(Old) Scavengers Ladder (June 2018 - May 2020)

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I'm glad to announce the wrap up of the New Decade Community Odyssey held from Feb 1-15, held in Treasure Town (a subroom of Scavengers). For information, check this document; but here are the results!

Special mentions to all of our staff for handling the Hint Exchange process, with over 200 submissions! Thanks guys!
In particular, thanks to Meicoo, bulbasaurbuddy, dangerdogs and Parcly Taxel for helping in going through the questions and streamlining them to help put it in an Odyssey format, this was really fun to work on.

Last but not least, thanks for the amazing reception<3 gO scavs!
Results of the gen 8 official for 26 February 8:00 PM GMT
Thanks to c.kilgannon and super_mii2 for QC

1st place: sloshed [16:50].
2nd place: Computerwizard8800 [17:43].
3rd place: PartMan [25:50].
4th place: 111ace111 [29:34].
5th place: killerASCII [01:09:15].

1) This generation 8 Pokemon shares its category with an NFE Pokemon and a Pokemon in the Undiscovered Egg Group. [Indeedee]
2) According to legend, at a certain location, if you interact with 3 different spots in that location in a certain order, you will obtain an item. Name the item and the location, in that order. [Expert Belt Turffield]
3) These 4 LC (tier) Pokemon can appear in a 5 star Max Raid den (If only certain forms are obtainable, give the base form) [Eevee Milcery Onix Pumpkaboo]
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Reserving a Pokemon ranger official for February 27th, at 4:30pm cst. QCes by Litt and Smii

1st place: God of Hypermeth [05:09].
2nd place: Darth [12:23].
3rd place: Computerwizard8800 [12:40].
4th place: MikeTheEntei [16:58].
5th place: turtalkatthing [20:22].
Consolation Prize: killerASCII [26:57]

1) Not counting the capture challenge in fall city, this Pokemon gives the most points from a capture challenge [Fearow]
2) (In Pokemon ranger) These partner Pokemon's assist types are not the same as their primary type (Alphabetical order) [Shieldon, Snover, Starly]
3) These Pokemon you can catch using the Many times, anytime capture machine are not a boss, and dont have a level 4 skill (Alphabetical order) [Lapras, Magnezone, Scyther]
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Reserving Smogon official hunt on February 28th at 3pm UTC
1st place: computerwizard8800 [17:56].
2nd place: The Frozen One [19:29].
3rd place: 111ace111 [20:28].
4th place: Darth [27:11].
5th place: turtalkatthing [36:36].

1) This user designed the current Smogon forum reactions. [cretacerus]
2) This new non collapsible button appears in Smogon forums mobile view but not in full view. [what's new]
3) Find the most used pokemon in Smogon's gen 8 UU January ladder that can still evolve. Multiply all of its stats except HP and Speed then divide the result with its BST. Which Smogon user has the id number as the result rounded down to nearest integer. [Charlie24Davidson]

Thanks to Dot Agumon and LittEleven for QC

May the Pyuks be with you
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Andy Snype

Mr. Music
Odyssey at 11 PM EST tonight
Qcs: Parcly Taxel & super_mii2

1st place: aegii [18:02].
2nd place: Litt♥Eleven [24:51].
3rd place: killerASCII [24:58].
4th place: 111ace111 [28:56].
5th place: p0ip0le ∆ [33:21].
Consolation Prize: MikeTheENTEI [53:12], TurtalKatThing [01:11:11], computerwizard8800 [01:25:05], Barry✗☆✬000 [01:30:56], FuzzThatWuzz [02:06:46]

1) For ALL questions in this odyssey, if there are multiple answers and there isn't an order stated. Assume alphabetical order. Gen 5: These Pokemon introduced in Gen 2 could only be caught at the Abundant Shrine in Unova in Black & White. Name them in alphabetical order. [Misdreavus Murkrow Noctowl Slowking Stantler]
2) Characters: This main-series rival is in pursuit of a relative’s stolen Purrloin. [Hugh]
3) Abilities: An unused ability once existed in a generation of main-series games. The generation after and onwards, it was removed. What was the ability that took this ability’s index number? [Air Lock]
4) Events: This Pokemon forme can be acquired if the National Pokedex is finished in Pokemon Home. Format it as it would be in PS [Magearna-Original]
5) Gen 3 (let's just pretend this question actually fits): In alphabetical order, name the items that can be purchased at the Lilycove Museum in the Hoenn Remakes! [Heterarchical Loop Meditative Seat Paradoxical Popper]
6) Pokemon Families: These Pokemon that don’t have regional variants could evolve into Pokemon that have regional variants. Name them in alphabetical order. [Cubone Exeggcute Koffing Mime Jr. Pikachu]
7) Mystery Dungeon: A PMD legend named after this Pokemon warns that a cursed Trainer that tried to catch a Pokemon would be responsible for bringing upon natural disasters. [Ninetales]
8) Gen 4: Name the Pokemon who could be caught in Mr. Backlot’s Garden in Platinum but not in Diamond or Pearl. [Ditto]
9) Other Side Games: In alphabetical order, name the Pokemon that aren’t in the Hoenn Dex that can be caught in Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire. [Aerodactyl Chikorita Cyndaquil Totodile]
10) Merchandise: Who currently manufactures plushies available in North America? [Takara Tomy / The Pokemon Company International]
11) Conquest: In Pokemon Conquest, what Pokemon belonging to royalty do Bandits kidnap? [Lilligant]
12) Anime: Which Z-Moves were used in Ash vs Gladion in the Alola League? [Breakneck Blitz Never-Ending Nightmare]
13) Gen 6: These are the attacking moves that Deoxys knows in the Delta Episode. [Hyper Beam Psycho Boost]
14) Moves: These damaging moves have the smallest non-zero fixed Base Power. [Constrict Triple Kick]
15) Mobile Games: In alphabetical order, name the Pokemon that hold Plates in Magikarp Jump. [Litten Popplio Rowlet]
16) Gen 7: Name the Pokemon that appears as an ally Pokemon for Totem Battles in all Alola-based games. Exclude any demos. [Scizor]
17) TCG/TFG: These are Dark Quilava’s attacks in the TCG. [Incinerate Rushing Magma]
18) Items: Name the items that Tuscany could give the player in alphabetical order. [Pink Bow Twistedspoon]
19) Manga: This character defeats Green in the 9th Pokemon League Tournament in Pokemon Adventures. [Professor Oak / Oak / Samuel Oak / Dr. O]
20) Orre: A trainer at Mt. Battle’s team is a direct reference to a character in the Anime’s team at a certain point. Give the Mt. Battle Trainer’s first name and the name of the anime character in that order. [Nevah James]
21) Gen 2: Ignoring the starters, name the Pokemon that are fully evolved when you fight Silver in Victory Road in Gold Silver & Crystal. [Magneton Sneasel]
22) Locations: Across all hotels, this is the lowest-level wild Pokemon that can be caught inside the hotel. [Trubbish]
23) Game Mechanics: In DPPt, name the Traps require the player to blow into their microphone to get out of them. Alphabetize your answer and don’t include the word “Trap” in your answer. [Ember Fire Flower Leaf]
24) Gen 1: In Yellow, a Gym Leader only uses one Pokemon. In Red + Blue, this is that Gym Leader’s Gym Team. Answer in alphabetical order. [Pikachu Raichu Voltorb]
25) Glitches/Beta: These fully evolved Pokemon could be caught via Fishing in the Gold + Silver Betas. [Corsola Kingler]
26) Gen 8: Generation VIII lowered the base stat total of a pre-existing Pokemon. What is this Pokemon? [Aegislash]
27) Ranger: What is the English name of the episode where Professor’s Oak’s Big Pokemon Encyclopedia segment is about Rangers? Format any characters to their English counterparts as best you can. [Pokemon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! (Part 1)]
28) PS/Smogon/Competitive: In the 2019 Smog Awards, this user won the Best PS! Auth category. [nui]
29) Special Styles: This is the name of this special style of hunt [Odyssey / odyssey hunt]
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Andy Snype

