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May I reserve for a 1v1 Whimsicott analysis? I have used all the whimsicott viable sets and I have gotten to pretty high elo using only whimsicott so I should be good for the role.


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I'll reserve mLopunny then (I do need to be told how to make an analysis since I've never done one)
Well to get started, you should go here:
Once you have the page open, you click the text "Thread Title" near the top of the page and type in the pokemon you're looking to analyze followed by [WIP]. In your case, the thread title would be Lopunny-Mega [WIP]. Make sure you assign it the 1v1 prefix, and then post the thread with whatever filler text in the main body of the post that you want.
Once you've done that much, you can start editing the post with information regarding the analysis.

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