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OM Analyses Reservation Thread

Yay, it's a forum! For analyses! Of the Other Metagames variety!

Welcome everyone. If you're here you're probably interested in spreading the gospel of OMs to unsuspecting Smogon analysis viewers. The OMs we are offering — to start — will be 1v1, Anything Goes, Balanced Hackmons, and Mix and Mega, due to the increased strain our presence will cause to the GP team. (Sorry, AAA fans.) If you haven't reserved an analysis before, make sure you familiarize yourself with the grammar standards and, even more importantly, the analysis format. All analyses must abide by these conventions.

To reserve an analysis, please post in this thread with the name of the Pokemon you are reserving and the metagame for which you are reserving it. A moderator (TBA) must approve the analyses before you can post a thread in this forum containing your work-in-progress analysis. Analyses must be in bullet points until they get 2 QC checks, unless they are prewritten. After the 2nd they should be written into paragraphs.

E4 Flint
yogi (project mod)

QC Team Members
In another thread.

Guidelines for Reserving an Analysis:
  • If you are currently a badgeholder or a member of the QC team, you are able to reserve two analyses. You may also reserve two for both AG and Mix and Mega. Everyone else may only reserve one analysis, unless you have prewritten analyses from the 1v1 boards or another project. If one analysis is in GP, you may also reserve a second.
  • Do not reserve the Pokemon without extensive metagame knowledge, knowledge of how the Pokemon works, and a lot of experience with the Pokemon. If it is clear you do not know what you are writing about, then your analysis will be reassigned.
  • If you wish to reserve an "unconventional Pokemon," you can certainly attempt to do so. However, you must provide reasonable evidence, a set, and at least some substance to your post.
  • In the future, we may make lists of Pokemon we would like to be reserved for analyses, i.e. those that are especially viable. We obviously don't have those yet. Use your best judgment, please.
Analysis Thread Tags:
  • [WIP] --- The Work-in-Progress tag indicates that you are still completing your Pokemon's skeleton. This tag indicates that you are not ready for QC checks, and are still working. Do not be lazy in this stage, if you refuse to add information within 72 hours of having this tag, then your analysis will be reassigned.
  • [Quality Control] --- This is the most important stage of the analysis. Your analysis must be in bullet points, following the analysis format linked at the beginning of a post, and must not be written out completely. Please put the tag [QC: 0/3] in your thread title. For example, Lopunny [QC: 1/3] will indicate to the QC team that you have received one QC check. As indicated in this thread, you must have 3 QC checks. Unlike other tiers, this is how OM C&C will be run. You do not begin writing the analysis (from bullet points) until receiving the second check on your analysis. You do not receive GP before the third check. You will not receive the third check unless your analysis is written.
  • [Copyediting] --- This stage is where Grammar Prose will come and make sure that your analysis is of written quality. They will correct grammatical errors. You must receive two GP checks before your analysis is considered done. Like GP, you must put [GP: 0/2] in your thread title. This has to be after [QC: 3/3] or it can replace the [QC: 3/3] in your title entirely. It is up to you. You must post in the Grammar Prose Queue that your analysis is ready for GP checks after you have moved to this stage.
  • [Done] --- This tag indicates that your analysis is done. You have received three QC checks and two GP checks, and it is ready to be uploaded by site. (Special for OM analyses: some analyses may only receive one GP check if the writing is particularly exemplary.) This will be handled by our OM C&C Moderators, so feel free to tag us once your thread hits this stage.
Completed Analyses

1v1 Archeops - charizard8888
BH Mega Kangaskhan - Electrolyte
BH Kartana - GL Volkner
1v1 Haxorus - Magma
BH Zygarde-Complete - GL Volkner
1v1 Smeargle - ayedan
1v1 Kyurem - AllFourtyOne
BH Giratina - DMDW
BH Celesteela - GL Volkner
MnM Victini - SectoniaServant
AG Vivillon - Aaronboyer
AG Arceus-Fairy - Chloe
1v1 Tapu Bulu - Wrath of Alakazam
1v1 Tyranitar - Wrath of Alakazam
AG Yveltal - Lavaclaw
AG Espeon - Xynix
BH Dialga - Storm Eagle
1v1 Jumpluff - dom
MnM Kartana - Kris
BH Zekrom - GL Volkner
MnM Groudon - Funbot28
BH Shedinja - GL Volkner
MnM Terrakion - Funbot28
1v1 Buzzwole - Wrath of Alakazam
1v1 Nihilego - Wrath of Alakazam
MnM Buzzwole - SectoniaServant

Current Reservations (and lack thereof):
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For those of you who have preexisting unofficial analysis writeups (whether they're from 1v1 boards, under-the-table BH analyses, etc.), you can start out by reserving two of those to do at a time. I don't want anyone monopolizing the process so I won't allow for significantly larger reservations and you are by no means guaranteed to get all of the ones you were able to do before.

(DMDW, since you and sl42 worked together and sl42 is away you can post two of his anyway and i'll get their ownership transferred.)


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Behind the scenes, I did Groudon, Mega Gengar (revamp), Giratina, Regigigas, Mega Rayquaza, and Mega Mewtwo X.

Gurpreet did Mega Mewtwo Y, Mega Diancie, Chansey (Unaware set to be added to ScarfWynaut's Chansey analysis), Mega Audino, Registeel, Xerneas, Mega Kangaskhan, and Solgaleo.

I will post Giratina and Regigigas. I will also post Mega Mewtwo Y and Mega Diancie on Gurpreet Patel (Sent you a Friend Request) 's behalf.

uc edit: don't do the Mega Diancie. I just gave it to aki0s. Pick another one of his to post. Others are approved

UC said I can post mdiancie for him
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gonna try to do lopunny-mega for 1v1
e: oh was already on boards, ill do aron instead
e2: taking necrozma

uc e: approved
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