Mr. Music
Mini Official Roundup (Feb 1st-29th)

1st place: aegii [03:42].
2nd place: P1v1sxel~! [04:02].
3rd place: Litt♥Eleven [04:49].
Consolation Prize: p0ip0le ∆ [05:38], AbuBatata [07:30], Tapler [07:32], turtalkatthing [15:08], The Frozen One [30:45], 111ace111 [31:41]
QC: zacians

1st place: dangerdogs [01:21].
2nd place: Elgino ♫ [02:21].
3rd place: gallant's pear [04:42].
Consolation Prize: smii ♬♪♪ [06:37], broil [07:52], Computerwizard8800 [08:16], turtalkatthing [09:34], Gwynt ^-^ [31:30]
QC: zacians

1st place: The Frozen One [01:32].
2nd place: Computerwizard8800 [02:46].
3rd place: 3.14dgeot-Mega [03:14].
Consolation Prize: Pi**sxel~! [03:24], Christmas [03:53], crepuscular goomy [06:07], pv2023 [13:20], Wan the Avatar [13:21], AndrewThePenguin [16:45]
QC: Andrew

1st place: p^_^okemonvortex. [02:56].
2nd place: God of Hypermeth [03:29].
3rd place: Andrew [03:33].
Consolation Prize: 111ace111 [05:27], Computerwizard8800 [07:48], AliasHallow [12:26], sloshed [17:49], turtalkatthing [30:46], XxNonLethalxX [38:49]
QC: Elgino

1st place: p^_^okemonvortex. [02:17].
2nd place: 3.14dgeot-Mega [02:18].
3rd place: MikeTheEntei [03:06].
Consolation Prize: Litt♥Eleven [03:26], Meicoo [04:57], Computerwizard8800 [08:59], akelexor [14:33], crepuscular goomy [19:35], WishMasterJirachi [30:52]
QC: Andrew

1st place: deftinwolf [02:10].
2nd place: crepuscular goomy [04:08].
3rd place: turtalkatthing [04:14].
Consolation Prize: 111ace111 [06:19], God of Hypermeth [06:45], MikeTheEntei [08:22], fear火fire火22 [11:34], computerwizard8800 [26:17]
QC: Devoxys

1st place: Barry✗☆✬000 [13:22].
2nd place: turtalkatthing [13:50].
3rd place: zacians [14:28].
Consolation Prize: fear火fire火22 [19:14], p0ip0le ∆ [22:32], c.kilgannon [24:29], smii ♬♪♪ [31:35], andrew [41:04], pv2023 [46:28]
QC: Bulbasaurbuddy

1st place: smii ♬♪♪ [01:49].
2nd place: p0ip0le ∆ [03:00].
3rd place: LittEleven [03:21].
Consolation Prize: Hydrocation [07:32], God of Hypermeth [10:44], The Frozen One [11:38], Soft Flex [14:51]
QC: Gallant Spear

1st place: smii [00:34].
2nd place: God of Hypermeth [01:32].
3rd place: AndrewThePenguin [02:29].
Consolation Prize: Computerwizard8800 [05:22], c.kilgannon [05:51], p^_^okemonvortex. [11:47], bulbasaurbuddy! [14:47], Mudkiper101 [46:19]
QC: Andrew

1st place: smii [01:19].
2nd place: God of Hypermeth [01:49].
3rd place: turtalkatthing [02:13].
Consolation Prize: The Frozen One [02:22], Computerwizard8800 [02:26], sloshed [03:01]
QC: 111ace111

1st place: 111ace111 [03:52].
2nd place: Litt♥Eleven [04:24].
3rd place: crepuscular goomy [07:06].
Consolation Prize: turtalkatthing [07:35], MikeTheEntei [15:20], fear火fire火22 [18:39]
QC: Andrew

1st place: God of Hypermeth [00:45].
2nd place: thimb [01:25].
3rd place: sloshed [01:59].
Consolation Prize: turtalkatthing [08:41], Computerwizard8800 [09:30], PlasmaSoldier2016 [18:37], MikeTheEntei [34:35]
QC: Gallant Spear

1st place: smii [01:46].
2nd place: LJB14 [02:05].
3rd place: 111ace111 [02:38].
Consolation Prize: gallant's pear [04:06], turtalkatthing [04:21], The Frozen One [05:46], crepuscular goomy [05:50], MikeTheEntei [06:42], Computerwizard8800 [13:09], Litt♥Eleven [15:23]
QC: Andrew

1st place: 111ace111 [02:11].
2nd place: God of Hypermeth [03:26].
3rd place: MikeTheEntei [04:56].
Consolation Prize: The Frozen One [12:33], Parcly Taxel ♦ [13:45], scoobydoobydrew [21:27]
QC: LittEleven

1st place: God of Hypermeth [02:10].
2nd place: computerwizard8800 [02:21].
3rd place: p^_^okemonvortex. [02:28].
Consolation Prize: turtalkatthing [02:38], PlasmaSoldier2016 [03:02], Tapler [07:33], Grimm Nightmare [08:53], ableistmonkey [31:12], Found then Lost [52:15]
QC: 111ace111

1st place: turtalkatthing [09:06].
2nd place: MikeTheEntei [09:09].
3rd place: killerASCII [11:16].
QC: smii

1st place: Elgino ♫ [01:10].
2nd place: killerASCII [03:09].
3rd place: MikeTheEntei [03:53].
Consolation Prize: Grimm Nightmare [04:20], God of Hypermeth [04:36], golden009 [05:48], 111ace111 [07:41], LordNwahs6 [17:41]
QC: smii

1st place: Andrew [01:45].
2nd place: Notater517 [01:46].
3rd place: 111ace111 [02:03].
Consolation Prize: computerwizard8800 [04:08], Grimm✯『Arsene』✯ [05:43], Steve456664 [06:42], bulbasaurbuddy! [07:24], Grimm Nightmare [10:58], Almm41 [20:13]
QC: zacians

