qcs: LittEleven + BulbaBuddy

1st place: celesteeal!!! [03:48].
2nd place: 111ace111 [08:00].
3rd place: Christmas [08:32].
4th place: p^_^okemonvortex. [08:34].
5th place: PartMan [08:47].
Consolation Prize: BeastBoy1971 [12:18], KingChandelure [15:23], rb220 [15:49], Devoxys [16:42], TurtalKatThing [17:09], ProfSapling [19:46], Waahhh Audino [21:46], Andrew [41:32], Zipzapadam [43:15], Computerwizard8800 [44:29], Lucario•1582 [53:41], YveltalNL [01:00:29]

1) This is the first status move by index number that is no longer available in Sword/Shield. [meditate]
2) These Gen 3 moves are signature or unique in Gen 8 but not in Gen 7 (alpha.order). [arm thrust eruption]
3) Alphabetically list the Gen 1 moves that are the only ones of their type to no longer be available in SwSh. [dragon rage mirror move twineedle]
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Reserving a Scavenger Games collaboration with BulbaBuddy for Sunday, May 31st at 4PM EDT

QCs by Andrew and celesteeal

This ended up being 2 very short Scav Games and a Point Rally.
Here are the results of all of them.

/startunratedhunt bulbasaurbuddy | Bianca teams up with the player at the location where this Legendary Pokemon can be caught. | Heatran | A movie antagonist is shown to own Heatran and this other Pokemon. | Bronzong | This Pokemon has Brozong’s formerly signature ability. | Rolycoly

Winner: LittEleven

1. /startunratedhunt bulbasaurbuddy | This move restores more HP if a sandstorm is occurring. | Shore Up | This is the only signature damage-dealing recovery move. | Oblivion Wing | The only recovery move introduced in Generation 8 is learned at the latest level by these Pokemon who learn it by level-up. (alphabetical) | Celebi, Mew
2. /startunratedhunt A Phantom|This was the only move of its contest category that Skarmory learned by level up in Gen 4.|sandattack|Skarmory learned a move by level-up that had 0 appeal at the time. Which Gen 8 Pokemon learns that move by level-up at a level greater than 1?|Clobbopus|This Pokemon that learns both Feint and Sand Attack doesn’t share a type with either move and has a 4x weakness|kabutops
3. /startunratedhunt A Phantom|This is the third step of cooking Curry in Gen 8.|put your heart into it|This curry doesn’t share its art with any other curry.|gigantamax curry; gigantamax|A certain curry ingredient is a body part of this Pokemon.|slowpoke
4. /startunratedhunt A Phantom|This Pokemon has the lowest BST out of all Pokemon with 6 equal stats.|sunkern|Sunkern shares its Performance stats with this non-legendary, non-mythical Pokemon.|ditto|This Pokemon has the highest Special Attack out of all non-form, breedable, monotype Pokemon.|cursola

Winner: LittEleven
2nd Place: 111ace111
3rd Place: ProfSapling
4th Place: AbuBatata
5th Place: An_Azurill

