OM Mashup Megathread

Ok, today, I’m gonna take a step back and have a look at spotlights in general. Enjoy.

The spotlights.

The spotlights have been fun, although we haven’t actually had long enough to actually do anything to the metagame. STABmons Ubers we didn’t create any resources, nor think of anything that might be too OP. MnM LC we didn’t reach a conclusion about Archen, nor did we make any resources. CAAAmomons we started a viability rankings: that one was the most popular so people were more enthusiastic to do stuff with it. BH Doubles, well I think that’s just not the meta for me, so I won’t be taking part much in this spotlight. I understand the spotlights were to actually make a point out of mashups, rather than just pointless tours everywhere. But honestly I think there were better ways to do that. I am not saying the spotlight idea was bad, just that there are definitely ways to improve it. Maybe make it longer so people have more time to make an opinion of the metagame? Or maybe split it into 2 parts: testing, and discussion phases (by which I mean dealing with the issues of the metagame and building resources). This way I think we’d get a lot more done during each spotlight. Now onto individual mashups.

STABmons Ubers

Stab uber was pretty fun, as a metagame. There wasn’t any clear dominant force, except maybe zygod, and I only didn’t like it when I faced a Gothitelle! I seriously wish I took part in it a bit more. Seriously, one of my favourite Pokemon, Zygod, Gets reliable recovery!? Sweet.

Potential bans and threats:
I dont’ see anything getting banned except maybe Gothitelle. But I doubt it will, ever. Zygod is a huge threat being able to recovery its massive HP finally, same with PDon, allowing Pdon to run more offensive sets with DTail, SR, Shore Up, and like Lava Plume or something. If Tarrows were unbanned then I’d be terrified for my life. Necrozma Dusk Mane is also very good, getting Spectral Thief ffs, making it a very good defensive and offensive tool. Sivally is underrated.

Thoughts on the state of the metagame:
It’s quite balanced tbh. There’s a bunch of Pokemon that can easily go both offensive and defensive, scouting is required to see which. If I had to pick Stall or Offense based, I’d probably pick Offense, just because of super powerful moves running around.


This is the best mashup. Unfortunately, like nobody agrees with me. I loved this one sooo much. Archen was clearly the dominant force, but honestly, if it doesnt’ get a chance to come in, it’s deadweight. Although the same is true with anything in the hugely Offense fast-paced metagame. I love it. Really really fast Pokemon like Elekid and Diglett flourish here, Elemis being able to pivot kill stuff like Scyther and Archen, and Diglett being able to trap + kill one of their Pokemon pre-mega. Priority also flourishes here, being able to KO pretty much the whole of this glass-cannon metagame. So basically, if you have a very fast pokemon, a priority, 3 general Pokemon to cover weaknesses + Honedge to remove any Pokemon then you’re sorted.

Potential bans and threats:
Archen is obviously the main one here, but in a previous post about how it wasn’t actually that broken that it’s banworthy. It’s strong sure, but doesn’t find many opportunities to come in. Scyther is another Pokemon that could/should be banned, albeit a lot weaker.

My thoughts on the state of the mashup:
Fun. Period.

Not gonna comment on CAAAmomons because it’s too broad a meta and I don’t know it well enough.

I hate doubles.
I would like to give my opinions on the current suspect in STAAABmon.

I feel like both Thundurus formes abuses Triage the most.Gladly most Regenvest users are only 2HKO, but the thing is most of them are unable to OHKO them in return, even with super-effective hits as they tend to invest more on HP and SpDef.

4 SpA Meloetta Boomburst vs. 0 HP / 4 SpD Thundurus-Therian: 223-264 (74.5 - 88.2%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
0 SpA Magearna Ice Beam vs. 0 HP / 4 SpD Thundurus-Therian: 194-230 (64.8 - 76.9%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
0 SpA Rotom-Heat Blue Flare vs. 0 HP / 4 SpD Thundurus-Therian: 175-207 (58.5 - 69.2%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

Though Rotom-Heat is only 4HKOed by +2 Tbolt, making it one of reliable checks, unless everyone is starting to pack HP Ground but... eh

Volt Absorb Celesteela and Chansey can check them, but it is completely shut down by Taunt variants, unless Magic Bounce on the latter and both Thundurus formes resist both of the former's STAB moves.

I think there are some fast offensive mon that can tank +2 Owing and hit back hard like Ice Judgment Jolteon.

But, i'm still can't decide yet whether to ban Triage or Thundurus-Therian. If Thundurus-Therian got banned, the Incarnate form might be problematic too, i mean Thundy-I is already borderline broken in STABmon. But if they banned it in regular STABmon, then i can surely say to ban Thundurus-Therian. Other Triage abusers doesn't seem as problematic as Thundy, well i'm not sure much on Togekiss and Honchkrow. But i can see Oblivion Wing makes Triage look unhealthy, due to Flying being a great offensive typing and heal absurd amount of HP. I'm not really on the banning of Oblivion Wing though, don't misunderstand me for this.
Continuing my post on STAAABmon. Now that Thundurus-I got banned in regular STABmons, I can surely choose to vote ban on Thundurus-Therian over Triage. Its clearly the problem to me and other Triage Abusers weren't on the same level as Thundy-T in terms of threat. I would have vote to ban Triage if several mons abuses it, but we only have few mons that abused it too much to warrant its ban.

Anyways, back on Spotlight.
BH Doubles is way bulkier than i expected. Spread Moves like Boomburst have their base power reduced to 0.75. Moves like Follow Me, Instruct and Helping Hand are more useful here. I still don't know much, but its more like regular BH to me, but with slight adjustments.

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