Last Month's Mini Official Roundup


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The February Ladder has now concluded. Congratulations to the top three placers, starting with God of Hypermeth in first place with a new Scavengers record 1111 points! Very impressive. Well done as well to smii in second place with 996 points, and 111ace111 in third place with 902 points!
God of Hypermeth 1111
smii 996
111ace111 902
computerwizard8800 782
MikeTheENTEI 715
Litt♥Eleven 664
TurtalKatThing 633
The Frozen One 429
aegii 389
3.14dgeot-Mega 339
crepuscular goomy 326
c.kilgannon 281
p^_^okemonvortex. 256
zacians 241
killerASCII 206
AndrewThePenguin 202
sloshed 200
bulbasaurbuddy! 196
Hydrocation 189
Devoxys 181
golden009 162
gallant's pear 153
AbuBatata 149
fear火fire火22 145
Christmas 144
PartMan 132
Andrew 128
dangerdogs 122
Grimm✯『Arsene』✯ 121
Tapler ❀ 116
p0ip0le ∆ 116
AliasHallow 108
Pisxel~! 107
Darth 97
Almm41 96
broil 92
imjustgray 91
Soft Flex 87
Elgino ♫ 82
Meicoo 78
ax1lotl 69
Grimm Nightmare 67
Mudkiper101 61
Mega Eevee X 60
hot soppressata 56
pv2023 55
ableistmonkey 55
PlasmaSoldier2016 52
Emboar02 52
LordNwahs6 50
Parcly Taxel 49
Rb220 47
WishMasterJirachi 38
Found then Lost 36
Alex 35
DCSyntro 35
Barry✗☆✬000 35
Vrji 34
MisterFrostee 34
negsan 33
Steve456664 33
ProfSapling 32
scoobydoobydrew 30
njkio 29
drosophile 29
Illusio 28
meykii 28
Dawn of⚧Ares 24
Wan the Avatar 23
Get Your Wish 22
CrazyKingFisher 21
ip04 21
Squirtell! 20
Zipzapadam 20
conabzb 20
LJB14 20
Ssitqc 19
P1v1sxel~! 19
MissingGlow 18
pikagb♚ 17
Galecti 17
Notater517 16
Justin Tuck 16
Midnightsecrets 14
lovemathboy 14
thimb 14
Snoms❅❆❉❊ 13
riddertommie123 13
Discordual 12
FuzzThatWuzz 12
anonymous135 12
JosephJoestar1 12
theGreatGatsly 12
Rory Mercury 11
sIang 10
haario 10
Skaiian 10
Merlee 9
WeepingDevil 9
SergioRules 9
RemixRave 8
underkale 8
LegendaryMouse 8
Unendynamax 8
Gargoyle31 7
Dudelup 7
PepsiMan2 7
GUISHARK!!!!!!!!!! 7
BugBuzzing•‿• 6
cleo 6
Salazzhoe 6
Orion's Sign 6
Metalollo 6
Level 51 6
Aichoozyu 6
Spook Demon 6
This Bot Is Hot 6
jude909 6
Tushavi 6
fish ☆ rights 6
aQrator 6
kvothe the red 6
Pear Experience 5
Pilaku 5
akelexor 5
PC Witch 5
kingtroller 5
hxl♥cyon 5
Rand! Bat! Spam! 4
Benjgbro 4
peeledwatermelon 4
KawaiiiiPotato✿ 4
Gwynt ^-^ 4
Hlinton65 4
eliandcurtchris 4
PikachuSean ^~^ 4
Alextron 4
Pisxel's Alternate 4
Lady Monita 4
MetsubouJinrainet 4
trollfluff ☭ 4
LMatthew 3
PrimalLanturn 3
TheOracle52 3
Dynamax Terrakion 3
Zimmy D 3
boredcollegekid 3
UnderratedRacket 3
Asxier 3
dragonofend 3
A Royal Pimpidimp 3
Blastoise6767 3
fuckden 3
arch of life 3
XxNonLethalxX 3
a wanderer 3
Pisxel~! Gen8RB 3
zyg 2
Chunkeez㊍ 2
battler444 2
keeping it snowy 2
Mr. Virgin Slayer 2
Miglekk 2
VampireKnightOsu 2
Jahkxun 2
Lumer 2
Abdelrahman 2
Julius Caesar I 2
Azmeme 2
Lemon_Side 2
smol_demon 2
tempered chocolate 2
pokemastereke 2
thornivorous 2
Dark▼Dex 2
Visherman 1
Alalalalalone 1
DatEpicGamer 1
trace 1
plantyby 1
foska 1
tagleman2 1
Dragonitekid101 1
Deep x Dope 1
SylveonGirl700 1
pulsar512b 1
berunkasuteru ☭ 1
SunsteelSolgaleoZ 1
Picheevee 1
aznmaknae 1
Specstall Thief 1
Apollo_Nk 1
Apocatastasis 1
Wellington Ho-oh 1
PastRelic 1
Magicana79 1
Bipedalist Llamas 1
Potatoboiiii 1
Notyel_Panda 1
Misayuri 1
luoro 1
Dr. Chris ♫ 1
simmetheking 1
we back in the cut 1
Atad777 1
Alan9999XD 1
EnderTorterra548 1
LustySalazzleMaid 1
deftinwolf 1
Blockmonn 1
triangle lancer 1
CryoGyro 1
nekoramen '◡' 1
Delibirdmag 1
dev5400 1
PrincessPika102 1
Bdnvmdkfnf 1
Ianisagiraffe 1
Showsni 1
Gardevior25 1
Windower 1
alejoespejo 1
ShadSmithGayDemon 1
XJoschYZ 1
Ragnar McRyan 1
xomdlo 1
Immortal Folly 1
Ocean-ey 1
Cyllage 1
visael mk. II 1
ManUNkind 1
Schiavetto 1
pokemangoes 1
daniqua 1
CrazyClown94 1
TectonicDestroyer 1
Astral Observatory 1
ptelzcra 1
Ruins of Hope 1
Heika-Ssi 1
RandomPopplio14 1
YveltalNL 1
Shipuriken 1
Bronzecrank 1
Saltiest☾Cactus23 1
Tomasom00 1
visegrip‘ 1
The ladder twist chosen by staff for the month of March is: To Be Announced!

Everyone show out for the March Ladder!

Finally, big congratulations to a trio of new promotions the previous month: computerwizard8800 as our newest room voice, super_mii2 (smii) as our newest room driver, and BulbaBuddy as our newest room mod!
c.kilgannon + smii to host March's first Official on the 5th at 11am EST.
ty to Andy Snype + 111ace111 for QCing

1st place: p0ip0le ∆ [01:50].
2nd place: aQrator [02:02].
3rd place: AbuBatata [02:57].
4th place: Litt♥Eleven [03:14].
5th place: gallant's pear [03:51].
Consolation Prize: The Frozen One [04:27], TurtalKatThing [15:00], njkio [29:56], computerwizard8800 [36:18]

1) [format all Pokemon as PS does] Alphabetically list the Gym Leaders that use a Rotom forme during the Type Expert Tournament of the Pokemon World Tournament. [blaine volkner wattson]
2) In Gen VII, this Pokemon has the highest single base stat of all Legendary Pokemon. [Zygarde complete]
3) This ORAS character can only be defeated once, but has a unique trainer class. (Format Trainer Class, then name) [Fare Prince Trencherman]
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Andy Snype