1. /startunratedhunt bulbasaurbuddy | This is the last assistant the player receives in Join Avenue. | Elethia | In the anime, a Nurse Joy gave this Pokemon to Brock. | Comfey | This Pokemon has Regenerator as its only ability. (format as PS!) | Tornadus-Therian
2. /startunratedhunt A Phantom|These moves suppress abilities, rather than just ignoring them (alphabetical order).|core enforcer, gastro acid|This is the first ability by index number that grants immunity to certain moves.|sturdy|The second ability seen in the anime was shown in this episode.|sharpedo attack
3. /startunratedhunt bulbasaurbuddy | In Generation 3, the doll for this Pokemon can only be obtained in Ruby. | Seedot | The item Seedot can hold in the wild affects this STAB move Seedot can learn. | Solar Beam | This is the only Grass-type move that is affected by Power Herb besides Solar Beam. | Solar Blade
4. /startunratedhunt A Phantom|This is the host of Mimic Mansion in Pokemon Puzzle League.|Tracey Sketchit;Tracey|This Pokemon belonging to Tracey has only used Normal-type moves.|Scyther|In Pokemon Puzzle League, this character uses the evolved form of one of Tracey’s Pokemon.|koga
5. /startunratedhunt bulbasaurbuddy | Shopping Mall Nine is a location where this Pokemon's form can be changed. | Rotom | An equivalent of Rotom’s Room appears in this Kanto building. | Silph Co.; Silph Company | As a Ride Pokemon, Lapras is obtained from this character. | Lana
6. /startunratedhunt A Phantom|This is the name of the Motorcyclist with whom the player can Triple Battle.|charles|This Pokemon named Charles belongs to a Gym Leader.|seaking|Outside of the PWT, this NPC in Gen 5 has the highest level Pokemon out of the trainers who the player can battle in a Rotation Battle (include trainer class)|veteran chester
7. /startunratedhunt bulbasaurbuddy | A Secret Base can appear in a house in this city if the player scans special QR codes in ORAS. (exclude city) | Mossdeep | The Gift Pokemon the player can receive in Mossdeep City uses this move in Pokemon Conquest. | Iron Head | This steel-type move also has a chance to cause Iron Head's secondary effect. | Double Iron Bash
8. /startunratedhunt A Phantom|Name a dual-type LC Pokemon that is immune to telekinesis.|sandygast; diglett alola|Sandygast learns this move 1 level before it has the chance to evolve.|shadowball|These Pokemon that learn Shadow Ball by level-up in Gen 7 don’t get STAB on it (alphabetical order).|delphox meowstic; delphox meowstic f
9. /startunratedhunt bulbasaurbuddy | In Pokemon Adventures, Gold uses 20 of these Pokemon to travel through the air. | Remoraid | This Gen VII Pokemon can be an obstacle in Mantine Surf. | Pyukumuku | The player can chuck Pyukumuku for money at this location. | Hano Beach
10. /startunratedhunt A Phantom|This status move can target any other single Pokemon in a Triple Battle.|heal pulse|Heal pulse was originally a TCG attack used by this Pokemon.|dragonair|This Pokemon has been able to learn Heal Pulse as an egg move for every generation since the move’s introduction.|cherubi
11. /startunratedhunt bulbasaurbuddy | This is Hanzo’s unique Warrior Skill in Pokemon Conquest. | Ninjutsu | This Pokemon's category name is one of Ginchiyo's Warrior Skills. | Zeraora | This Warrior Skill is the only one to always lower a stat of the Warrior's Pokemon. | Chesto!


Congratulations to Litt for winning some short Scav Games and 111ace111 for winning the Point Rally!
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Reserving a Jump Start! Official for May 30th @ 10:00 PM EDT / 2:00 AM GMT (on short notice)!

Final Results:
1st place: BeastBoy1971 [06:03].
2nd place: 111ace111 [06:26].
3rd place: Cheese555 [06:27].
4th place: p^_^okemonvortex. [06:50].
5th place: ProfSapling [11:11].
Consolation Prize: mgperson [12:18], Emboar02 [18:33], TurtalKatThing [25:49], shatterene [31:06], Computerwizard8800 [34:34]

1) These games that Bulbapedia classifies as side-series games share their Japanese release date with that of a main-series game (alpha order). [Pokemon Dream Radar Pokemon Dream World Pokemon Stadium 2 / Dream Radar Dream World Stadium 2]
2) This character appeared solely in a Pokemon side-series game before Sun/Moon, where they made their main-series debut. [Professor Burnet / Burnet]
3) The Pokedex entries of these Gen 4 Pokemon, relating to other dimensions, are found where the player character first meets Professor Burnet in Sun/Moon (alpha order). [Bronzong Giratina Palkia]
Apologies for the issues with Hunt 1 :(

1) This episode in the Pokemon anime saw one of Ash's Pokemon knocking out its partner in a Double Battle (answer with the English name). [Trials and Determinations!]
2) List the items you can receive from volunteering as a Trial Guide in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon (alpha order). [Fresh Water Soda Pop]
3) This location is immediately unlocked upon completing Kiawe's trial in Sun/Moon, but not in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon. [Poke Pelago]

Thank you both Devoxys and LittEleven for QCing :)
Thanks for participating, hope to see you next time!
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