Mr. Music
yo yo yo

team skull.gif

its ya boi Andrew with a BALLIN' Odyssey to test your ability to ball! QC'd by my scav homies computerwizard8800 and BulbaBuddy stay tuned for Thursday March 19th at 5:30 PM EDT (GMT -4)

be there. here's some recommended prep material

1) This is an odyssey about Balls! Attempt this hunt if you'd like to be a real Baller! For this Ballin hunt, pay attention to the following notes: if there are multiple answers, Answer in alphabetical order. If there are any non-English characters in an answer, do your best to give the closest English letter. To continue, type /scavenge yes [yes / yeet]
2) This is the first Pokemon caught in Pokemon Generations with a Poke Ball. [Pikachu]
3) Which Pokemon did Red catch using a Great Ball in Pokemon Origins? [Arbok]
4) An Ultra Ball is used in Pokemon Generations to catch this Pokemon. [Deoxys]
5) This is the English nickname of the first Pokemon known to be kept using a Dive Ball in the Pokemon Anime. [Sandy]
6) Give the full name of the person referenced in the first ever distribution of a Pokemon inside a Cherish Ball [Shoko Nakagawa]
7) The Moon Ball never worked in GSC because it was checking for Pokemon that evolved with a different item. What is this item? [Burn Heal]
8) This LC Pokemon could never be caught using a Heavy Ball in Sun & Moon. [Beldum]
9) This starter Pokemon is kept in a Lure Ball in the anime. [Totodile]
10) This Poke Ball was not introduced in Gen 1 but can be used to catch Pokemon in Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu, Let's Go Eevee, and Pokemon Go! [Premier Ball]
11) This is the name of the NPC that sells the Luxury Ball in Black City. [Frederic / Fredrick]
12) Rematching these trainers in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire have a chance for the player to receive a Timer Ball. Answer with their first names in alphabetical order. [Catherine Jackson]
13) In the anime, this wild Pokemon swallowed a Master Ball thrown at it. [Whiscash / Nero]

1st place: 111ace111 [03:18].
2nd place: celesteeal!!! [04:33].
3rd place: killerASCII [06:09].
4th place: TurtalKatThing [06:18].
5th place: broil [06:39].
Consolation Prize: AndrewThePenguin [07:08], smii [07:38], Meicoo [08:20], PlasmaSoldier2016 [09:54], ProfSapling [12:38], p^_^okemonvortex. [13:43], MikeTheEntei [16:03], BeastBoy1971 [18:15], SuperHaarioOdyssey [19:24], sIang [37:18], 3.14dgeot-Mega [56:15]
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Reserving official hunt on March 19th at 3 PM UTC
1st place: AbuBatata [01:46].
2nd place: Andrew [03:53].
3rd place: MikeTheEntei [04:42].
4th place: TurtalKatThing [06:06].
5th place: terrapieseven [09:30].
Consolation Prize: 111ace111 [11:41]

1) In Pokemon anime, James kicked these 2 pokemon that caused them to evolve. (alphabetically) [magikarp mankey]
2) This generation 6 in-game NPC never appeared in the anime but one of Jessie's disguise is resembled as her. [sina]
3) This is the first word learned by Team Rocket's Meowth. [rocket]

Thanks to c.kilgannon and Meicoo for QC

May the Pyuks be with you
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Coral Bitch
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Hosted the Cash Money Odyssey by Computerwizard8800 and myself on March 28th at 8pm EDT

1st place: celesteeal!!! [01:26:23]
2nd place: Grimm Nightmare [01:29:07]
3rd place: 111ace111 [01:36:03]
4th place: TurtalKatThing [01:47:37]
5th place: p^_^okemonvortex. [01:51:32]
6th place: MikeTheEntei [02:02:13]
7th place: AndrewThePenguin[02:04:33]
8th place: Almm41 [02:08:32]
9th place: Skybounds ⬡ [02:39:37]

1) Welcome to the Cash Money Odyssey by Computerwizard8800 and Tapler! For any question with multiple answers, answer in alphabetical order. You can buy this Pokemon in 12 main series games for 500 Pokedollars. [Magikarp]
2) While you can lower the cost using a hidden stat, you can buy these mega stones in XY for 1,000,000 Pokedollars each. [Blastoisinite, Charizardite X, Charizardite Y, Venusaurite]
3) This Key Item is offered for sale for an unreachable amount of money, and is instead obtained by using a different Key Item. [Bicycle]
4) Though an NPC offers the player this item for an impossible amount of money, another NPC in the same game will let the player buy one for only 9,800 Pokedollars. [Slowpoke Tail]
5) Using this move in SWSH, will net the player a maximum of 99,999 extra Pokedollars per battle. [G-Max Gold Rush]
6) In Pokemon Platinum, if you see each of this NPC’s lines once, they will attempt to fine the player for a total of 1,110,000,000 Pokedollars. [Barry]
7) At this location, a member of an evil organization will give the player an item equivalent of 5,000 Pokedollars, and offer the player to join. [Kanto Route 24 / Route 24 / Nugget Bridge]
8) Two NPCs in this location will heal your entire team and fully restore PP in exchange for 10 Pokedollars. [Po Town]
9) Collecting all the items in this location and selling them to a specific NPC will give the player 1,706,000 Pokedollars. [Abyssal Ruins]
10) You can spend up to 4,200 Pokedollars for transportation at this location. [Lumiose City]
11) These two Pokemon can wear the most expensive clothing item the whole series. [Eevee, Pikachu / Eevee-Partner, Pikachu-Partner]
12) In Pokemon Yellow, you can purchase this Pokemon for the equivalent of 199,980 Pokedollars by converting them into an alternate currency. [Porygon]
13) An exploit in Sun and Moon involves buying certain items at half price using a coupon from Thrifty Megamart, and then reselling everything. This allows you to make a profit of 10 Pokedollars each time from this item. [Premier Ball]
14) Once a certain condition is met, this becomes the cheapest purchasable item that can heal every non-volatile status condition. [Lumiose Galette]
15) These items, which have no purpose other than being sold in the most recent game that they appear in, can be sold for 10 Pokedollars. [Shoal Salt Shoal Shell Stretchy Spring]
16) This evolution item can be sold for the most money. [Chipped Pot]
17) An NPC will pay the player 20,000 Pokedollars to remove this pokemon from a location. [Pyukumuku]
18) In ORAS, an NPC will sell 3 of this item at varying prices for a total of 275,000 Pokedollars for all 3. [Hard Stone]
19) Defeating this trainer can award the highest amount of prize money in the series. (Include trainer class.) [Grand Duchess Diantha]
20) In USUM, you can dress as these Pokemon for 2,400,000 Pokedollars. [Kommo-o, Lurantis]
21) This location exclusive to FRLG has 12,050 Pokedollars worth of valuable items, all of which are recurring items. [Treasure Beach]
22) This item requires 100,000 Pokedollars, though it is purchased for less than that. [Big Snorlax Doll]
23) At a location that costs 2,500,000 Pokedollars to complete, you can listen to this trainer’s theme any time. (Do not include trainer class.) [Cynthia]
24) These berries that reduce the damage of supereffective hits from a certain type have a size larger than any berry that can be purchased for 20 Pokedollars. (Don’t include “Berry” in your answer.) [babiri coba payapa wacan]
25) A certain NPC in Pokemon XY states that they bought a new one of these for 5,000,000 Pokedollars. [Life]
26) The total cost of everything from the previous 25 questions is 1,131,020,078 Pokedollars. If the player battles against a Team Rainbow Rocket Grunt using 6 level 100 Pokemon in a one on one battle, without using any artificial method of increasing the prize money, this is the total number of battles required to buy every item in the odyssey. [353444 / 353444 battles]

Shoutout to LittEleven and GallantSpear for qcing
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totally didn't forget about my official so...

Reserving an Official for March 25th at 8 pm EST (in 3 hours n.n)
ty to andrew+ace you're the best.

1st place: Skybounds ⬡ [08:15].
2nd place: woe! unto! me! [11:44].
3rd place: aQrator [14:43].
4th place: The Frozen One [15:25].
5th place: ProfSapling [20:44].
Consolation Prize: Meicoo [22:10], MikeTheEntei [22:36], TurtalKatThing [24:23], Litt♥Eleven [26:15], Computerwizard8800 [27:58], Devoxys [29:24], PartMan [36:19], RainbowBenja7 [46:57], bulbasaurbuddy! [49:54], p^_^okemonvortex. [52:57], d!o#t$c%o^m&f*e(y) [57:30]

1) This Pokemon is the first by National Dex Number that has the name of a Gen 1 Main Series game contained its name. [Loudred]
2) This is the first Pokemon alphabetically whose Category Name was changed in any way. [azumarill]
3) The translated Japanese Category Names of these fully evolved Pokemon are a move while their English Category Names are not (alpha.order). [alakazam jolteon malamar tornadus vanilluxe]
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reserving 27th 11pm gmt (reg fish)

The official scavenger hunt was ended by Andrew. 1st place: celesteeal!!! [13:48]. 2nd place: Devoxys [14:21]. 3rd place: p^_^okemonvortex. [22:16]. 4th place: ProfSapling [25:25]. 5th place: MikeTheEntei [25:34]. Consolation Prize: Skybounds ⬡ [26:57], TurtalKatThing [27:00], Grimm Nightmare [33:06]

1) This is the alphabetically last Pokemon TCG Card illustrated by the illustrator that illustrated the most cards. (Include set name and number as Bulbapedia does) [Zweilous Steam Siege 85]
2) The person that illustrated the lowest unique number of Pokemon TCG Cards designed cards for the first time in this set. [Pokemon VS]
3) The illustrator that illustrated the 3rd most cards of all individuals illustrated these cards that have an English GX move whose name is exactly the same as their Japanese release Set's full name, not counting the "-GX" part of the move. Answer in alphabetical order using the English names of the cards. Don't include the set number in your answer. [Lucario Melmetal GX Pikachu Zekrom GX Reshiram Charizard GX]
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Coral Bitch
is a Top Social Media Contributor
Was somehow allowed to host a 30-question Mario Kart Odyssey with Andrew on April 1st at 10pm EDT.

1st place: p^_^okemonvortex. [02:33:39]
2nd place: MikeTheEntei [02:33:56]
3rd place: Dylas [02:47:41]
4th place: CryoGyro [02:47:51]
5th place: celesteeal! [03:04:19]
6th place: Grimm Nightmare [03:20:42]
7th place: 111ace111 [03:47:21]
8th place: Pisxel~! [04:04:42]

1) Welcome to a Mario Kart Odyssey by Andrew and Tapler! Answer all questions in alphabetical order unless specified. “Main-series” will refer to all Mario Kart video games besides the arcade games and Tour, and Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will be considered the same game. Answer this question with “Andrew is qt” to begin :) [Andrew is qt / no u]
2) This character only appears as a playable driver in Super Mario Kart. [Donkey Kong Jr]
3) This Splatoon map appears as a battle course in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. [Urchin Underpass]
4) Mario Kart Double Dash was the debut of this playable character to the Mario franchise. [Toadette]
5) These real-world cities that have had a Tour named after them in Mario Kart Tour. [London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Vancouver / London, New York City, Paris, Tokyo, Vancouver]
6) This trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee first appeared in Super Mario Kart. [Racing Kart]
7) These main-series courses have a unique lap count among nitro courses in Grand Prix. [Baby Park, Wario Colosseum]
8) Despite this character not being playable in Mario Kart 7, it includes a retro course named after them from a game that they were playable in. [Waluigi]
9) Courses with these names have appeared in exactly two main-series Mushroom Cups. [Bowser Castle 1, Luigi Circuit]
10) Besides Mii drivers, these characters were first playable in a Mario Kart game in Mario Kart Wii. [Baby Daisy, Baby Peach, Dry Bowser, Funky Kong, Rosalina]
11) These courses contain Thwomps, but do not have the word “Castle” in their name. [Bowser’s Factory, Rainbow Road, Thwomp Desert, Thwomp Ruins]
12) In the most recently-released Mario Kart game besides Tour, these characters are not playable, but appear as CPU racers. [Bowser, Wario]
13) These Mario Kart DS nitro courses have never reappeared as a retro course in a later game. [Bowser Castle, Figure-8 Circuit, Mario Circuit, Rainbow Road, Shroom Ridge]
14) This course has appeared in two different main-series cups that have the exact same name. [Sky Garden]
15) Besides SNES tracks, these main-series courses had their lap count in Grand Prix changed when they returned as a retro course. [Baby Park, Rainbow Road]
16) Halfway there! For questions that ask for cups as their answer, specify the game by using the acronym that specifies retro courses from that game. For example “GCN Mushroom Cup” or “3DS Leaf Cup” would be acceptable answers. Mario Kart 8 cups will be specified by “Wii U”. To continue, answer this question with “OK”. [ok / pisxel is bad]
17) This cup contains 3 courses that all have the same word in their name. [DS Shell Cup]
18) These Super Mario Kart courses contain more than one speed pad. [Bowser Castle 1, Bowser Castle 3, Mario Circuit 2]
19) If a certain pattern that has been consistent within the main-series Mario Kart games since Mario Kart Wii is continued, this will be the second-to-last course of the next main-series game’s Lightning Cup. [Maka Wuhu / Wuhu Mountain Loop]
20) This is the earliest cup chronologically from which no courses have returned in a later game. [GBA Special Cup]
21) This course had its name changed in the US release of the main-series game that it reappears in as a retro course, but has its original name in the PAL release of that game. (answer with the original name) [Koopa Troopa Beach]
22) Nintendo has used these names to refer to the enemies that appear on Mario Kart 64’s Yoshi Valley. (answer with the plural) [Porcupines, Spinys]
23) There is only one Mario Kart game with named courses that does not include one named after Mario. Name the playable characters in that game that have their name fully included in the name of at least one course from that game. [Bowser, Pac-Man, Peach]
24) If retro cups are considered to be equivalent to the nitro cup that appears directly above them in the menu (Shell Cup = Mushroom Cup and so on), then these retro cups do not contain any courses that were originally from their equivalent nitro cup. (answer in chronological order) [DS Leaf Cup, Wii U Banana Cup]
25) This is the item that has appeared in the most games, without having ever been usable on SNES Rainbow Road. [Fake Item Box / Fake Item]
26) These Mario Kart items are contained within the name of at least one main-series race course. [Boo, Mushroom, Pie, Piranha Plant, Thwomp]
27) These main-series cups include multiple courses that use the exact same music in Grand Prix. (answer in chronological order) [SNES Mushroom Cup, N64 Star Cup]
28) Mario Kart 7 introduced the ability to drive underwater. These courses are the only one in a main-series cup to not utilize that mechanic. [Mario Kart Stadium, Neo Bowser City, Rainbow Road, Royal Raceway / Koopa City, Mario Kart Stadium, Rainbow Road, Royal Raceway]
29) These Mario Kart: Super Circuit courses contain more than 25 speed strips. [Boo Lake, Cheese Land, Rainbow Road, Riverside Park, Snow Land]
30) These courses are known to have been the only non-Bowser’s Castle (or Bowser Castle) course in a main-series game to share their music with their game’s Bowser’s Castle course(s) at any point in time, including pre-release. (specify game of origin in the same way you do cups, answer in chronological order) [SNES Rainbow Road, GCN Luigi’s Mansion]

Thanks to LittEleven and Computerwizard8800 for putting up with a non-Pokemon Odyssey and qcing
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April Fools' Day odyssey official, 1 April 10pm SST (10am EDT)!
QC by Computerwizard8800 and gallant's pear

1st place: Litt♥Eleven [31:20].
2nd place: celesteeal!!! [43:49].
3rd place: 3.14dgeot-Mega [46:56].
4th place: Devoxys [47:57].
5th place: PlasmaSoldier2016 [50:11].
Consolation Prize: p^_^okemonvortex. [51:06], TurtalKatThing [01:12:24], MikeTheEntei [01:15:02], 111ace111 [01:25:47], The Frozen One [01:26:06]

Obviously, this being April Fools' Day, there was quite a lot of misdirection and pun-making. I've added links to relevant Bulbapedia articles for verification.

1. This location lies by the sea, yet its name says it does not lie by the sea. | Inland City
2. Native Kalos people use this name for the fairy-type move first used in the anime by a Pokémon who learns the move at level 50 in Sword and Shield. | Pouvoir Lunaire
3. This steel-type status move, when used in an appropriate place and after defeating eight trainers, will reward the player with a very rare berry. | Iron Defense
4. You are battling Nessa as part of the Gym Challenge. Nessa sends out her Drednaw and Rillaboom is your currently active Pokémon. Seeing that grass-type moves are 4× effective, you command the Rillaboom to use Grass Knot. What is the message appearing after "Rillaboom used Grass Knot!"? | The move was blocked by the power of Dynamax!
5. Barack Obama's election campaign's motto was this opening theme's title. | Yes I Can!
6. Considering its chemical formula, this compound stiffer than steel is used in making toilets. | tungsten carbide [WC]
7. This character of the day who feuded with N has three Pokémon species and three studio albums. | Halsey
8. Printed verbatim on a Monopoly board, this organisation uses Magnemite as part of its security system. | electric company
9. May entered this location in the anime, thereby violating its name. | Forbidden Forest
10. Besides patrolling the streets of Pyrite Town, this character functions as Prime Minister of Galar. | Officer Johnson
11. According to unconfirmed sources, the present scavenger hunt was most likely created in this location, which contains a Pokémon racetrack. | Odyssey Village
12. Nothing happens upon giving the right version of this item to a granddaughter. (ignore diacritics) | Left Poke Ball
13. Take the first letters of the previous 12 answers. Who said them? | Mr. T [I PITY THE FOOL]
14. The fiscal year of this Southeast Asian country begins on April Fools' Day. | Singapore
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Official on March 29th, 1.30pm EDT!
QC by LittEleven and BulbaBuddy
The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: Devoxys [12:37].
2nd place: PartMan [13:10].
3rd place: gallant's pear [14:03].
4th place: 111ace111 [14:23].
5th place: p^_^okemonvortex. [17:23].
Consolation Prize: celesteeal!!! [17:56], Skybounds ⬡ [20:51], Parcly Taxel ♦ [21:18], TurtalKatThing [22:19], Pisxel~! [22:31], InTheForest [27:35], MikeTheEntei [33:49], The Frozen One [44:05]

1) In Pokemon Black and White, this item which was introduced in Gen 2 can be used to awaken a set of 5 statues. [RageCandyBar]
2) This character was given a Trainer class unique to them in the main-series games released directly after they debuted. Name the machine that they mention using during their battles. [Inverseomatic]
3) In Pokemon Platinum, Professor Oak or Jasmine can sometimes appear in this building if certain conditions are met. [Battle Hall]
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The April Community Odyssey Puzzle Prelude has concluded! Thank you all for participating, and get ready the the April Community Odyssey, coming soon!

1st place: celesteeal! [01:54:19].
2nd place: The Frozen One [02:30:49].
3rd place: 3.14dgeot-Mega [03:10:35].
4th place: PartMan [03:26:02].
5th place: aQrator [04:01:54].
Consolation Prize: Skybounds ⬡ [04:32:27], Not Comfey [08:18:36], cheese555 [09:15:12], killerASCII [09:26:55], ProfSapling [11:38:13], TurtalKatThing [12:29:32], MikeTheEntei [12:35:22], RainbowBenja7 [01:07:59:53], ax1lotl [01:21:29:43], Almm41 [03:14:19:21]
and also Tapler for getting to 32 and not finishing
1) Last CO you submitted a lot of puzzles for us to solve. Today we turn the tables, with the 5-day Community Odyssey Puzzle Prelude! That's right, this leads to the real CO, which is arriving in the next 2 weeks. For this puzzle challenge, remember the following: use the /rfaq command for more info about puzzles, hints are free if you show progress, party puzzles are banned in Scavengers, and mhave fun! To begin, /scavenge the command that you can use to learn more about some of the puzzles that may feature in this hunt. [rfaq / roomfaq]
2) 2 move params (alphabetical order): Accelerock, Aqua Jet, Detect, Extreme Speed, King's Shield, Mach Punch, Max Guard, Obstruct, Quick Attack, Quick Guard, Vacuum Wave, Water Shuriken [Cool priority]
3) Port: [Generation 5 Move] [Pokemon with a Gigantimax form] [Move-Limiting Item] [Steel-Type Move] [Stat-Raising Move] [Berry (exclude ‘Berry’)] [tailslaprassaultvesteelbeamnesiapapa]
4) Psywave (Pokemon): [justified] + [letter] + [something spiky] [Ferrothorn]
5) Circleport: [City in the Pandemic board game][Mouse Pokemon][Pokemon with lowest speed stat][Fairy Pokemon][First Answer] [Kinshasandslashucklefkinshasa]
6) RDE: This pokemon can easily break 50 mph running at top speed. [Boltund]
7) Psywave (Pokemon): [not old] + [fowl] [Yungoos]
8) Psywave (Pokemon): [Pokemon that learns all TMs] + [Number] [Mewtwo]
9) Port: [NFE Pokemon][Evolution of the NFE pokemon][Telepathy Pokemon][High Jump Kick Pokemon][Ability relating to Status Conditions][Unique Move] [sliggoodraltsareenaturalcurelicsong / sliggoodraltsareenaturalcurevelationdance]
10) Anagram (1 Pokemon): Piers tugs Rogue [Gourgeist super]
11) Psst. I've got a Party Puzzle. Highly illicit content, don't let the Scavengers Staff know. http://prntscr.com/rm73od [Meicoo]
12) Psywave (Pokemon): [Fruit flavoured dessert] + [A distinctive smell] [Jellicent]
13) Psywave (Pokemon): [Low singing voice] + [A signal for someone to start something] + ['Forest' in Chinese] [Basculin]
14) Psywave (Pokemon): [Informal greeting] + [Opposite of wet] + [No longer present] [Hydreigon]
15) Port: [Elite 4 and Gym Leader] [Water/Ground Pokemon] [Rhythm Tengoku character] [Fighting Pokemon] [Measure of electrical flow] [U.S. President] [Japanese dessert] [First Answer] [kogastrodonpanchampereagankoga]
16) RDE: This Pokemon will eventually break down into pieces that will be recreated as its pre-evolution. [Melmetal]
17) Find the three moves where, when /dsed as alternatives (separated by the vertical line as described in /ds), these are the Pokemon who show up: https://imgur.com/a/Xun9FOU (answer with the three moves in alphabetical order) [Blaze kick,Karate chop,Wing attack]
18) Psywave (Pokemon): [Spanish Country code domain] + [Noise that a household animal makes] [Espurr]
19) Psywave (Pokemon): [Young dog] + [2017 film] + [Abbreviation of Arabic] [pupitar]
20) Psywave (Pokemon): [Highest single digit Arabic numeral] + [50% chance when you flip a coin] [Ninetales]
21) Psywave (Pokemon): [Kitchenware] + [Prophet] [pansear]
22) Consider the longest Pokemon name that can port with itself indefinitely (as PS formats it); call this 'Pokemon X'. Without using /dt aliases, find the longest possible port of [item you can /dt on PS][Pokemon X][something you can /dt on PS, that is not Pokemon X]. [ThunderStoNecrozmaDuskMaNeverEndingNightmare]
23) Anagram (Multiple Moves): Fix Thy Cudgel [Cut Dig Fly Hex]
24) Let A = a palindromic two-digit number multiplied by itself. Let B = the same palindromic two-digit number multiplied by 11. A is B backwards, and A is not equal to B. For all pokemon who have a single stat equal to this two-digit palindromic number, there is one stat that has the most pokemon who have that stat equal to the two-digit palindromic number in question. Find the pokemon with the lowest BST that has the stat in question equal to the two-digit palindromic number in question. [gourgeist small]
25) Psywave (Pokemon): [a type of vehicle] + [sick] + [ok] [Vanillite]
26) Psywave (Pokemon): [stylish] + [music genre] + [suffix used to form nouns that were diminutives] + [a word used for comparison] [Hippopotas]
27) Psywave (Pokemon): [Mafia Room Voice] + [Strong] + [Acronym for an american timezone] [Wobbuffet]
28) Psywave (move): [First syllable of the first name of an NPC that gives the player the Work Up TM] + [First word of an item found on Sinnoh's Route 210] [Psywave]
29) Psywave (Pokemon): [Affirmative] + [veil] [Yamask]
30) Circleport: [Ground Pokémon][Royal Pokémon][Water Bubble Pokémon][Gen 1 Poison Pokémon][Form of a Gen 8 Pokémon (don't include pkmn name)][Move that does nothing][Bear Pokémon][Gen 8 Pokémon][Pokémon in Alamos' Garden][Pokémon that stole Ash's hat][Fully Evolved Fossil][Fighting move][Ultra Beast][Ultra Beast][Ultra Beast][Normal Pokémon][Villain's Pokémon in Movie 4][Fire Pokémon][Prism Pokémon][Mammoth Pokémon][Ability introduced in gen 7][Gen 8 Pokémon][Gen 5 Pokémon][Psychic Pokémon][Signature move][Sturdy Pokémon][Normal Pokémon][Levitate Pokemon][Fairy-type recovery][Unreleased signature move][Place near Violet City][Ground Pokémon] [Phanpyroaraquanidorinoicelebrateddiursandacondarkraipomastarmthrustakatakartanaganadelcattyranitarcaninecrozmamoswineuroforcentiskorchandelureuniclusterpurgeodudelcattynamoonlightofruinsofalphanpy]
31) RDE: This Pokemon flies at supersonic speeds, and are said to be loyal guardians some people. [Golurk]
32) Greetings, Scavenger! We have just received an anonymous tip that another suspicious transaction is happening online. It seems like it's a WordPress website this time around, and according to our benefactor, the name is the location where Ash finds an Amulet Coin in the anime. Once you find that location, head over to "[location].wordpress.com" without brackets or quotes. One more thing, it might be helpful to look for anything that seems out of place, like something being misattributed. Try clicking on those things. Good luck! [Time Gears]

Congratulations to all finishers! Thank you to Pisxel, fearfire, PokeLivelyBattler, crespucular goomy, imjustgray, jude909, pv2023, slammyjj, Mayhewy, MisterFrostee, Zman10010, smii, Christmas, 111ace111, haario, and pokemonvortex for submitting puzzles that featured in this hunt. Shoutouts to all the staff that helped run this event as well. We hope you mhaved fun!
2) Looks like the difficulty was underestimated. A lot of people got stuck here. Don't forget to read all of /nms and ask for hints if you need one!
4) If you're a bit of a Scavs dinosaur you'll remember this one. It's from the old Scavengers hunt-making/solving articles in The Player. I think it was written by Spydreigon or Snaquaza.
9) Forgot about Revelation Dance D:
11) Still banned.
22) Forgot about Cherrim-Sunshine D:
32) The solution is as follows: The location in question is Capacia Island. If you head over to capaciaisland.wordpress.com, you'll see a picture of Cilan attributed as Brock. Click on it and scroll down to read a comment. The comment will direct you to open the image in a new tab then edit the url (https://capaciaisland.files.wordpress.com/2020/03/clemontic_gear.png). In the image, the words Dusk and Noire are missing. Dusknoir wants to the prevent the Time Gears from being stolen in PMD2.
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Andy Snype

Mr. Music
Mini Official Roundup (March 1st - 31st)

1st place: 111ace111 [02:17].
2nd place: Tushavi [02:49].
3rd place: TurtalKatThing [03:28].
Consolation Prize: computerwizard8800 [05:13], The Frozen One [05:41], MikeTheEntei [08:28], Miikurb [18:58]
QC: c.kilgannon

1st place: Grimm Nightmare [01:44].
2nd place: p^_^okemonvortex. [02:16].
3rd place: Devoxys [02:46].
Consolation Prize: Computerwizard8800 [02:49], PartMan [02:50], Squirtell! [02:55], Annika ツ [03:15], 3.14dgeot-Mega [04:36], conabzb [04:41], ProfSapling [04:42], WishMasterJirachi [06:32], TurtalKatThing [09:02], AndrewThePenguin [14:07], pv2023 [24:38], RainbowBenja7 [48:50]
QC: 111ace111

1st place: Grimm Nightmare [03:10].
2nd place: Andre W [05:08].
3rd place: p0ip0le ∆ [07:34].
Consolation Prize: PartMan [07:59], killerASCII [09:54], MikeTheEntei [12:19], rfaq reading [16:14], Dotcomfey~! [19:03], Computerwizard8800 [20:26], TurtalKatThing [27:55], mukeo [36:00]
QC: p^_^okemonvortex

Last Month's Mini Official Roundup


cool quiz
is a Battle Simulator Staff Alumnus
The March Ladder has now concluded. Congratulations to the top three placers: MikeTheEntei in first place with 485 points, TurtalKatThing in second place with 437 points, and 111ace111 in third place with 386 points!
MikeTheEntei 485
TurtalKatThing 437
111ace111 386
Computerwizard8800 326
Grimm Nightmare 274
AbuBatata 257
The Frozen One 249
Litt♥Eleven 158
c.kilgannon 158
celesteeal!!! 153
aQrator 147
Dotcomfey~! 147
Andre W 132
PartMan 131
ProfSapling 124
p^_^okemonvortex. 112
Pisxel~! 111
AndrewThePenguin 110
bulbasaurbuddy! 109
Skybounds ⬡ 103
p0ip0le ∆ 102
gallant's pear 100
Almm41 94
smii 93
Devoxys 89
Tapler ❀ 87
Hydrocation 81
killerASCII 80
Meicoo 74
Soft Flex 65
Zip! Zap! Adam! 61
Found then Lost 56
RainbowBenja7 51
BeastBoy1971 48
haario 41
aegii 40
3.14dgeot-Mega 40
ax1lotl 39
Parcly Taxel ♦ 39
Pranav03Sharma 37
Miikurb 36
scoobydoobydrew 35
Shipuriken 31
woe! unto! me! 30
PlasmaSoldier2016 28
njkio 27
sIang翔 27
Wan the Avatar 25
TheOneObserver 23
pv2023 22
negsan 22
Barry000 21
gui#$sh%$ark 21
zacians 20
Tushavi 19
broil 19
Ssitqc 18
Darth 15
Squirtell! 15
Notater517 15
LJB14 14
Vrji 13
Discordual 13
kingtroller + 13
fear火fire火22 12
Merlee 12
Mega Eevee X 11
JosephJoestar1 10
hallomario 10
terrapieseven 10
Skaiian 9
Level 51 9
shi nxt he 17 9
wallape 9
Steve456664 8
Lady Monita 8
Cassketch 8
Elgino ♫ 7
Rand! Bat! Spam! 7
conabzb 7
Scrylveon 7
Cheese555 7
MisterFrostee 6
YveltalNL 6
crepuscular goomy 6
PrincessPika102 6
Andy >_> 6
YvelToTheCore 6
God of Hypermeth 5
DragonflygonX 5
Lucario•1582 5
WishMasterJirachi 5
Praise Bido3of 5
Isoscelogist 5
Gargoyle31 5
Grimm✯『Arsene』✯ 5
mgperson 幹 5
Zuff 5
TheAura 5
Marlon+Togedemaru 4
SunMoonFX 4
LegendaryMouse 4
ImLacedWithCyanide 4
Astral Observatory 4
Shinee Rockoo 4
mukeo 4
PrimalLanturn 3
Aeonic 3
SergioRules 3
pokemangoes 3
Benjgbro 3
Jahkxun 3
Flashter 3
pokemasterofkalos 3
Krakenwaffle 3
AGuyPlaysPokemon 3
Orion's Sign 3
meykii 2
PepsiMan2 2
chorizardo rex 2
Emboar02 2
Midnightsecrets 2
we back in the cut 2
BugBuzzing•‿• 2
AliasHallow 2
Asxier 2
lovemathboy 2
castaways 2
Avengers Assembled 2
SuperHaarioOdyssey 2
Ic1cle 2
SquareRootOf22 2
Bluii 2
Illusio 2
InTheForest 2
pr!thvI 2
Rb220 1
trollfluff ☭ 1
Pilaku 1
Galecti 1
deftinwolf 1
newo ikkin 1
azu-ruriri 1
Bipedalist Llamas 1
larseid 勇 1
Pink Virizion♡ 1
LustySalazzleMaid 1
PikachuSean ^~^ 1
Skiploommaster 1
blackburn009 1
PLATanomajoncho 1
zyg 1
Dawn of⚧Ares 1
Bandstand 1
UnderratedRacket 1
Alex 1
12kid34 1
YurMomIsDitto 1
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The ladder twist chosen by staff for the month of April is: Coming very soon!

Don't get fooled on the April Ladder!

Big congratulations to a trio of new promotions the previous month: MikeTheEntei as our newest room voice, and computerwizard8800 and Tapler (shhhh don't tell him) as our newest room drivers!
reserving fish 05/04/'20
21:00 GMT
won't follow twist for obv reasons (hope that's okay!)
Tapler host! LittEleven second qc'er

The official scavenger hunt was ended by Meicoo.
1st place: celesteeal!!! [04:22].
2nd place: 3.14dgeot-Mega [06:58].
3rd place: bulbasaur! buddy! [08:54].
4th place: TurtalKatThing [08:59].
5th place: 111ace111 [12:59].
Consolation Prize: Grimm Nightmare [17:20], Computerwizard8800 [18:22], killerASCII [18:51], Discordual [37:17], AFKndrew [44:32]

1) This is the only contact recoil move that won't increase the recoil damage on a crit. [Struggle]
2) Excluding Z-, Max, and Signature moves, these are the only moves of their types that are physical but not contact moves. (alpha) [fusion bolt Psycho cut sacred fire sky attack]
3) In the anime/a movie, two Pokemon of the same species are under ownership of a father and son that work together in a patrol of sorts. As the son's Pokemon is weak, it needs further training from a Pokemon his father owns that shares a type with it, but that it's also weak to (stab-wise). Name the Pokemon father and son share, then the father's second Pokemon. [Ledian Pidgeotto]
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Hosted a regular foosh on Wednesday, April 8th, at 3pm PST.

1st place: Cheese555 [12:39]
2nd place: 111ace111 [16:28]
3rd place: celesteeal!!! [18:56]
4th place: aQrator [23:43]
5th place: Darth [28:00]
6th place: MikeTheEntei [01:18:47]

1) Each of these abilities function identically to at least one other ability, except that they are not bypassed by moves or abilities that typically ignore abilities. (Alphabetical Order) [Full Metal Body, Prism Armor, Shadow Shield]

2) If forms are considered to be separate Pokemon from their base form, these Pokemon that were introduced to Sword and Shield with the release of Pokemon Home have a unique ability within the Galarian Pokedex. (Alphabetical Order, format as PS does) [Lunala, Meltan, Persian-Alola, Raichu-Alola, Solgaleo]

3) There is one episode of the Pokemon anime that contains all of the Pokemon used to answer question 2 that do not have an ability that was used to answer question 1. This Pokemon makes its anime debut in that episode. [Kangaskhan-Mega]

QCed by Computerwizard8800 and BulbasaurBuddy
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hosting my official ig in 3 hours. (8:45pm est).
thanks andrew+pants for qcing

The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: celesteeal! [05:06].
2nd place: Meicoo [06:46] (completed without a single wrong answer!)
3rd place: irokei [07:28].
4th place: Computerwizard8800 [11:57].
5th place: Cheese555 [15:49].
Consolation Prize: ProfSapling [16:26](completed without a single wrong answer!), 111ace111 [20:07], 3.14dgeot-Mega [23:50](completed without a single wrong answer!), TurtalKatThing [24:43], MikeTheEntei [26:07], Rory Mercury [26:20], Almm41 [28:24](completed without a single wrong answer!), BeastBoy1971 [34:37], AliasHallow [53:21]

1) According to this book in the Malie Library, Necrozma and Lunala first appeared by means of an Ultra Wormhole. [the light of alola]
2) Say you've received a Mystery Gift and set the time backwards in Pokemon Gold or Silver. In that case, this will be your opponent at the location where you would otherwise fight the fully-evolved Johto starters (answer with trainer class + name as it appears in the battle). [pkmn trainer thomas]
3) These Normal-type Pokemon currently have a unique Ability that was, at some point, signature to a non-related Pokemon line in a previous generation (alpha.order). [drampa oranguru]
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The April ladder twist is Perfect Score: If you finish an official without making any incorrect guesses or using /leavehunt, you will receive bonus points based on your placing! These bonus points will follow a format of 10-8-5-5-5-5, with all finishers past 6th able to earn 2 bonus points. Note that in the case of an official question's answer being edited, this twist will be nullified for that official. (This twist does not apply to mini officials.)
(See March Ladder Results here.)
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